Blackforge's Background

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Blackforge's Background

Post by Cid on Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:59 am

Tis' be tha tale of a dwarf who used to live in the quiet town of Dun Modr...

Cid Blackforge from Dun Modr had no troubles in the world. He had his clan in his back, a loving family at his side, and a booming business in his front. But all that came to change, since a sinister plot was unfolding, and Dun Modr was one of the targets in it! Cid was away in Ironforge for the regular training in the militia, so he wasn't able to stand and fight with his family in Dun Modr against the Dark Irons.

The defenders were careless, they'd taken too much ale and got surprised when the Dark Irons launched their assault. They got so overwhelmed that they didn't know where to shoot, and the few that managed to shoot didn't get many targets before they were overrun.
The defenders were killed, and the Dark Irons now began to kill and loot the town for whatever valuables it had. Cid's family was wiped out, and the major part of the clan as well. The shop he had was in ruins, and the Dark Irons were now using it for their own gear.

Cid Blackforge didn't get to hear of this until about a week after, when his training was completed. He got devastated, to say the least...

Now he spends his days in the IF Military, guiding visitors and escorting senators whenever the need arises.

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