Letter sent to house Mistmantle

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Letter sent to house Mistmantle

Post by siegmund on Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:40 am

To Braiden Mistmantle, Head of house Mistmantle,

Dear count,

last evening there was a incident, involving the director of the outfit of Academics, Adventurers and Explorers or Freelancers, for short. The Royal commision of Stormwind has been keeping a close eye on things, but it seems what now happened is unreversable.

The events that transpired are being investigated on our side as we speak, but work must go on. We do apologize for any harm that was done to you or your house. But as we were informed and know this was a isolated incident, the only man to blame is Jonah Dwyburn, who has in the past few months slowly descended into insanity.

Any suposed crimes, or bad reputation should end now with the second directors death. Yet the order of explorers will have to go on, for the good of the kingdom and knowledge itself.

The state of the Freelancers shall be overviewed by our Employed Scholar Representative and Ambasador Mark Logan until further notice. But the fact remains a director is needed, since the order cannot work on it's own, officers aside. This will be delt by The Commision and souly by us, if you have any complaints or information do rely it to The Commision, or our Representative, by letter or otherwise.
Finaly the order is in it's essence not directed by the Council, so please understand that we will take our own way of dealing with such. Of course any other illegal or confirmed law-beaking actions are inside your, the guards and the councils authority. So if you see the need you can further conduct your investigation, but with the root dead we see no need.

Please reply in the uptmost essence,

The Royal commision of Stormwind.

Atatched information and adress


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Re: Letter sent to house Mistmantle

Post by Braiden on Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:24 am

A very classy letter sealed with the seal of House Mistmantle arrives as a response

To: The Royal Commission of Stormwind

The incident occurring last night will indeed create a stain on the reputation of the outfit of Academics, Adventurers and Explorers also known as the Freelancers that will be hard to remove. While I have expressed no wish to pursue the members of said outfit nor have had any reason to until now I must ensure that the corruption of Jonah Dwyburn does not repeat itself. For this reason investigations and thorough auditing of the organizations activities is required and the Magistry of Stormwind will do so to a reasonable degree to ensure the Royal Commission is not hindered in its duty. Out of respect for the Royal Commission of Stormwind and a desire to keep its reputation up to standards I would also request that representatives from the Stormwind Magistry be present and involved in the appointing of a new director as advisors.

Concerning the influence the Stormwind Council holds over the Freelancers there will be no issue as His Majestys Council does not have any reason to request that the organization is put under its command. As such the relation between the Freelancers and His Majesys council will remain as it has been to this moment until further notice, however specific funding or support of various kinds may be significantly reduced until the organization has proved itself to be the loyal and honorable establishment it once was. The matter will likely be discussed further during the next closed meeting of the Stormwind Council and as such further information or a possible altered stance will be reported at our earliest convenience.

Patience conquers.

Lord Minister Braiden Arthur Bernard Mistmantle
Stormwind Minister of Justice, Baron of Mistmantle and Count of Foxworth


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