[Secret] Wild Tempest Intelligence

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[Secret] Wild Tempest Intelligence

Post by Melnerag on Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:59 am

This map, together with the small discs and notes symbolizing Horde and Alliance forces and pinned notes is accessible only to Areyah Conovore and Suon Heavenblaze. Contact either of us if you want to organize some espionage. This is the state of Tempest intelligence, and will be updated regularly. I hope that it will encourage better military RP outside of w-pvp battles, such as scouting, misdirection and perhaps even hiring spies from opposite faction!

Allowed to see ICly:
Areyah Conover
Suon Heavenblaze
Bismack Bronze

Updated: 02.12.2012 B
Click thumbnail to see the map

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Re: [Secret] Wild Tempest Intelligence

Post by Drustai on Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:32 am

Following letter is delivered directly to Suon by a jinyu courier.

To Sergeant Suon Heavenblaze from Commodore Areyah Connover

Dec. 2. [29]

Shado-Pan inform that a Horde naval squadron is preparing to move past the wall. They are willing to negotiate allowance for Alliance forces to move after them. Command requests more intel on the situation.

Commodore Areyah Conover
Seventh Fleet

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—The Iron Law of Bureaucracy

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