[IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

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[IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by Melnerag on Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:22 am

This letter has been sent to the Church of the Holy Light and holy orders in Stormwind. Replying to it may be problematic, but most servants of the Light are likely to be able to read it. Unless higher-up authorities try to keep it a secret

Dear men and women of the Church,

Church of the Holy Light values life, in fact that is what you are all about – defending the innocents, upholding law and justice, fighting oppression and acting charitably. I can tell a lie when I see one, and I am calling you out on this one.

Light have mercy, what are you doing in that paladin training? You are not preparing holy warriors, you are brainwashing a team of suicidal maniacs! Why, in the name of all that is sensible, do your paladins insist on fighting to the last breath when outnumbered ten to one (that is, there are ten enemies and one of them) and they have been offered a chance to surrender and a guarantee that they will not be killed. Ideals are good, but you can take them too far. If there are suddenly two paladins and ten enemies, and one of them has been captured and second is allowed to go free if he stops fighting – he will insist on fighting to the very last as to not abandon his comrade, risking not only his own life but the very life of the one he is trying to save!

Why, I had the most sickening experience of my life when I accidentally captured one of your knights (such things happen). I have apologized for the misunderstanding and allowed her to leave unharmed, instead of going she drew the nearest sharp object and went for my heart shouting that I am a “Traitor to everything.” She was alone in a room with three enemies, unarmored and equipped with a kitchen utensil. That poor woman probably left behind children and friends!

And I not even began discussing your appalling behavior in undecided situations. Two groups face each other, they are evenly matched and neither has the advantage of the terrain. It is clear that any battle will be long and bloody, victors being no better off than the losers. Sensible people would break the standoff and go their ways. I understand that the defending party would refuse to go, after all they cannot abandon their task. But your paladins were on the offensive – they were assured that they can safely fall back, instead they chose to attack! They suffered terrible losses.

I feel offended that your Church forces me to fight drooling idiots whose place is in an asylum rather than a battlefield. Are you taking promising, skilled and sensible people and turning them into maniacs with a deathwish!? These lunatics can’t hear common sense over the sound of all the damned chanting in their ears. Is that a scheme of yours, drive me off-balance by sending wave after wave of nutjobs at me?

But why am I surprised, you are brainwashing children from the moment they can speak that the Light will be victorious no matter what! Half of them probably genuinely believed that they can defeat Sargeras himself armed with a toothpick, as long as they have faith.

Your paladins won’t even make deals! I trust them to be men of integrity and honor who would hold their oaths, so I offer to let them go unharmed as long as they swear never to reveal what they have learned in detention. What do they do, they threaten me! They threaten me while I have them in my power! That is madness! That is what Old God followers would do. What have you been teaching them? What have you done to these poor people? What normal person will try to provoke their captors, throwing all offers of freedom back in her face and refusing to make the most harmless of deals. They –want- to be killed. Is that another scheme of yours, thinking that if I kill enough of those three-year-olds in bodies of grown men I will feel remorse and come crawling into the Cathedral, begging for redemption?

I hereby lay the responsibility for death and injury of every paladin who abandoned common sense for madness and got himself killed while having every option to live at your feet! I swear that from now on I will make a list of every encounter and death related to idiocy and make you pay for that slaughter! I may kill innocents now and then, but you, you do much worse – you turn innocents in suicidal maniacs! What next, will you tie bombs to them and send them into my camp like some goblin sappers?

Best wishes,
Lady Estherat,
The Graceful Flame,
Guardian of Discord


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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by Rae Wulfgnar on Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:22 am

(This made me laugh! )


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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by John Helsythe Amaltheria on Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:31 am

As much as I love having faith in the Light... this is utter truth /cry

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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by Skarain on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:15 am


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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by Rammius on Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:05 am

(( This sounds like you Wulfgnar lol ))

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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by siegmund on Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:42 pm

((Was funny enough when i saw that kind of rage ICly
"You are a suicidal maniac!"
This just makes it even more enjoyable))

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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

Post by Feral / Blackfall on Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:08 am

((Amusingly enough, the Black Hand vs Strom/Disciples fight: the Arathorians called a good retreat, and a certain silly Disciple (I love you really) had to be knocked out to be removed from battle, and is angrily declaring Arathorians all cowards for the flight. ICly it's "gasp," OOCly I can't stop laughing at my Light-mad zealot buddies <3 xD))
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Re: [IC] Open letter to the Church, the Disciples and the Chapter

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