The Red blade Matriarch

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The Red blade Matriarch

Post by Morgeth on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:19 pm

Feraleye is lost. He has committed treason and awaits execution.”

Morgeth's eyes closed as she tossed the letter aside. The news it had brought were already old; she had known for days of Kozgugore's capture. Perhaps they had expected her to return to Orgrimmar, to grieve and plead for his immediate release in honour of their bond. Instead she had seized control of Kozgugore's tribe and named herself matriarch. She had threatened the others with mutilation, exile and death, had they been of any mind to try and take the position of leadership from her. Even so, she knew that a rule of fear would not last for long.

She had surrounded herself with the strong, the wise and the vile, and had made sure that they would support her in this new role. This was not a time for tears, but for assertiveness, and hers was a will of steel. The shoes were too big to fill, however, by a long shot. Others would perceive her as weak, no doubt; a child attempting to reach for position and acclaim better suited for veterans.

They would be right to do so, because she was no true leader. But as much as they could ridicule her attempts at creating order through her own means, they would be fools to underestimate her. Because in all of this, she knew that she would go so far as to kill to remain in control of the tribe. Victory seemed to always carry a price of blood with it, and she was no stranger to those methods.

Warlock, thief and now matriarch. The Horde would find no grief with her, but see only the resolve of leadership. She had long since forsaken the weakness of Thrall's guidance, and grown to appreciate Hellscream's approach. He had opened the doors of his army to warlocks; allowed them to gain their own honour. She repaid the warchief with devotion, and all would know that Kozgugore's capture made this no different.

They had asked her if there was any message she would like to have delivered to her imprisoned chieftain and she had given them one:

Tell 'im tha' th'tribe be mine.

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Re: The Red blade Matriarch

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:42 pm

Off-topic post about penises

We're even now Morgeth.

None the less, if the outcome of this was less predictable it would be interesting. But we all know Kozgugore won't let Kozgogure die!

Who is Vangrel supposed to stab in the back and blame on the Alliance?:-)


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Re: The Red blade Matriarch

Post by Kozgugore Feraleye on Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:46 am

I know, I'm late. But still, short but sweet. Liking the direction in which this is going!


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Re: The Red blade Matriarch

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