Diary of the late Knight-Lord Aladras Deleshar

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Diary of the late Knight-Lord Aladras Deleshar

Post by Aladras on Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:22 pm

Hi guys. I'm not one for writing stories or anything but I thought I might as well write this up as Aladras is dead now and I thought it'd be nice. This diary was found by Seras Tenderheart and would be easily read by anyone who knew Aladras by just asking Senariul or Seras

Of course the 'drawings' would be visible in game on the GHI item.

Yeah, this would be best for people who I RP'd with / knew Aladras, but anyone's welcome to read and give their opinion =)

Diary entry 1

Today I start my diary. I thought I should do so ever since coming so close to death, so that if I should leave this realm in the near future my true thoughts and beliefs can be known, so that not too much chaos is produced. Two weeks ago I escaped the clutches of the Outland demons of Nagrand. I was tortured for...the length I am uncertain. It could have been from four months to two years. Today I return to Silvermoon after recovering, eager to return to duty. My body is scarred and torn from the ordeal, but it is a healthy reminder of what I had been through, and how the Light had guided me through it all.

Diary entry 2

Today I returned and reported to headquarters, then I was told to report to Lady Tiffane Blightleaf, Knight-Lady. I had seen her before, but we never spoke. Damn she was fucking hot.

Diary entry 3

Work has been good. Brought in some crimianl scum today, Bloodthistle dealers. I was ready to give them a pounding but I was stopped and they were allowed to be let go! I wanted to protest, but my oath holds me back. I hope this is just a one-time occurance.

Diary entry 4
Bored, so I'm going to draw a butterfly

Diary entry 5
An initiate dropped some of his tea on my armour today, so I made him dunk his head in the Eversong river and apologise underwater loud enough so I could hear him. I then left him alongside the river-bank after he fainted from exhaustion and lack of air.

Diary entry 6
The Light is so clear to me now. Ever since my torturing, my eyes have been opened. The Order teaches that the Light is a tool, one that we can simply control. One that we use. One that is only existing for -our- needs. What fools! They do not realise that we work for the Light. That true power comes from understanding that the Light and us are one! None would believe me, of course. I would be called 'Human' or 'Light-lover'. Very well. If they shall not accept the gift of the Light, it is their mistake.

Diary entry 7

Today I fucked bitches and got money

Diary entry 8

Tiffane eyed me up and down. Does she want Deleshar's D? Only time will tell.

Diary entry 9

Lorthan came round for a visit today. I hadn't seen him since Nagrand. He helped me escape. He risked his life for me. The Light sent down a divine saviour to pull me from the grasps of Demonic fury, and that was him. We chatted for a bit, went for a few drinks, and now we're getting ready for a night out at some type of social gathering in Eversong.

Diary entry 10

Woke up in the morning in a bed with three females. Sat up, looked across the small room to see Lorthan in a bed with three other females. Nice. If there's one downfall of following the Light devoutly, it's being chaste. That's hard.

Diary entry 11

Just finished my patrol, then sat in the gardens outside the city only to see an owl. I drew it.

Diary 12 - Championship
Today I was promoted to the rank of Champion. How brilliant! Tiffane seems to be taking more of an interest to me now. I am going to make my move shortly.

Diary entry 13 - Success!
I offered Tiffane to be her personal bodyguard, in case anyone was to try for her life, as her position would make more likely. She accepted! Success! Let us see how this carries on..

Diary entry 14
Corruption. I observed it ever since joining the Order. A likeness to our Race, disregard for others. A goblin stole a purse of money? He's a dirty, greedy thief. A Sin'dorei did? He's just a poor urchin overcome with circumstance.

Diary entry 15

I've met the love of my life. Lena. She's beautiful, funny, and incredibly easy to be around. I've never loved someone before...not as much as this.

Diary entry 16

Crime has dropped dramatically ever since my Championship. I have ensured that no criminal scum disrupt the rebuilding of our people. And I will not stop until all crime is purged from these streets.

Diary entry 17

I proposed to Lena today. She said yes. Oh, what joy! Light has blessed us me with this beautiful woman!

Diary entry 18
Lena was hindered and tormented by an organization led by her Father. This organization was cruel, manipulative and disgusting. Lena has gone missing. I must leave Silvermoon to find her. This directly hinders my work, my duty, my oath to the City. But I must find her. I cannot let her slip from my fingers.

Diary entry 19
Day 16 of my search to find Lena. I have tracked down some members of the organization and put them to the sword. They lead me to new informants, new victims. I will not let up.

Day 38
The search is becoming warmer. I believe I know where they hold her. Here I come, Lena.

Day 63

They killed her. I saw them kill her. They put her right in front of me. I was so close..but so far. I cannot let this effect me too much. I am a Knight. I am a Champion. They will pay for what they did to me...to her. I am going to kill them. Every last one of them.

Day 135

They're dead. All of them. The organization is wiped out. I travelled from all ends of Azeroth to find and destroy them. There's nothing left for me to do now but return to Silvermoon, back to my duties. I only wish I could have spoken to her one last time. Told her I loved her.

Diary entry 20

I have returned to my duty, and I'm ready to move on. Goodbye, Lena.

Diary entry 21

I have been given the right to apply for Knight-Lordship. My trial is tomorrow. I only hope I survive this ordeal.

Diary entry 22

I have passed my challenge, and am now Knight-Lord Deleshar....has a ring to it.

Diary entry 23

The Ashen Ascendancy...an organization I've heard of before. Attacks, terrorism, branded as traitors..this will be fun.

Diary entry 24
A girl came to me today. Dark red hair, beautiful. She told me she was my daughter so I had to bring her in. Her name is Anella. I don't deny Deleshar blood, it's too precious. We used to be such a large family...Fuck you, Arthas. I have taken her under my wing.

Diary entry 25

Today somebody touched my hair. I don't think they can speak any more, at least not for a good week or two.

Diary entry 26

The Shatterskull Marauders. A Horde Warband. They seem honourable, but too bloodthirsty and rude. I shall see what they can offer us.

Diary entry 27

This council seems a joke. Good people on it, who want the best things, surely, but still a joke. From what I've been told, they've done diddly squat. Oh well, let's hope the future of Silvermoon is bright.

Diary entry 28

The Marauders seem obsessed with this Ascendacy. The Ascendacy seems to be a threat to the Sin'dorei, however. I did speak with one of them. She seems fanatical. As distasteful and annoying as the Horde may be, we need to rebuild with them, not gain new enemies. They shall be destroyed, for their crimes.

Diary entry 29

My father is dead. I am looking for the culprit

Diary entry 30

My brother too. What in Belore's name is happening? I must find Anella quickly.

Diary entry 31

My darling Anella...dead. The Ascendancy has done this. I cannot feel...anything. I have received the message that I will be next...Light protect me. If someone is to find this, ensure that these things are known...

Tiffane, I'm sad we weren't able to spend time together personally, I've always had a soft spot for you, but work always made it so hard.

Sen, you're young. Learn from your mistakes, and don't get too many pregnant

Lorth, you prick, if I'm to join you when you die, let's annihalite whatever bar we may find in the light-damned spirit realm. Have a good one.

Aelrath, Starri, if only I was able to join in...

Scuzette, Light will always protect and guide you, just as it has done in my life.

Another for Sen: the secret to my hair is a certain product. Find it in a compartment behind the bookcase in my living room. I hope it serves you well as it served me.

Vilmer and Strike: you were always good to me. I'm sorry for the corruption of my city, for my people. I hope you get to read this.

Seras: Another Tenderheart. You're like a new disease. You'll do well in leading the Farstriders. Consider yourself lucky I didn't try and seduce you for the sake of pissing Sen off. Much love, blondie.

The secret to my monthly soup is a certain herb that my father used to grow. It's called 'Dickleaf'. Despite the name, it's tasty!

Lena: Wherever you are, I love you. I've loved you more than anything or anyone. If I do die, I die in comfort of knowing I will be joining you.

This is probably really stupid as I'm probably not going to die, so I'll rip these pages out if I'm still okay. But if not, here's to finish it all with a drawing of a cupcake

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Re: Diary of the late Knight-Lord Aladras Deleshar

Post by Darilas on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:30 am

((That was an entertaining read. Thanks for the giggles.))

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Re: Diary of the late Knight-Lord Aladras Deleshar

Post by Lorthan on Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:00 am

Oh no.. ;__;
They did raid bars buddeh, the spirit realms stuck with them both nao!

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Re: Diary of the late Knight-Lord Aladras Deleshar

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