A declaration to the Forsaken of Sylvanas

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A declaration to the Forsaken of Sylvanas

Post by Raenmar on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:43 pm

Posters marked with the emblem of Gilneas have been put up in place of the posters of the Forsaken that were torn down in the Western Plaguelands. In Tirisfal and in Silverpine, these posters have been nailed to trees in some areas, and dropped from the sky above others.

A declaration to the citizens of the Forsaken, to their soldiers, to their military leaders

Citizens, people, former neighbours!
You are not shunned for the deeds of former princes, nor are you shunned because you were raised by your foul, treacherous queen. You are shunned because you now follow obediently the malevolent forces that destroyed homes, blighted innocents, tortured families, killed you! You are shunned because you chose to join those who ruined peace, who stole happiness from good people, and who fight those you once called friends! You are shunned for your betrayal!

We ask you not to join the Alliance; maybe, it is true, the Alliance would shun you for what you are now. But there is another choice. Hearthglen, home of the Argent Crusade, would welcome with open arms those who seek peace in their undeath, who approach with no weapons or harmful intent. Gilneas would not oppose this. Whatever you may think of us, we fight only to bring peace and safety; Sylvanas left us without choice long ago. We stand alongside the alliance of the North to hold the line, to stop the banshee queen forcing her will upon anymore, to stop her taking more homes and more lives.

We are offering you a chance. We wish not to harm you, only that you leave the service of those who would harm us.

If you refuse, then we are left without choice. The Northern Alliance is united. Our focus was only on the scourge, ridding the last of their evil from these lands. But as your queen not only threatens us, but tries to lure our people into her grasp, we are forced to change our focus.

The banshee queen Sylvanas demands war. We will give her war! For far too long Gilneas allowed the world to suffer at her vile hands, we rested in peace as her blight and her evil spread and consumed those who did not deserve it and were powerless to stop it - those who went on to serve her! No longer. We stand ready to bring her to her knees. We will march on through the creations of her apothecaries, through her hordes of undead constructs, through her sadistic war machine, and we will prevail, as we always have! We will free the hearts and minds of the living and of the undead not in her grasp from the fear, no matter what the cost: we will lay down our lives for freedom, for peace, and for the lives of others. We will pay the price for such, and we will not be driven by fear or by greed into undeath. I ask you now to leave the Forsaken, so that you need not be harmed, and so that you can be in peace.

Sylvanas will fall, for Dun Garok, for Southshore, for Andorhal, for Stromgarde, for Lordaeron, for Gilneas, and for the Alliance!

Signed, Commander Raenmar Alric

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Re: A declaration to the Forsaken of Sylvanas

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:46 pm

A bat rider lands upon the deck of the black and crimson dreadcorsair, he hurries to Vangrel and hands him the proclamation.

"I see they are too stupid to see what is before them, we will come to Hearthglen, that we will"

Vangrel rips apart the declaration and tosses it into the swirling sea that the corsair cuts through.

The end is nigh.


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