(Horde reply to Girolamo)To the people of Pandaria

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(Horde reply to Girolamo)To the people of Pandaria

Post by Xen-tau on Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:01 am

To all Pandaren in Pandaria.

During my travels in these beautiful lands, I found a text with all the wonders and news of the Alliance(or rather, the slander of the Horde). However, there was a thing that did not escape my mind. Yes, he showed us his version of the Horde as I will show you mine. But I can tell you that the Alliance consists of six races. Yet, “Brother” Girolamo only mentioned one… his own. How trustworthy is one, when he completely disregards his own allies and brags about oneself. A Pandaren on my travels told me that: “The self-centered boast about themselves, friends boast about one another”. And with that in mind… reread the mudthrowing.

We know such is not in your nature, nor should it be in anyone’s nature. However, I would like to tell you one thing. It felt like a personal injustice when I read it. The talk about the Argent Crusade and their ability to cure nature, claiming we only destroy. Yes, in Eastern Lordaeron the lands have been affected by a foe both the Alliance and Horde had, and we fought the foe together. These lands are cured not by the Argent Crusade, but by the Cenarion Circle. A faction that consists of worgen, kaldorei, trolls and tauren. Once again, by members of the Horde as well. Again, he leaves out his allies and tells you of a –human- faction that saved it. These lies, my friends, I cannot forgive.

I will try to withhold myself from resorting to mudthrowing. The Forsaken have a right to claim their land and defend their lands, as it is theirs even inbetween the afterlife. They are Lordaeronians serving and defending their land and honor. I believe your kind can relate to that if I studied your history properly. They might’ve been humans once, but they aren’t anymore. That does not mean Stormwind should meddle in the affairs of the Queen of Lordaeron, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

I myself am a sin’dorei, a magically attuned race and one that has seen many betrayals before in my life. The Alliance has left us out to die, to “conquer an objective” without the means, tools or manpower to do so. Our kind looked beyond the simple black and white, and found friends whom the humans disagreed with, so my people were captured and put to prison even after we fulfilled their assignment. And yet, when humans need to find ways to defend or assault their enemies they demand that every neutral faction in the world joins them, as my friend in Dalaran told me.

The city of Silvermoon is beautiful and prosperous. It never stops to impress friend and foe. Our glorious leader Lor’themar Theron has done a great deal for it after the destruction of half of the city. The brother called Stormwind spacious and in touch with nature. I urge you to visit Silvermoon. Stormwind is packed, crowded and streets are only meant for themselves if you compare it to Silvermoon. And I will not fight that we used dark magic as a source. But the humans cannot understand. Our kind needs another thing besides food and water. We need magic. And we had it back when the humans were our allies. Yet, they left us to defend ourselves, which we were unable to do so. We lost our Sunwell, our source of magic. So we had to find different means to feed ourselves.
Stealing is bad, but the poor do so to survive. The means may be frowned upon, but it is for our own survival after the betrayal by humans.

I dare not ask you to join the Horde, even though there is always a place for allies. I ask you to debate, and disregard every foul word that Brother Girolamo has written. Debate with me or my allies, as they will tell you about their homeland with the same love you do. And listen to their wisdoms.

Your lands are safe in Horde hands, no sin’dorei, troll or tauren will argue that your nature should be disturbed.

Aishling Silversun,
Magistrix of Quel’thalas
Ambassador of the Crimson Imperium.

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Idea borrowed from: Nilda Meyrick and Monrena

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Re: (Horde reply to Girolamo)To the people of Pandaria

Post by erwtenpeller on Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:00 am

Sunburn reads the pamphlet, standing before a nice cozy furnace in the tavern in the mist. She sighs when she reaches the third paragraph, crumbles up the paper and tosses it into the flames. Just as false as the Alliance paper.

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Re: (Horde reply to Girolamo)To the people of Pandaria

Post by Sorayah on Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:23 am

((For what it's worth, Girolamo did mention another alliance race: night elves! afro ))

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Re: (Horde reply to Girolamo)To the people of Pandaria

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