The beginning of an end

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The beginning of an end

Post by Groshnakk on Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:07 am

He snuck forward like a rat in awe of its superior. His eyes were empty, uncovering his life that had but one purpose; Serving her.
He looked up at the being, and murmured out a few words in poorly hidden fear, words that he had already regretted before spoken.

”M- My Darkness, I.. W-.. W-... I, have dreadful news.. W-.. I, have not uncove.. Found the missing piece.. Nor have i found t.. The ill-believers.. I’ve sea-”

Before he could end his words of disloyalty his eyes widdened and he raised both hands to his throat, fighting for air. The figure had raised its left hand, clenched into a fist, as if it was strangling him through both mind and body. It spoke with a low and harsh voice. One that had not been used in many moons.

”Again, you fail me. Do you not wish to see me in full power? Do you not want to serve the one that will lead the Red Ones to glory, through pure power?”

He nodded the best he could, though his eyes started rolling back into his head, face turning blue.

”Then why do you fail? Are they not leaving clues? The piece should emit enough power for anyone with a bit of brain to find. It is all that is left!”

The figure rose from its seat, clenching the fist even tighter, its eyes glowing pale blue. He felt his last breath escape his lips as the figure grinned, only to end in a long cough. It took a seat, and whispered.

”If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.. First, i need more strength.. More.. Volunteers is in order. More.. Power. Yes.. I remember her.. I must find her, teach her of the ways. And then, they will not be able to question my words. Or they will finally experience the true meaning of fear, pain and suffering."


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