[Public letter addressed to the King]

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[Public letter addressed to the King]

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:55 pm

Bishop Vitalian sat silently in his chambers as he wrote the letter, over and over.. it read.

To whomever it concerns,

In the early hours of the morning of the 19th day of the 11th month, his grace, Baron Torradan Goodwyn, peacefully passed away. His heart had been in frail condition from the political turmoil, he could not bear the failure of the Kingdom of Stormwind and at his fragile age it was enough. I write this letter publicly as I am sure both his allies, and his enemies will be interested to know of this. The lands and estates that he had gathered under his name all go to his son Lucieus Torradan Goodwyn, who along with the small council that assists in governing the lands will continue as always. His remains have already been cremated and his grave made, there shall be no funeral by his personal wishes.

A few minor details of note:

Five hundred gold coins are testified in his will to be given to Northshire Abbey.
Five hundred gold coins are willed to the first Stormwind regiment.
Five hundred gold coins are willed to the Orphanage.
A final five hundred are willed to the Church of Stormwind.

I write to you, your majesty, as you were the man whom Lord Goodwyn had placed his faith and loyalty in for so many years, your father before you as well. The Goodwyn Barony, as written by the lord himself, will be in eternal service to your majesty and the house of Wrynn.

Light bless you good King, we remain forever your loyal subjects.

Bishop Vitalian
Court Chaplain of the Goodwyn Estates


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Re: [Public letter addressed to the King]

Post by Sevelle on Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:35 pm

Word has it that the Anethioneans encamped at Raven Hill held a short service to honour the Baron's passing once the news was delivered to them.

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