A recovered worn journal amidst Hearthglen

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A recovered worn journal amidst Hearthglen

Post by Althaløs on Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:09 am

(( Just for a little more RP flavor in the north. ))

*Within the Barracks of Hearthglen, a recently recovered journal lies on one of the tables; the parchments quite worn and old, the cover dusty with dried crimson stains. Reports indicate that it has been recovered from a pile of flesh north of Gahrron's Withering. The text is written with a rough typography, with no regard to structure nor demeanor. The initial pages have been torn out - the writing beginning at the first intact parchment.*

Entry 1:

Scout Carter Albert.
I've been taken captive. A woman resides next to me, barely alive. No signs of my scouting party.

I must plea to whomever this book reaches, that it may be taken to Hearthglen into the possession of the Argent Crusade.

The light is dim, the air dusty and thick; every breath taken is as a knife plunging into my throat. The sharp, stone-edge walls forming a prison for the dirty cage we're lying within; it appears we are in a cave.

May this not be my last words.

Entry 2:

Screams howl through the night; chittering and growling and groaning is what I can make out of the noises. To rest is near impossible.

The woman, Sallandra, says we are subjects to a means of experiments. I see them, too; flesh abominations.

Entry 3:

I do not know where I am; I ran as they came to the woman. I hear the clatter of flesh and bone seeking me out, but I dare not move.

All I can make out from this corner, is the mewling of a woman. Is that Sallandra?

Entry 4:

I've lost much blood. I do not know how much longer I can remain hidden.

They bicker over anatomy. How can they hold such a perspective over humanity?

One of their own was brought in dead today. Another corpse they got standing - their own brethren?

Entry 5:

I hear wheels staggering on the solid stones of the cave. They have ceased their operation for the day, and a man is denying the use of intact corpses. I would ponder, but I hear a ruckus.

This is my opportunity. Should this be my last entry, please inform my family of my fate and that their memory alone was my hope in this place.

Entry 6:

I see the light!

I hear the screams again; things have settled in the cave.

A rotten monster stands in my way of freedom, at his side the man with that large dark crystal. Maybe he will get the abomination away.

At first chance, I wi-

*The text cuts off with a dashed line, ending with a splatter of dry blood on the page.*

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