[Letter to the Silvermoon Council]

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[Letter to the Silvermoon Council]

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 21, 2012 7:11 am

Honored Councillors of Silvermoon

The opening of a new continent has drained the resources of both our nations in attempting to forward our own goals, our resources individually are to little and to small. I firmly believe that united however we can tackle any problems in the outlying lands, most specifically, this, Scourge infestation that has yet to be resolved in the ghostlands. In the past, Undercity has issued support to deal with these problems before, and can do so again.

I propose to hold a meeting betwen myself and yourselves in order to discuss in detail what it is we can do for each other in dealing with these 'pests' at our doorstep. Naturally I would wish to extend this discussion to further military co-operation in the never ending war against the enroaching Alliance. I implore you Councillors to agree to meet with me, for it would be beneficial to establish some sort of permanent rapport and method of communication for all further defensive and offensive campaigns.

Vangrel Lansire

Subject of Lady Sylvanas, Queen of Lordaeron, Gilneas and Arathor


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