Letter to the Senate

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Letter to the Senate

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:28 pm

Honorable Senators and Allies of the Grand Alliance;

I, Baron Torradan Goodwyn, write to you on a matter of great importance and close to my heart, one that I am sure, you will as well appreciate. Due to the constant harassment received from the household guard of specific Lord's, particularly those constantly trying to run and control the Kingdom, I have decided to bring up my roots and simply, move. The lands of my Barony shall be sold, the livestock shall be partially sold, our wealth however will move with us, and we hope that it will move through the tram and into the Kingdom of Khaz Modan. The Kingdom of Stormwind is forever lost to petty political games among subversive and manipulative institutions and certain characters, it is a Kingdom we do not wish to work on behalf of anymore. The great patriotism that once shone in our hearts has been quelled with the rotten corruption that has seeped to the very core of our nation and which by the analysis of I and my closest advisers cannot be brought out.

We are not a large family, nor are we the greatest of Lords, our loyalty and commitment to the Grand Alliance is unwavering and should we be granted access to the Kingdom of Khaz Modan and given a plot of our own, (for a fair price) we would gladly be as any other, citizens. As you may know, an honest man does last long among a sea of leeches and traitors, and as such I request passage and amnesty.

I appeal to you, O great Senators, to give us this opportunity to settle down in the mountainous and safe lands of your Kingdom, for we bring peace, support and prosperity to our beloved dwarven allies.

Baron Torradan Goodwyn


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