[IC] New Proceeding of the Stormwind Council

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[IC] New Proceeding of the Stormwind Council

Post by Melnerag on Wed Dec 12, 2012 6:58 am

(OOC) TL:DR Version:

The public notice has been posted throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind, a few copies in Dwarvish have been posted in the Dwarven District of Stormwind City and enclaves throughout the kingdom.

Citizens of the Alliance,

Starting with Tuesday the 18th the new rules of the proceeding of the Stormwind Council will be in effect. Read further to learn how these changes affect you as a petitioner and spectator.


1) Petitioners are strongly encouraged to send a formal letter to the Chair of the Council with their full name and title and short description of their petition before monday evening preceeding the sitting of the Council. You will receive a letter with the estimated time of your audience or instructions on which institutions to contact in case your request is not in the Council's jurisdiction to handle.

2) The Council will first hear petitions of all who have contacted the Chair by mail, then of those who announced their wish to petition the Council five minutes prior to opening of the session and at last all the rest.

3) Prepare your petition in advance. The council will not hear petitions in verse, chant or any language other than common. Petitions must be short and to the point, devoid of futile rhetoric. All petitions must begin with the full name and title of the petitioner, short description of the petition's main point or request and at last the elaboration. Anonymous petitions will not be heard.

You should not petition the council to: press criminal charges against or report criminal behaviour by individual or an organization (contact a magistrate of Minister of Justice instead), report irregularities in behaviour and performance of the City Guard (contact senior officers of the Guard and, as last resort, the Minister of Defense), request an audience with a specific minister (contact that minister by mail), voice concerns or suggestions concerning the functioning of the Council itself (contact the minister of Internal Affairs).

To all visitors

1) Pets, familiars and magical or mechanical companions are not allowed into the Petitioner's Chamber.

2) Headcover and facecover are not allowed to be worn in the Petitioner's Chamber.

3) It is forbidden to speak loudly during the session.

4) It is forbidden to comment out of turn. All comments and petitions will be heard, you must raise your hand and wait for your turn. If you feel that you have not been noticed, you may address the Chair out of turn and inform the Chair that you wish to speak.

5) Council sessions are to be kept strictly civil, inappropriate clothing and speech will not be tolerated.

Note well that those who disrupt the meeting will be removed and may face charges of vomyrism and disrupting public peace.

Full version of all changes can be found in the Stormwind Library, arch: RKL.0.A.893-12-08

Do not hesitate to contact the chairlady for any questions regarding the new proceedings or the assistance with the preparation of your petition or any other matters regarding the working of the Council.

Light be with you,
Gwendelyn Ashborough,
Chairlady of the Stormwind Council

Full Version of the Changes

Section 1 : Preparation for the sitting of the Stormwind Council :

[1.A] Petitioners are encouraged to send a letter to the Chair, stating their name and short description of their petition before Monday evening.

[1.B] The chair sends replies to all petitioners who sent their request for petition on Monday evening, informing them on estimated time on which their audience will be heard. Scheduled petitioners are heard before unscheduled petitioners who announce themselves in the Council chamber.

[1.C] All petitioners with matters that do not belong on the Council, such as pressing of criminal charges or request of an audience with an individual minister, will be redirected to appropriate institutions by letter, with a notification that their petition will be heard by the council if institution they are referred to is unable to help them with their problem after at least one attempt.

[1.D] The chair sends notification on Monday evening to all parties integral to scheduled discussions and votes, inviting them to attend either the open or the closed sitting of the Council and informing them of the estimated time the activity will take place.

[1.E] All ministers are encouraged to notify the Chair of any public announcements they wish to make during the session at least fifteen minutes before the sitting.

[1.F] All ministers are expected to notify the Chair in case they are unable to attend the meeting before Tuesday 21:00.

Section 2: Sitting of the Stormwind Council:

[2.A]Preparations for the sitting begin fifteen minutes prior to the sitting with a full inspection of the premises to prevent any new acts of vomyrism and terrorism against the Council such as barrels of blood suspended on the ceiling or explosive devices concealed inside the chamber. Starting with this moment, all facial and head cover must be removed inside the chamber.

[2.B]The Chair will arrive early and note down the unscheduled petitioners two minutes before session. Unscheduled petitioners with petitions that do not fit the council will be redirected according to process (1.C)

[2.C] At 21:00 sharp, the chair will call to order and open the session with the recitation of the rules and a call for order. All session rules are in effect as of this moment. If more than two ministers are absent without notifying the Chair of their absence, the chair may choose to delay the opening of the session until 21:05.

[2.D] The chair will call the scheduled petitioners in the order established on Monday evening. All petitioners must stand between the entrance and the table for maximum acoustics and begin their petition by introducing themselves to the Council and giving a short, one-sentence summary of the point of their petition.

[2.E] The Chair will give the word to the minister the chair feels is best suited to answer the petition. If the minister feels the matter cannot be quickly resolved during the sitting, a private audience between the minister and the petitioner will be arranged at a mutually agreeable moment.

[2.F] Any time during the petition members of the audience may raise their hand if they wish to comment and ministers may signal the chair if they to speak on the matter. If at least one minister wishes to speak on the matter, or comments of the audience imply need for a discussion, the Chair will call for a discussion under Section 3.

[2.G] Following all scheduled petitions and subsequent Section 3 discussions and Section 4 votes, the chair will call forward petitioners who announced themselves at the start of the meeting in the order established during process (2.B). These petitions will be treated under processes (2.D-F).

[2.H] The chair will give one final call for petitioners who neither contacted the Chair before hand, nor were noted down at start of the session. These petitioners will be heard in order under sections (2.D-F) unless the council wishes to stop hearing any more petitions during the current sitting.

[2.I] The chair will proceed to announcing any scheduled open discussions (Section 3) and votes (Section 4).

[2.J] The chair calls for ministers to speak their announcements and adjourns the session with a summary of all decisions taken, all discussions and votes scheduled for next sitting and all invitations to closed session. Citizens will be encouraged to notify the chair of their petitions beforehand by mail.

[2.K] Closed meeting, discussion and votes take place.

[2.L] The chair publishes the minutes of the open and closed session, with all announcements and votes and discussions scheduled for next meeting.

Section 3 : Discussions:

Discussion is called by the Chair if more than one minister wishes to answer a petition, or in rare cases that a valid petition requires interviewing of several members of the audience.

[3.A] The chair announces the discussion. Any minister may signal the chair for a closed discussion. If at least one minister wishes for a closed discussion, the discussion will be scheduled for closed session and the petitioner asked to wait until the end of the open sitting. If the chair or one of the ministers believes that a party integral to the discussion is absent, the discussion can be postponed till the next meeting.

[3.B] The chair moderates the discussion by identifying the party or parties that ask questions or make requests and parties that answer them and ensuring that all questions can be asked in turn, and all answers heard without interruption. Ministers must signal the chair once they are done with the discussion.

[3.C] Once all ministers are done, and regardless of the wishes of the petitioners, the discussion is ended. If any decision is to be made, the chair will call for a vote under Section 4.

Section 4 : Voting:

Vote is called once decision must be made by the entire council. Open discussions always result in open votes, closed discussions have closed votes and published minutes will not contain information on individual ministers’ vote.

[4.A] If two more or more ministers are absent, the vote is postponed until the next sitting. A vote cannot be postponed twice.

[4.B] The chair calls for a vote and formulates the matter to be voted on. All ministers and members of the public may ask for clarification of the formulation before the voting begins.

[4.C] Voting takes place in clockwise order from the chair. Absent ministers are presumed to abstain. All votes must be delivered in person during the process (4.C).

[4.D] The Chair casts a vote if the process (4.C) returned a tie.

[4.E] The chair announces the result of the vote. Chair asks the ministers to announce those responsible for enforcing the decision and the time-frame within which the decision will be brought into effect.

Appendix A : House rules of the Stormwind Council:

Positive formulation: all visitors and petitioners are expected to behave in a way that displays proper respect to the Council and councilors and allows for a dignified, disciplined and expedient sitting.

Negative formulation: all behavior that that undermines the dignity of the Council as an institution or individual councilors as servants of the Crown is forbidden. Any actions that disrupt the sitting and prevent efficient functioning of the council are forbidden.

Codified Rules

1. Audience and petitioners must be decently dressed and presentable and may not wear any face or head cover inside the Petitioner’s chamber. All pets, familiars, conjured creatures and mechanical companions are forbidden inside the chamber.
2. Members of the audience may not interrupt the sitting by speaking loudly in the chamber or commenting out of turn
3. Petitions may not be delivered in chant, verse or any language other than common. Regional dialects are permitted. All petitioners must state their name and the point of their petition as they begin.
4. All petitions must be short and to the point, and not directly insult the Council or Councilors.

Those who disrupt the meaning through undisciplined behavior will be warned twice before being asked to depart the premises. Those unwilling to depart willingly will be escorted and prosecuted under Disrupting Public Peace and Vomyrism laws.

Recitation of the rules:

King’s Honour. Head and face cover are prohibited in the chamber, as are pets and magical or mechanical companions. Disruption of the sitting by disorderly behavior and out-of-turn comments will not be tolerated.

If you wish to comment, please raise your hand and wait for your turn. If you are here to deliver a petition, begin with your full name and titles and the intention behind your petition or a short summary of it.

If you are here to press criminal charges or ask for a private audience, wait until the end of the sitting and you will be referred to the appropriate institution or reach them by letter. The council will not hear petitions in verse, chant or any language but common.

Please, respect the time of your fellow petitioners and the ministers and keep your petitions and comments to the point and devoid of rhetoric. The council only cares for the content. The session of the Stormwind Council is now open.

Appendix B : Responsibility and Openness:

The best of decisions is worthless unless it is enforced. Any action the Council intends to take must be accompanied by an appointment of the party responsible. Either the council or the responsible party mast announce a deadline or expected date of implementation.

No major decisions, unless time is of the essence, must take place with the parties integral to the decision not being present of not having been informed. The tool of postponing the discussion and vote until the next meeting must be used to ensure that.


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Re: [IC] New Proceeding of the Stormwind Council

Post by Humphry on Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:13 am

(( Nice, nice. I like the more formal changes here, good work. ))

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Re: [IC] New Proceeding of the Stormwind Council

Post by Sorayah on Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:19 am

(( If they don't have one already, the council chamber will need hat racks! ))

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Re: [IC] New Proceeding of the Stormwind Council

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