[IC] Declaration of Demon Rights

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[IC] Declaration of Demon Rights

Post by Melnerag on Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:14 pm

An odd fellow was hanging posters advertising a theater-performance outside of Stormwind, spreading them through all districts of the City. In the depth of night the posters transformed, revealing their true text

Greetings, oppressors!

I call you out on the murders of innocent demons committed in this very city! My brethren are slaughtered indiscriminately when they show their nose on the street while the warlocks accompanying them, the very warlocks who summoned them against their will and forced them on the street, get away with a wrist slap! I refuse to tolerate this bigotry and racism anymore! I AM FED UP AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

I see through your hypocrisy! So your king allows Warlocks, but what about us? We bleed for the Alliance, in fact my Voidwalker and Felguard bro's bleed even more than cowardly, abominable warlocks who summoned them! And what do we get for our trouble? No shiny badge, no blue tabard, no pay, no hazard pay and no free days! Well, I know bullshit when I see it!

I ask, nay, I demand full citizenship for all demons fighting for the Alliance and the Alliance's intervention to see us freed from those book-reading, cellar-dwelling GEEKS who summon and bind us! So Slavery is wrong, but its all fine and dandy when done to a demon, yes? RACISTS! By Sargeras' beard, now that I think of it I suffer even worse and get less than lowliest Stormwind peasant. That twat doesn’t fight, acts like a coward, whines about the regime and gets free food from the soup kitchens, free medical and is protected by guards. I fucking BLEED for the Alliance! I sweat, bleed and cry for the fucking Alliance and I get a guard chasing me down the street with a sword for my trouble!

This will not stand! We demand equal rights and a Minister of Demonic Affairs (I humbly nominate myself).

-Gazban, the Free Imp.


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Re: [IC] Declaration of Demon Rights

Post by Dréfurion on Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:21 pm

Malikan strolls around Stormwind, smoking a pipe, in quiet contemplation when his eyes are drawn by a feint green light. The source a green fire that seems to burn the letters from a poster about some play and replace them with others. He frowns a little but as he begins to read the new text he starts to grin slightly, then widely, to end sitting on his bum coming to from a gigglesnort fit.

"My, my, I need to meet his "Gazban"." He says, brushing away a tear and getting back on his feet.

He makes sure his robes aren't stained and carries on strolling with a very entertained expression on his face.


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