[Propaganda speeches]

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[Propaganda speeches]

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:35 pm

A hooded man climbs atop a box in the middle of the trade district, he unravels a large scroll and begins reading it out loud for all to hear, the longer he goes on the more people that gather, guards slowly surround him, attempting to be subtle, the words ring throug the crowd of common hungry men with nothing in his belly, the words ring harshly and truthfully, a riot is being incited!

The Council has crossed the final line in what they have declared as their service to the King. Today was yet more proof of that. It is clear now that corruption is inherent in the Council; we see this through the mannerisms conducted throughout the years. First, somehow a shadow using Draenei who freely walked around in shadow form and rode Undead steeds became the Chairlady, how this happened is beyond any of us, the only explanation can be very obvious incestuous politics that allowed her to achieve this place in the first place.

Now what we have is even worse, a noble claiming to do good for the Kingdom. He sits there, atop his mountain of titles, and on his had he wears two hats, the grand judge and the law maker. To speak against this man is sedition, to question him is sedition, yet, it is amusing that no investigation has been made against him on the alleged connection to fel practitioners, or the inexplicable creation of the nefarious cultist Sophyra to the position of magistrate. Under Mistmantle we have seen many things happen, criminals brutally punished and lapdog ministers implemented onto the Stormwind Council, but now we see one man attempting to rule the Kingdom in his Majesty’s good name.

This madness, this treason and vile corruption cannot go on, people of Stormwind, rise up, and rise up! Throw off the shackles of oppression and rise up in the name of freedom, do it not for you, but for the King who mourns for his lost son and does not see his Kingdom fracture before his very own eyes! Do it for your families and for your children and your close ones, take this power hungry tyrant and string him up! The other so called fool has left for Pandaria, but we, the ones who have been disregarded, trampled and oppressed will take vengeance and restore true law and order, for Stormwind!

After his speech is finished, the hooded man attempts to leave, he is quickly apprehended and carted off to the stockade.


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Re: [Propaganda speeches]

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:52 pm

The first speech seemed to inspire a priest to host another speech in the cathedral, this time the clergy were being targetted!

Brothers, and sisters of the Church, our faith is in danger, the Church is in danger, Stormwind is in danger! If we do nothing and let these vile 'politicians' ruin and corrupt our Kingdom, we must fight them in arms if we have to! You know it, and I know it, the Church has been neglected and suppressed while we have stood by loyally, maintaining the Kingdom, serving the Council, - Now we know the truth!

We all have seen the Council do as they please - Our brothers in the abbey have been put down ruthlessly for the political agendas of the Council, several guard regiments and commanders have been ruined because of these political terrorists!

The Church serves no government, we serve no single man and no single ruler, the Church of Light serves only the Light and the gracious King Wrynn, we will not be oppressed, we will not be contained, stand up brothers and sisters and fight!

Some clerics walk away as others are caught in the hysterical propaganda while most walk away from the priest, however, the idea is spreading!


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Re: [Propaganda speeches]

Post by Skarain on Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:36 pm

(( Propaganda.... this is great, even if i don't personally participate in the game of politics. ))

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Re: [Propaganda speeches]

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 20, 2012 3:51 pm

A dwarf stands up on a box in the middle of dwarven district, he has a shattered bottle in his hand, and he breaks into his speech

Me father threw me outta' my home, but tha' is nay reason for me to despair, and tha' goes for tha' rest of you!

He points his stubby finger at the small crowd beginning to gather.

Ah' been hearing round da' citeh that tha' Council be fuckin' up tha' peoples rights an' laws, tramplin' on tha' common folk, I say we fuck tha' council, shite on tha' guards an' tha' King can 'ave m'mickey

He looks around at the silent gnomes, dwarves and some humans, the sounds of the dwarven district are loud, but the dwarfs voice is louder.

Dun' be a buncha' cowards, let's take tha' streets, fer they belong t'us!

Yelling is heard in agreement as glasses smashes and torches are lit, shops are broken into and posh looking people beaten and mugged.

The dwarf himself, stands proudly over the chaos he has unleashed and yells "ARKADII Y'FAT PRICK, I'M COMIN' FER YOU!"


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Re: [Propaganda speeches]

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