Oceanic Dumping Complication

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Oceanic Dumping Complication

Post by Ralegh on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:16 pm

Some time ago....

Tjib muttered out gnomish swear words faster and with more creativity than ever before as he approached the side of the boat. This version of the serum was a complete failure! It was far from the intended effect, the growths and changes not the intended purpose. He looked down into the water, nodding slowly to himself before dumping the large vat filled with a purple liquid down into it, he stared towards the sun rising above the barrens, there was still plenty of time to work on the serum... the war effort here would stay for a while he reckoned, plenty of test subjects, plenty of time to develope, plenty of time to forget about the purple coloured failure which slowly sunk into the dark abyss below.


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Re: Oceanic Dumping Complication

Post by Vaell on Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:38 pm

Meanwhile, somewhere deep down in the ocean depths...
(My latest character!)

Bleep. Bloop. Bleep. Bloop. These were the two sounds that one particular fish could produce. He was not aware that it took some very minor intelligence to produce such precise sounds for his species but all he knew was that when he did these sounds, it made him feel better. Now, you may be thinking emotion isn't exactly a fish's concern, but this one had the ability to feel happy. Somewhere, in the creation of this specific fishes generation line, fate had deemed this fish unique. As it swam its daily course, through the reef twice... or was it thrice? It couldn't remember. Then it forgot it couldn't remember. Then it didn't remember what it was forgetting. This was an average day for this particular fish. He waded the water admist his school and merrily enjoyed his ignorance to the world around him. Bleep. Bloop.

He was not known for his attention span. It was common for fish of his kind to forget what they had done only seconds before. This put them all very low on the food chain, but they didn't care. If anyone informed them, they'd only forget a minute after and swim on, full of content for the rest of their day. This day was different, however. Call it luck, call it destiny, but this particular fish had spotted a new colour in the sea. It had no name for the colour, but it is what you and I would refer to as purple. Swimming away from his school, he circled around the purple ooze and then submerged itself in the hazed water. It felt excruciating pain, gushing down its scales and filling its gills! And then it stopped. It peered towards the rest of the school which were now distancing themselves from him. He swam to catch up, knowing that a lone fish is a shark's dish. This particular fish managed to catch up in the time it had taken to forget that it was on a pursuit in the first place. Except, for the first time in this fish's brief existance, it hadn't forgotten.

Bleep. Bloop. Bleep. Bloop. Blaap. Blaap? What was Blaap doing there? Bleep. Bloop. Blaap. Blurp! Four words! Four beautiful words, he had doubled his vocabulary in as many seconds as words learnt. How did this happen? What could it possibly mean? He had started to ponder these questions. Wait, he had started to ponder these questions? "How the fel does a fish ponder these questions?" he asked himself. A sudden panic rushed over him and the only simple thing he could think to do was blow! He often blew bubbles in times of dire need such as: being hunted by a predator, choosing a mate to spawn his eggs and when saying Bloop before Bleep. Bubbles formed, but they were not his usual transparent spheres, instead crystalised purple lights rose from in front of him and then a buzzing sound. The school around him stopped suddenly. All at once, every single fish just stopped. A few seconds passed before they began to morph around him, taking obscure shapes. He did not know what they were becoming until it was far too late and then one thought swept his mind "Jellyfish!". He swerved to avoid the closest stinger, watching as those he had swam with all of this life twist into mishapen electrified jellied monstrosities! He swam backwards, away from the largest group, only to bounce against the soft side of his once sister-in-law. The surface was calling to him. The chance of escape was a thought now being processed rapidly through his mind, so he swam. He swam fast, weaving in and out of the drowned field of high voltage death until he burst from the surface, flailing into the air. A single thought crossed his mind; Breathe! He closed his eyes, repeating the word in his head, over and over, but he never felt the cold rush of water bringing him back into the deep. It was as if he were suspended in the air. Had he experienced death? He had never contemplated death. He suddenly felt frightened by the concept, but mustered enough bravery (as much as a fish coming to terms with the world, life, death and magic can muster) and opened his eyes.
"What's this?" he thought, most fishily, "I am floating. I'm floating!" Around him, a bubble had formed. Water filled the inside but it was as clear as a spring lake. He observed what now appeared to be the lifestyle of a bird. Peering around, he quickly grew bored of the dull life of a seabird and yearned for something more. He remembered the boat and the huge figure leaning over it. His mind ran a thousand calculations until it stopped and pinpointed on one single thought.

"Land. I want to live on land." And so, the first of his school to graduate, this fish - now declaring himself as Mr. Fishy - looked south and for the final time before setting off on what ever adventure awaited a bubbled fish, he thought two simple words. Bleep. Bloop.

[[The world of Azeroth is one of both grim and uplifting stories all pieced together and unfortunatly, I rarely do the latter of the two so I thought I'd give it a shot. This is my new character and his stories will be created as I gather the time to write them. I have plenty of ideas of where this fish has gone and how he has adapted to survive, but in role-play you'll come across the most modern of his adventures.

Meet Mr. Fishy and his body/host, Trawl!]]

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Re: Oceanic Dumping Complication

Post by Ruby on Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:29 am

Ha ha, this is great.

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Re: Oceanic Dumping Complication

Post by Skarain on Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:02 am

This is so incredibly crazy that all i can do is tip my hat and watch in awe.

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Re: Oceanic Dumping Complication

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