[IC]Invitation to Operation Jadefist Command meeting

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[IC]Invitation to Operation Jadefist Command meeting

Post by Gilran on Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:38 pm

*A letter wearing an Ironforge seal is delivered to Stormwind Minister of Defense Areyah, Commander Aariam, High Chaplain Valestrion, Captain Amaryl, Captain Bismack and Spymaster Helmut.*

The letter reads


You were invited to attend to a Operation Jadefist Command meeting that will be held this Thursday in Hall of Arms, Ironforge. The assembly will discuss the Jade Fist campaign and future plans regarding the Pandaria. Since this is aimed to be a private assembly open only to the selected few, I encourage you not to bring any other guests if it's not necessary in order to avoid any information leaks.

Senator-Marshal Gilran Steelfist

((OOC: The calendar invites for the event have been sent, so I advise you to check your calendars!))

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