A letter send to members of the alliance.

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A letter send to members of the alliance.

Post by Ariden on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:38 am

My fellow members of the Alliance,

The horde moves forever closer to war, with each passing day the moment that the fel spawn Garrosh declares war on the alliance, draws ever closer. They have no wish in annexing the proud and noble cities of the alliance they only wish to see it razed to the ground, leaving Azaroth to be ruled by a group of savage and bloodthirsty beasts. But there is one hope left, a thin line, of men and women all unmoving in the face of adversity, honourable in the face of war and laughing in the face of the beast Garrosh.
But as the battles across Azaroth rage as we still struggle to recover from the struggle with Deathwing, as the horde march ever closer towards our homes our loved ones, our coffers have started to run empty, The Alliance war effort is starving. I wish for you all to imagine our brave and noble soldiers of this proud and strong, now take away their armour, there food, take away the person next to them in the line, for this is what a lack of funding will mean!
With that image in mind, I hereby cordially invite you to a fundraiser for the alliance war effort, which will be hosted by Sir Idaios Draksbane of the Stormwind Ninth Cavalry, on board the majestic and glorious Skyfire which is currently situated over stormwind Harbour at 9 bells in the evening on the twenty second night of the first ninth moon. Transport for those who wish to attend will be arranged.
Thank you. And For the Alliance!

((link to the event page http://www.defiasrp.com/t5639-stormwind-military-fundraiser-2100-22-9-12 ))

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