[Poster] Payment for Information

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[Poster] Payment for Information

Post by siegmund on Thu Sep 06, 2012 1:03 pm

< A few posters around stormwind read >

The Freelancers are in search of any information, news, sightings or about artifacts or heirlooms in general. As more and more people stumble upon unexplored caves and dangerous places, they also find valuable items, mostly for study, items that belong in a museum or otherwise.
Any findings will be greatly rewarded, depending on the find or information itself. For more information, contact us at the Keep In the Royal library. May luck always be with you.

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Re: [Poster] Payment for Information

Post by Kel'dos on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:05 am

Kel'dos paused as he made his way around the Stormwind harbour and looked at the poster. His grasp of Common was adequate, thanks to his previous extended time away from Quel'thalas. With a half smile and a quick glance along the darkened streets, he stepped from the shadows and tore down the poster, folding it hurriedly and slipping it into an inside pocket.

He'd have to show this to Sabien...."Quite a few 'artefacts' to be had to the careful 'explorer' of the Qual'thalas nobility..." he thought to himself as his smile widened as he slipped back to the shadows.

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