Call out to the church

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Call out to the church

Post by Ralegh on Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:39 pm

Stormwind is always busiest in the morning..
(( Posters can be found around the Cathedral Square, in order to attract the right attention ))
A call out for all members of the clergy.
The House of Goodwyn seeks audience with all members of the Church of Holy Light in the Kingdom of Stormwind. Baron Torradan Goodwyn seeks to gather wise council from the priests and priestesses and take advice on how to go about replenishing the strength of the Church. If your faith is true and your loyalty is tied to King Wrynn, respond to this, for it is important in both mind and manner to preserve and empower the Church once again.

The morning herald walks briskly through Cathedral Square, the coin slipped to him roughly thirty minutes ago still heavy in his pocket, he knew what to do.
“Clergy men, Clergy women, ye’ are called to the estate of Baron Goodwyn, the Kingdom is in danger, the Church must arise again” and on he went at the top of his lungs until surely every Priest, Bishop and Priestess had heard him. The secretive and cloaked man loyal to the Baron slipped away, satisfied with his completed task.

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