[IC] Propaganda posters in the Kingdom of Stormwind

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[IC] Propaganda posters in the Kingdom of Stormwind

Post by Braiden on Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:03 pm

Plastered on all notice boards and placed in taverns of the city of Stormwind and the Kingdom as a whole is posters marked with the Seal of House Mistmantle:

Trough the years the kingdom of Stormwind has faced countless challenges. We have suffered, we have fought and we have prevailed trough faith in the House of Wrynn. We have survived countless wars, we have survived the very cataclysm threatening to sunder the very world we live in yet we have persisted and grown stronger. My own father like the fathers of many others died protecting our glorious realm and I intend to carry on that legacy trough serving the realm until the day I die. I do what is expected of me and any other true Stormwinder, for the sake of our children, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers and our fathers.

In recent times there are false rumours of corruption and dangerous lies spreading among the populace like the plague. Who are these attempted silver tongued devils to try and convince you to throw away everything your ancestors has fought for? To question the legitimacy of those appointed to office by the kings most trusted servants or even appointed by His Majesty himself? They are nothing but would be usurpers that would take the place of those serving His Majesty in high offices to ensure that their own greedy ambitions can be fulfilled.

So I send out a plea to the patriotic people of Stormwind. Wake up mother, father, sister and brother! Do not let the sacrifices made by our ancestors go to waste. Do not create a future for our children filled with usurpers and devils wearing the clothes of holy men. Show these would be usurpers that their kind is not welcome in our Kingdom and show those that would have it otherwise what being a true patriot means. We stand united, our purpose is one!


Lord Minister Braiden Arthur Bernard Mistmantle,
Stormwind Minister of Justice, Baron of Mistmantle and Count of Foxworth


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Re: [IC] Propaganda posters in the Kingdom of Stormwind

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:11 pm

Response #1
The loud and angry dwarf runs up to the poster and smears what looks to be his own feces on it, before running off.

Response #2
Bishop Vitalian reads it and smirks at the crest of Mistmantle family attached to the Stormwind banner, under his breath he murmurs "Arrogant fool" and walks off.


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