Delidah and the Kor'kron.

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Delidah and the Kor'kron.

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Sore Loser.
What happened to Delidah after she fled the scene of the Mak'gora, where the chieftain of the Shatterskull Marauders defeated the Kor'kron loyalist Grek.

The Drag lay quiet. Warlocks, arcanists, shamans and orcs of questionable morality where returning to their homes, or conglomerating by any of the huts to discuss the days work over a drink and a bit of pork. Orcs too old to go to war, goblins too sneaky to risk their lives, warlocks too dangerous to be left untended, all gather in the Drag to do their work in name of horde and ancestry. The coming and going of groups of traders, diplomats or adventurers through portals was nothing out of the ordinary for these scoundrels. Until now.

With a loud tear and a tremor of earth, a portal ripped open the fabric of reality right in their midst. The portal belched out a goblin in a sea of searing felfire, before immediately closing down again. To the untrained eye it looked like a mighty explosion of green flame, right in the middle of the drag. Many gathered orcs, goblins and the odd forsaken where tossed from their feet by the blast. They where brought by their senses by the high-pitched shrieks of the unfortunate soul that was belched out by this breath of entropic flame.

"THOSE INSUFFERABLE COG MUNCHERS!!" The shrill voice shrieked, as the goblin rolled around the floor, dampening the flames on her robes. "THOSE DUMB GNOME-LOVING BLIMP-HEADS! HNNIII!!" An orc hesitantly approached. He knew this one well. A loudmouth trouble-maker in a purple hat, but fiercely loyal to Garrosh and his horde, with ideas equally brilliant, radical and... Dangerous. Thee words that described young Delidah Fizzlecrack perfectly.
"Are you quite al-- all-- HUUGHUGHBLUGHUGH-- alright, miss Fizzlecrack..?" The orc asked in his old, raspy voice, destroyed by many years of speaking the demonic tongue.
"DO I LOOK ALRIGHT TO YOU, MURHARGH??" The goblin shrieked as she leapt to her feet, padding out the last of the flames. She glared at the orc as if he'd just asked the dumbest question in the word, and therefore deserved her hatred.
"Settle down, young one... I am merely.. -HUURRGGHBULLUGH UGGHH!!-- ..concerned." The old orc even managed a bit of a grin, showing the few yellow teeth he had left.
"Hmmph!" The goblin huffed. "Those idiot Marauders really made fools of themselves this time, Murhargh. Bah! I can't believe I ever tolerated working for those dumbasses."
"Hrm." The old warlock sighed, and grumbled at the same time. "I take it tha-- EEGHHUGH- UCHE-- UCHE!!-- ..Grek lost, then?"
"OF COURSE HE LOST!" The goblin shrieked in retort. "That fool declined MY help! Old fool, FOOL!!" The goblin raised a fist to the warlock in anger. "And when it was over. They turned on me. ON -ME-!" The goblin let out a hight-pitched squeel of anger that made some of the onlooking orcs stick their fingers in their ears and grimace. Not Murharg. "They want to execute me for TRECHERY to their war-club? Can you believe that?? I was doing my job, damn it! Being Grek's official witness for their stupid game should have granted me immunity!"
Murharg raised both his hands in an attempt to calm the goblin down, his face strict and fatherly. "A Mak'gora is not a game, little one. It is a matter of honor and--"
"HONOR SHMONOR!" The goblin shouted, right when the old warlock was about to set off on his rant. The Goblin huffed and looked around at the crowd, some now raising their eyebrows and exclaiming their discontent with the goblins outcry. The goblin simply stuck her tongue out at the onlookers, going "PFFFRRBBLLT!!" before turning back to the old warlock. "Now... If you'll excuse me, I think the boss would like to hear a report of the failing of his "general".
Before the old warlock could even protest, reality folded in on itself and where the goblin girl had stood before, was now nothing but a slight mirage in the air, the purple-hued residue of magical translocation. The old orc scowled at the empty space for a moment, before turning to the crowd, leaning on his gnarled cane. "What -HUUGHRUCHE UCHE UCHE!- ..are you peons looking at! Mind your own -HUUURGGH! UCHE UCHE!!-- Business!"
The orc turned and limped away, coughing and grumbling to himself.

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