The Tail of the Beady Eyes

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The Tail of the Beady Eyes

Post by Grufftoof on Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:58 am


She woke, startled by the noise.

"What is it?"

She snarled, her voice muffled by the pillow.



The irritation growing. Why had he woken? What was it now?


He stood on the bed trembling slightly, naked and pointing into the dark.

"Will you please shu-"


She fell off the mattress. Clutching the bedding to her she shivered uncomfortably and not from the cold.


On the floor there sat a rodent.

A rat, in fact. Not a particularly big rat. Just a rat. Of rat-like size. You’d probably think it a quite a normal rat.

Where it’s fur remained it was mainly white. It’s skin a ruddy pink, it’s tail slightly bent and perhaps a little stubby.

But it was just a rat. A white rat. With red eyes.

It looked at the Trolls. Tilting it’s head from side to side. Taking them both in with its small, unblinking eyes.

Eyes that were strangely glowing.


It’s whiskers twitched.

"... ARGH!"

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