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The high sun and blistering heat had made it almost impossible for Odenia to sleep through the days. It was unwise to her guard down at night, but she longed for the cool darkness to lull her into a peaceful rest. Odenia had collected a variety of herbs and leaves off the forest floor in a desperate attempt to make something that resembled a sleeping draft. The final result smelt horrendous and it took all of her concentration not to gag. In one swift movement she had downed the thick liquid and covered her mouth tightly just in case it had plans of escaping. After a few hours she could still taste the sickly sweet residue that coated her tongue, but sleep still seemed to elude her. In frustration Odenia pulled a blanket over her head, ignoring how uncomfortably warm it was under it.

“Just fall asleep, just fall asleep” she muttered in a repetitive chant to herself. It was no use though, she just couldn't switch off. Defeated she dragged the blanket off her head and found herself drenched in darkness. Odenia was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe that she had slept through until night without realising, it just wasn't possible. It took a good while for her eyes to adjust and slowly she began to make out the shapes created by the tree she slept in. There was a new shape, a silhouette not made by branches or their shadows. Odenia stopped breathing and froze in place as she blinked frantically to try and make out the owner of this dark figure. The slender shape sat reclined against a gnarled branch with its head looking up towards the starless sky. Without the moon to was difficult to make out features, but somehow light had found its way through and a brief glint of metal shone out from the silhouette's hip. A blade. Her heart started to beat rapidly as she looked around for an escape route. As it dawned on her that her only way out was blocked by the shadowy figure she forced herself to focus and assess the situation. She could almost feel the scar across her throat ache when she considered the possibility that the Vile Thorn had found her, but felt a wave of relief when it surmised on her that she would already be dead if that were the case. Odenia's senses slowly returned to her as she calmed down and she studied the feminine figure critically. As soon as she had done so a familiar and gentle scent passed her nose. It filled her both with comfort and fear.

Nice to see you again Odenia.” The shadows voice was soft as silk but Odenia knew the razor sharpness that lingered underneath.

Commander Robi.” Odenia whispered, trying desperately not to give away her sheer panic. “I can explain. We had to run and so I ran. I lost me communicator in a rush and...”

Oh will you please just shut up. I'm tired of your excuses Odenia.”

A lump caught in her throat. Although she couldn't see them in the darkness Odenia felt Robi's eyes piercing right through her. Odenia's skin burned red hot under the unforgiving tone of her Commander's voice.

You're to return to Stormwind immediately. Do you understand?”

Odenia's words were trapped and meek sounds crept from her lips.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” The question hung in the air stone cold and commanded only one answer.

Yes” whimpered Odenia with all her effort to speak.

“If you don't I will find you again. I will always find you.” Robi's promise cut right through Odenia and all she could do was nod obediently.

In less than a heart beat Robi's face was a breath away from Odenia's. Odenia didn't know she could move that fast. It was inhuman. Even this close she still couldn't see Robi's eyes. Instead there were dark pits where they should have been and Odenia wanted to scream out. With utter stillness Robi spoke with words that didn't belong to her.

“You need to wake up now.

Before Odenia could voice her confusion the dark figure violently pushed her off her branch and out of the tree. The shock crippled her and all she could do is watch the ground hurtle towards her. The fall lasted for ever and no time at all. Odenia tried to brace herself for impact but her body failed her. Closing her eyes she waited for the crushing pain the unforgiving ground had for her.

Her body screamed out to her. Bones cracked and blood exploded. Searing agony raced through Odenia's skin and suffocated her. Everything swirled into a haze as the pain drowned her and she drifted into darkness.

A sharp breath filled her chest and Odenia opened her eyes to be blinded by light. She could taste blood in her mouth and coughed weakly to clear it from her throat. Every fragment of her body hurt and all Odenia could do was lie motionless on the dry grass that enveloped her. Lying there silently ran through the events in her head that had led her to this. She knew it had only been a dream, but it it had been real enough to force her to fall so far. Was it a build up of guilt or a nightmare caused by the questionable draft she had made? It'd didn't really matter what had caused it. What mattered was that she had to go back to Stormwind, regardless of what was asked of her in the dream. When she had the strength to heal her bones and clean the blood off she knew that her time in the Basin was over and that she would need to make the journey back and accept whatever fate lay waiting for her.

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