Letters sent to the Disciples of Light

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Letters sent to the Disciples of Light

Post by Khendran on Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:49 pm

To High Chaplain Valestrion Drayke

My lord, I wrote this letter to make you, and the Order at large if you see it fit to pass this information, aware of the reasons behind my absence. I would like to apologize for being away and neglecting the Orders duty, something I am ashamed of as I believe I could have aided many a Disciple. However, the event leading to my dissappearance was too much of a shock; as I am sure you are well aware, my late fiancé and love, may the Light bless her beloved and dearly, dearly missed soul, Alexandra Blackraven died shortly before our wedding. I loved her deeply, and as I believe that every one of us is to be blessed by one true love, the loss of her life was too much for me to bear, plunging me to a state of black grief.

My thoughts were as dark as a Tirisfalen night, I locked myself away in my home, began to question my faith, and, something I am hesitant to confess, considered the possibility of taking my life, if only to join her. My beliefs, teachings and my very emotions were affected and nurtured by this one person, who I grew to love and respect, and who was now gone, and I felt truly empty, as anyone in my place would have.

But the Holy Light teaches us to be tenacious, and I was. While I still mourn for the death of the love of my life, and pray for her soul to rest peacefully as I light a candle for her each night, I now believe I am fit enough to return to duty. I merely wish to perform a bare-footed pilgrimage to the tomb of Uther before I do so, to seal my renewed faith and devotion to follow his path.

I expect to return to the ranks before long, and continue my service in the Order, provided such is still a possibility.

On the 17th of the tenth month, year 30 after the opening of the Dark Portal.
Khendran Galedric Ironhand
Baron of Tirisfal Hills


To the leadership of the Order of the Disciples of Light
From Stormwind Army, Chillwind Post

I am deeply sorry to inform you of a skirmish between a member of your order, and a Forsaken patrol from Andorhal, an incident that led to him falling in combat. Our own patrol discovered the scene too late, but were able to wrestle the undead off to recover the corpse, who was identified from his belongings as Baron Khendran Ironhand. A companion the Baron met while passing through our outpost, sir Drarian Northkeep, insisted on the corpse to be burnt and the ashes to be spread over Tirisfal, his home before the Plague, a wish confirmed by his journal.

Once again, I deeply regret to inform you of this, and I hope that he will find peace.

Commander Ashlam Valorfist

This is a thread merely aimed at those who knew the character that treaded upon Azeroth as Khendran to know what became of him; I suppose he's a figure well-known enough that his death wouldn't have stayed a secret for long.

I'm simply no longer interested in RPing Khendran or in the Stormwind scene, really, and I don't think I will be, seeing as many of the friends and figures I've known and enjoyed playing with have either left that scene or the game itself. A friend and I've moved to playing the Horde and night elves a while ago now, and I'm enjoying the new challenge and atmospheres.

I hope to still see some of those familiar faces, if only in RP-PvP fights. Time to turn the blue guys into gore, for once. Razz


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Re: Letters sent to the Disciples of Light

Post by Sohan on Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:47 pm



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Re: Letters sent to the Disciples of Light

Post by Lexgrad on Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:01 pm

lol bet he rolled a 1 :p


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Re: Letters sent to the Disciples of Light

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