[IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

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[IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

Post by corleth on Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:59 pm

[This proclamation is posted on all major town notice boards throughout the Kingdom, as well as the Cathedral notice board and the Abbey notice board. Excerpts are also featured in the major newspaper publications around the Kingdom of Stormwind.]

Citizens of the Kingdom, children of the Light; Hail Anethion to you all.

It has been no less than two days since refugee's began to flood into the Abbey, rendered homeless and destitute by the barbaric trolls and the fury they afflict against those brave, innocent men and women settled in the region of Duskwood closest to the Stranglethorn-border. The Chapter of Holy Anethion has said outright: this act of unholy aggression cannot go unpunished! In times of war, the Universal Crusade against darkness reverberates ever-the-louder throughout the kingdom, and those faithful and zealous in service to the Light must act to see darkness defeated.

For a great time we have seen the world in disorder, caused by the crimes of the Horde, now more than ever, they seek to bring ruin upon us. We must answer the call of those not protected from the Horde - particularly the trolls of Stranglethorn - by stone-walls and armed men, for they call out for justice for acts committed against them! The Chapter, guided by the benevolent hand of the Light, have begun the first step to Justice; purging Raven Hill of the cultists and undead which had occupied the buildings there, who had forced the citizens not slain by their hand into the woods to seek shelter, only to be slaughtered and pillaged by a race of idolators and demon-lovers.

Raven Hill shall, for now, act as an intermediate base in which we shall gather supplies and prepare ourselves before launching an offensive against the trolls and their allies. Thusly, I beseech you all, nay the Light beseech's you all, to spread the word, to unite under the banner of Righteousness as the Holy-Light's herald, regardless of age, rank or wealth; to aid the Chapter of Holy Anethion in bringing the Light's wrath down upon the jungles inhabited by those who so callously violate It's will, to strike at the Horde and bring glory to the Alliance war-effort! For if you do not, attacks against those faithful to Light and King will become more frequent, land claimed for the Alliance will be uprooted, Church's will be despoiled and darkness will triumph.

The Chapter therefore pledges that all those which carry out their Duty will be cleared of all Sin before the Light, and shall receive a percentage of wealth claimed from the spoils of war according to contribution. Surely, we cannot allow land inhabited by humans with faith in the Grace and Glory of the Holy-Light; tainted as that land is, to be overrun and conquered by Humanity's ancient enemy. It is now time: for those with Faith to do their Duty, for those who were once robbers to become soldiers, for those fighting against man to wage war against a barbarous foe, for mercenaries battling for small pay now battling to obtain eternal reward; let even those who cannot fight serve the crusade through other means; through supplies or through prayer.

Thus I, Waldemar II, Holy Abbot of Tyr's Hand, Supreme Lector of the Tyrrean Order, by the Light annointed as Vicar to the Prophet Anethion, ordain the Southern Crusade.

The Light will is, and Light's will be done!


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Re: [IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

Post by Sevelle on Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:00 pm

A poster has appeared in all of the major towns in the Kingdom of Stormwind.


A letter addressed to the Disciples of Light has surfaced in Westbrook Garrison. Strangely enough, there are rumours of similar missives being sent privately to the other holy orders of Stormwind - why this one is public remains to be seen.

"To the illustrious Disciples of Light,

Blessings of the Holy Light upon you.

I bear grim tidings. The trolls to the south have grown audacious in the absence of His Majesty’s armies and seem content to raid and plunder the borders of our realm. Though I scarcely need to impress the severity of this situation upon you, I feel it right to relay the state of Duskwood as those who have fled it would do:

Good, Light-fearing men are slain without compunction or remorse, the fruits of their labour stolen from the mouths of their widows and orphans; innocents are sacrificed before pagan idols, their souls barred from Heaven to fuel wicked rituals that further scar our lands; villages and farms are put to the torch, ending livelihoods and making the process of resettlement increasingly difficult. Years of progress in reclaiming the forests from the Shadow have been undone in a week!

Where will this end? Surely we must keep the boldness of the troll in check, lest His Majesty’s armies be recalled only to find their kingdom in ruin.

To this end, His Holiness Waldemar II has decided to redress the troll issue once and for all. He has called all faithful men to arms in defence of the Holy Light – a new crusade, one that will bring the hammer of the Light down upon the despoiler and ensure a new era of prosperity for the realm.

His Holiness implores you to join us on this crusade. I pray that you will overlook our sectarian differences for the Greater Good of the kingdom and the faith.

Glory under the Light,
Brother Berinand d’Avranches,
Secretary to His Holiness Waldemar II"


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Re: [IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:51 pm

Ahhh, nostalgia.

Krogon Devilstep

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Re: [IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:04 pm

Bishop Vitalian reads the letter sent and nods approvingly. He forwards details to the Court of Baron Goodwyn's estate to convene and discuss this matter seriously.


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Re: [IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:37 pm

Vitalia Aadaria Kerzeth's soul screams as she hears of this bishop that uses her name muttering in her ghost like form inside the Abbey "How dare someone take my name like that... adding a simple n to a name I was given.. And Duskwood? They are all going back to that place of filth.. Ah, well. Lets' hope the Chapter recalled to free all their prisoners before they left this time.. Last time someone just rotted away down there... I guess I should do my Sacred Duty and let those poor souls out. "

Duskwood, the place the Chapter loves to go to. The place we will never truly fully abandon! If there are any witches wanting to burn... You know where to go and we got pyre cookies!;D

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Re: [IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

Post by Osmand on Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:15 pm

Must...resist...urge of Duskwood awesomeness...


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Re: [IC] Abbatial Call for Holy Crusade

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