9. Sharyssa "Skytalon": An Eagle's unforgotten past

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9. Sharyssa "Skytalon": An Eagle's unforgotten past

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:24 pm

This all happens before every other story of her background I have written. It's short and perhaps not near as detailed as I would usually write but as these events are rarely ever spoken of IC/OOC they are meant to remain vague and a part of my character that isn't brough up. So yeah, enjoy?


Sometime in the near future there would come a day that there would be no living human or other being alive to speak of the splendor and greatness that once was the human settlement of Stratholme. Long left in ruins to be infested by scourge and the undead minions of the various reigning lords, the once magnificent city had fallen at the tides of battle and the wars that have torn apart the lands of Lordaeron.

Despite never speaking of it, one of the people who remembered was Sharyssa Leyson. A name not known by many. One would hardly be able to tell that this woman had indeed been born within the human city. Raised as a lordaeronian commoner for about fourteen years untill the distaster struck. A scar and blemish upon the history of humankind, yet for this woman a memory that wasn't easily shared.

Life for the Leyson's was comfortable and without great sufferings of the wars that had been raging the lands of Azeroth. Merchants by trade they merely provided what was asked of them and never came anywhere near a battlefield or conflict themselves. They owned a little shop within the smaller districts of the city and held a pleasant life. A small family that couldn't foresee the imminent end of what they had been taking for granted.

Sharyssa, the girl, was tall for her young age. Thick tresses of black hair adorned her scalp and ran down to halfway her back. Often smudged from her active outdoors ruffian behaviour it was a tangled mess. It wasn't unknown for the surrounding shopkeepers to come out yelling at the active and energetic child to scold her for the endless climbing on their rooftops. By eveningfall apologies were made and no harm ever done. Laughter was a big part of the life of the inhabitants of Stratholme and the neighbours of the Leysons were all friends that didn't take things at heart too easily. Afterall, she was just a child that had to grow.

When the sickness came over the city it was at first waved off ignorantly by most of it's citizens. Simply a stubborn flu, a virus that had taken a hold of the people in Stratholme. The death count however started to rise quickly, within a matter of days and weeks there had been severe losses for almost everyone. The Leyson's kept Sharyssa indoors for as much as they could, not wishing their daughter to be exposed to whatever was ailing the other citizens. Yet when the truth came out they were at their wits end. The marked disaster of the day that the young prince Arthas marched upon their city to end the atrocity of the rising undead was the most impacting event in the girl's life.

Mercy wasn't granted to the families within Startholme as the strongheaded prince raided amongst the risen dead and those who hadn't yet found death. Perhaps it was stupid luck or perfect coincidence that the Leyson's had taken preparations to take leave from the city. Wishing to escape whatever horrors had started to appear before it could get to them. They had arranged an escort of a simple merchant's cart towed by two horses with another family that had come to the same conclusion. “Flee or die”
Yet the day of their planned departure was the exact same day of Arthas' arrival within Stratholme. Everyone was able to hear the screams of terror, of pain and fear.

“Marian, get 'er out! I'll delay 'im...don't let them get 'er!” the thundering and booming voice of her father as he ushered his wife and daughter into the small narrow street was urgent. No time for debate and clearly he wouldn't change his mind.

“Where are we going...Mam...why is Pap..-”. Clueless about what was happening Sharyssa tried to stand her ground. Quizzing her parents to try and get an explanation of things, but her mother was firm in pushing her along. Hauling the somewhat protesting child onto the cart which instantly came in motion. The other family was already packed and ready to escape immediatly.

“Marian! ...QUICK!!”

The girl couldn't tell what has happening, her father out of sight and the distress in his voice made her heart clench and her blood freeze. She had never witnessed fear or anything alike like this but somehow despite her age and inexperience she -knew-.
As did her mother who looked over her shoulder and felt her panic take over, fully turning to rush back to the worrying call of her beloved husband she acted rash and reckless.

“Get Sharyssa out of here! Don't look back!” must have been the last thing she shouted before dissappearing forever out of sight. The shrieking howl that followed still haunts the now grown girl when remembering the dreadfull day that she narrowly escaped the execution by the command of Arhas. Due to the speed of the unfolding events on the day itself it barely sank in to her that her home and parents were lost for good. But once realisation hit her, after the arrival within the first secure settlement they could find she did naught but sob and weep.

The once energetic and bubbly child had become quiet, drawn into herself and didn't speak to those around her. Mourning the aching loss of her loving mother and father she screamed for them at night. The last memory of them branded into her mind and never fading from her dreams that turned into nightmares over time. Their faces twisted into horrific images, their soothing smiles masks of terror and malice in the darkness of her sleep.
She ran away, thinking that she could outrun the memories that haunted her, crept away from the bitter family that had been her only means of escaping. Sharyssa hadn't thought about the results of what she did and how it would lead to yet another change in her life. Thinking back to it now, after all those years that had passed she would hardly regret her decision.

Something had guided her, despite the sorrow of never again being able to hold her father nor mother. Despite the shock of losing everything she knew she had run into the gates of Stromgarde, her first run that had led her to become the woman she had grown into this day. The woman that was Arathorian in heart and spirit.


Her name of the past wasn't forgotten, the memories -burried deep within- were still there. And on very rare occassions she would seek solitude to reflect upon where she truly came from. Gazing out across hills or from looming towers. It didn't matter -where-, her gaze would always be directed at the north, the home of Sharyssa. Words directed at no noticeable pressence, speaking to her dead parents who had found their end during the culling of Stratholme. Her new life, her new path had taught her that they were still there. Watching over her and guiding her very steps. That knowledge had given her solace and peace, acceptance that...one day she will be reunited with them and then she will be able to thank them for their sacrifice. Untill then she wouldn't stop fighting to live her life to the fullest, make the best out of the valuable gift they had given her by making sure that on that day Sharyssa Leyson survived. Only to be born again as Skytalon.


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Re: 9. Sharyssa "Skytalon": An Eagle's unforgotten past

Post by Eodan on Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:27 am

I love it. I'm so glad to get a glimpse in Sharyssa's Lordaeronian childhood.
You're amazing. I envy your writing. <3

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