Sin'Zaram, the return

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Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Sabien on Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:04 pm

Valrik Dawnrunner gallantly bowed from the waist as he raised the lady's hand to his lips.
He froze momentarily and his hand gripped the females tightly causing her to wince with pain.
"Where did you get that ring?" he asked crisply, not releasing her hand from his grip.
She glanced at her hand and the beautifully cut emerald and truegold ring that glinted exquisitely on her finger. Instinctively her free hand rose to her neck to cover the matching pendant.
Valrik raised a brow, waiting for a reply.
"Madame?" he said.
Without waiting this time, he escorted her from the room signalling to two Bloodknights to follow.

The ring and pendant were removed from the now frightened and upset woman, she had rapidly explained they had been a gift from "an admirer". Under interrogation from Valrik, with the Bloodknights present, she revealed the name of a high standing Sin'Dorei and of her illicit liaisons with him.
Convinced this was the truth Valrik released the woman a while later but not before he had sent a contingent of Bloodguard to bring in the named noble.
The ring and the pendant glittered in his hand. The Dawnrunner seal clearly visible on the reverse. These were his mothers jewels, stolen in the carefully executed raid on his home. He grinned coldly, the net was closing.

"Valrik..." the magister smiled nervously
Valriks face was impassive "Thats General Dawnrunner to you, this is official business and I have to remind you that the charges could be very serious indeed"
The magister swallowed and nodded " wife..does..?"
Valrik raised his hand "Did your wife steal this jewellry?"
"No General I swear.."
"Then she is of no importance"
The magister looked relieved, taking this as Valriks word that he would not tell his wife of the illicit affair.
"I swear I did not know the jewels were contraband"
Valrik believed him, he wasnt interested in excuses and reasons, all he wanted was the source, the whereabouts and hopefully a name of the person who sold the goods.
Fear of Silvermoon justice and of his wife possibly finding out the magister told the little he knew. He had been on business in Northrend, a goblin in Conquest Hold had offered him the emerald necklace, no he hadn't known it was stolen, yes he realised that Sin'Dorei jewellry offered relatively cheaply by a goblin was probably suspect, but he had assumed forged copies rather than stolen. Yes he had asked where the goblin got it, no he hadn't been told. The goblin he believed had been called Razspark.

It hadn't taken Valrik long to locate and arrest the goblin, he knew he was stretching his jurisdiction but the thought of recovering at least some of the Dawnrunner goods and probably more besides was too strong a lure. A short sharp and often brutal interrogation soon yielded information. Two Sindorei males dressed in black and gold armour, both hooded had offered a substantial haul, pricey but all quality stuff. No questions he had paid the asking price and not seen the two since.
The shorter one had done the talking, the taller seemed not to have too good a grasp on the orcish tongue. He never saw their faces and they gave the names Malachai and Aloysius. Satisfied this was the truth the goblin was released much to his surprise, with stern warnings and threats of what would happen if this were to repeat itself.
General Dawnrunner smiled coldly.
Mal and Isious, very droll.

Sabien and Keldos alighted from the windriders just outside the city walls.
"Your round mate" said Kel grinning
"Ha, when isn't it? you tight fisted git.."
They started to walk towards the gate.

"On your knees, now" a voice commanded and before they could react, Bloodknights and rangers seemed to appear from nowhere, the two were forced to their knees, their arms savagely pulled behind their backs and bound. Kel shot a look at Sabien and was shocked at the blind panic in his eyes.
"Easy mate" he whispered
"I aint going down again Kel..." he hissed back.

Once shackled they were hauled to their feet and manhandled through the gates and into the city. Marched down the avenues towards the Bloodknight headquarters.

Sabien twisted his wrists in the shackles with a determination born of desperation. He would die before he went back to jail, there would be no release this time, he would be reconditioned that much was assured and after that who knew.
He couldn't free his wrists, his face clouded, his mind worked. He could feel Kels eyes on him but he was now so agitated at his inability to free himself from the shackles he didnt acknowledge his friend.
Sabien knew if he tried to run he would be killed, he thought about it, rather dead than back in Bloodknight hands, he made the decision, as they approached the entrance he would launch at the nearest guard, a headbutt and bolt for the gate, they would take him down at range if he put enough distance between them in the time he would have. He turned to Kel, hoping to catch his eye and warn him what he was planning. He got no further, in a daze of confusion he heard Kel whisper "Play along mate..."Then orcs..unshackled..reshackled and led towards the orb. The relief washed through him, they were not captive of Silvermoon but Orgrimmar, harsher perhaps in a physical sense, but Sab could take a kicking if he had to,and besides Orgrimmar jails had something Silvermoon ones did not...a pickable lock. For the first time since they landed Sabien smiled.

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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Kel'dos on Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:10 am

Kel’dos walked at a quick pace through Silvermoon, the Blood Knights either side hurrying them forward and each glance at Sabien confirmed his concerns that his friend was getting more and more agitated the closer they got to the headquarters of the Blood Knight Order. Kel’dos was worried about Sabien, but just as worried for himself - if they found out who he was, the robbery on the Dawnrunners would pale into insignificance compared to them now having a wanted criminal, part of a gang convicted of murder, and having been on the run for 12 years. As they strode forward he focussed his mind on finding a way out of their situation; a return to jail would be the end of Sabien, most likely before he even got there, and from what Sabien had told him of the Sin’dorei prisons he had no desire to be incarcerated.

“General Dawnrunner, a moment of your time if you please” called a clear voice across the entrance hall to the headquarters, “There are two..gentlemen.... to see you”. Signalling the group to halt, Valrik walked smartly across and greeted the senior officer with a salute, giving the two Kor’kron guards in front of him a cursory nod.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, how may I help you?” asked Valrik with barely concealed contempt at the orcs in his place of office.

“You arrested a goblin” replied the first orc, ignoring all formal protocol and getting immediately to business, “Conquest Hold”.

“Indeed” replied Valrik curtly. “The goblin was questioned and released, an informal chat shall we say, no records were kept” added Val’rik with a furtive glance at his commanding officer. So far, Valrik had kept it all off the record, his only focus being on the arrest and conviction of the elves who had ransacked his family home. It had all the hallmarks of a Blades robbery and knowing that it was indeed one of his own people who had done the heinous crime, he had quickly identified that a former high-ranking Blade, the dark-haired elf by the name of Sabien, had recently been released from prison.

“On Horde property” added the second Orc, “outside of the jurisdiction of your elven lands”.

Valrik tightened his jaw as his commanding officer raised an eyebrow.

“I can assure you he was released. I’m only interested in these two who tried to sell the misguided goblin stolen goods, and they were arrested in Quel’thalas” replied Valrik, stressing the syllables of the final word.

The first orc grunted slightly and looked over at the two elves, the shorter fair haired one steadily returned his gaze, the taller well-built dark-haired one seemed more agitated, his hands twisting in his shackles.

Kel’dos glanced again at Sabien. “Just follow my lead, mate” he whispered in a low voice, catching Sabien’s eye and causing him to pause momentarily.

“For a supposed crime at Conquest Hold” called out Kel’dos. “Not in Quel’thalas, he has no right to arrest us!”

A wicked grin broke across the first orc’s face, as far as he was concerned, the blonde elf had just mistakenly given him the excuse he needed; he strided over, signalling his comrade to follow and grabbed Kel’dos by the arm.

“Remove the fancy shackles, we brought our own” he sneered at Valrik.

“Excuse me but I think you are sorely mistaken, orc” snapped Valrik.

The orc laughed. “Blondie here just admitted he committed a crime at a Horde base. He’s under arrest, him and his angry friend.”

“Remove the shackles” said the Commanding officer before Valrik could protest further. The loss of two sin'dorei criminals to the Horde justice system was far easier than taking on the Kor’kron over a technicality. Terse words would be had with his subordinate Valrik on causing the Kor'kron to visit Silvermoon in such a manner.

Kel’dos threw a look to Sabien “it’s ok mate” as the arcane shackles were removed and replaced with ones of heavy iron. He was relieved to see that Sabien seemed to be calming down and put up no resistance as the shackles were exchanged. Valrik looked almost purple with rage as his prizes were snatched from him.

“Send over the file on their crime, I’ll make sure they are dealt with -fairly-” added the first orc as the shackles were snapped into place and the elves marched from the building.

“I only brought ‘thistle from him” protested Kel’dos loud enough for Sabien to hear as they were marched towards the translocator that would take them to Tirisfal.

“Shut it, elf” growled the orc.

“You’re going to have us arrested for buying ‘thistle?” exclaimed Kel’dos, his last chance of getting a cover story to Sabien, it was important they both stuck to the same claims of innocence.

“I said shut it!” snapped the orc, a backhander across Kel’dos face causing his lip to bleed. Kel’dos bowed his head in submission as the orcs pushed the two forward, glancing at Sabien and exchanging a brief grin with his friend who now walked casually at his side. They were out of Silvermoon, out of the hands of the Blood Knights and Magisters....the Horde judicial system would we a push over in comparison.

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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Sabien on Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:21 am

Fel those bastards hit hard, thought Sabien as he dragged himself back onto the filthy mattress that lay in the corner of the dank cell he had been in for feck knew how long now. The constant beatings at the hands and coshes of his orcish captors were savage and largely pointless, everyday they came,everyday they laid into him leaving him only when he hovered on the brink of unconsciousness. He knew he could stop the beatings being so savage if he would beg them to stop, to fall to his knees and plead for their mercy. Despite his aching body he smiled grimly to himself. In your dreams you green skinned feckers.
Sabien had taken many a beating before and the first time the orc guards had laid into him he had foolishly fought back although only getting one seige-engine like punch in before being overwhelmed, held by two and beaten senseless by another.
He knew now there would be an interrogation, while he was dazed and disoriented from the beating, his captors hoping in this state he would let something slip.
He laughed coldly, splitting open a healing cut on his lip in the process. This place was the Legermaine Lounge compared to a Sin'Dorei jail, well to Sabien anyway, he would gladly take any amount of Orc violence than be returned to face the same interrogation in Silvermoon. It was this thought and this thought alone that kept him focused.
"We were buying thistle...nothing else..what do you mean why? we're fecking Sin'Dorei, why do you think we buy it?" The questioning went on day after day, the same questions barked at him, the same answers given. It became a routine, so much so that Sabien almost believed it himself.
He wondered how Kel was coping, he knew he was still alive, the orcs had separated them immediately on arrival and placed them in cells too far apart to allow them to communicate but close enough they could hear the beatings. Bastards he seethed as he heard the muffled sound of leather hitting flesh and Kel give a groan.
Kel could be coming off worse than him, Kel was a hard bastard, fel he carried scars enough to prove that, but he was a proud git, he wouldn't give his captors the satisfaction of crying out or retaliating with shouted curses. Chances are the moronic Grunts would take this as a challenge and beat him with the sole aim of making Kel shout.
Sabien knew his temper didn't make the beatings any easier, even in his battered state, when the guards came in, grinning and smacking their coshes into their palms, he cursed and growled, kicked out as was hauled to his feet, he had yet to take a beating in silence.
The one positive if he could call it that was that his command of the orcish language had improved, instead of the stumbling broken sentences he had previously used he could now fluently yell insults to his guards.

"Theyre letting me out..." a Sin'dorei voice whispered through the small air brick at the base of the wall, the prisoner in the next cell had often tried to speak to him and sometimes they had exchanged a few brief words. "I can get a message to someone..."
Sabien lay on his stomach and whispered quickly.
"Chey, the apartments in Murder Row, Silvermoon. Just let her know where we are and why"
"I wi..."
The conversation was brought to an abrupt halt as the prisoner next to him was, he assumed, hauled to his feet and judging by the noise, given a swift kicking as a farewell.
He rolled over as his cell door was opened and two interrogators entered with their heavies in tow.
"Right angry elf..." grinned one "Lets try again shall we?" The heavy door closed behind them with an ominous clunk and the questioning began again.

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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Kel'dos on Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:47 am

The cell was carved out of the rock itself, a small barred window on the door letting in light from the torch-lit corridor outside, the air stale and heavy. He thought weeks had passed although he had lost count of just how long he had been held. Kel'dos lay on his side, resting his head on his hands and closed his eyes, trying to think of anything but the sounds of the beating being taken a few cells away, the curses thrown at his attackers were in a voice far too familiar.

His body ached constantly from the daily beatings, each followed by interrogation.....where did he get the jewelry....who was he with...what gang was he in... the same questions, over and over. Beaten until barely conscious, it was hard not to sink into the despair of his situation, hard not to break, hard to keep to his story... I just brought some 'thistle...I don't know what you mean...what gang... Feck, he'd underestimated the persistence and savagery of the Orcs but he knew his life rested on him keeping to his story. Besides, it wasn't just him now, he needed to get out, needed to hold Chey close to him again, needed to know she was ok. Kel'dos focussed his thoughts on his only love, going through the good times they had had together and blocking out everything around him.

Kel'dos awoke with a start at the sound of a cell door slamming in the corridor, his eyes flicked to his cell door at the sound of the bolt dropping, the door swinging open as two grinning orcs entered, coshes hanging lazily in their hands. "Seems your friend needed to rest" said the first orc, the second laughing at his 'wit'. "Don't think you'll last as long as he did though, runt of an elf" he added as he grabbed the chains on Kel'dos' shackles and dragged him to his feet, shoving him towards the first as he struck Kel'dos sharply across his back, as the first orc struck a blow across his ribs. Kel'dos gasped in pain, gritting his teeth as the orcs struck again and again, but soon it would stop, he would fall and then be dragged to his feet, made to stand before them and the questioning would start again.

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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Sabien on Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:48 pm

Chey looked up at the apartment window as she went through the door, it looked the same, seemed Kel'dos hadn't yet come back. It wasn't unusual for Kel and Sab to disappear for days at a time but it was unusual for him not to get a message to her after a few days if he planned to stay away longer. It had been weeks and no word from either Kel or Sabien. She was now starting to fear the worst.
She headed up the stairs to the apartment door, stopping suddenly as she saw an unfamiliar Sin'Dorei hanging around the entrances to the three apartments in the block.
Before she had time to slip back down the stairs unseen the figure turned, she gasped, his face was swollen and bruised, one eye bloodshot with burst blood vessels. He'd clearly taken a beating recently, Sab's handiwork perhaps?
"Chey?" he addressed her. "Are you she or do you know which one of these she lives in?"
She looked at him cloesly
"Why?" she asked quietly, wondering if he was a victim of Sabien and had come looking for revenge.
"I need to tell her where the other two are.." he started "In jail..Orgrimmar.." he coughed.
Chey opened the door and led him gently inside, guiding him to a chair. "Tell me..."

She hammered on the guardhouse door.
"You have two Sin'dorei here..." she started
"We got more than that missy and if you don't stop all that yammerin, we'll have one more" the orc grinned at her.
She laughed politely and hurriedly explained who she was looking for, careful to give her maiden name as this is what Kel used if questioned by authority.
"That would be angry elf and the runt" laughed the guard. "Can't let you in, no missy you can't see 'im, I don't know or care when if ever he'll be out, now be a good girly and run along, best forget him.."
She struggled, tried to push her way in, she was easily held back and pushed out.
"Kel, Sab!" she yelled in the vain hope they were within earshot just to let them know she knew where they were and she would do what she could to get them out.
There was nothing she could do, no-one she could turn to, all she could do was lobby and wait. She didnt dare ask the Bloodknights to help her and she doubted very much if Robi would help her yet she sent a scrawled note to her anyway hoping it would find her.

She waited at home, tense and worried, her eyes shadowed with lack of sleep.
A knock on the door made her jump, the cup in her hands falling to the floor and smashing as she jumped to her feet.
"Arli..." she said softly as she answered the door and gestured him inside. She hadn't seen him for a long time, she assumed that after the debacle with Dawnrunners, he was keeping his distance, perhaps blaming her for what had happened afterwards.

He stumbled over an apology, she smiled despite her worry. "It's alright Arli, it doesn't matter"
Dear sweet Arli, she thought as he picked up on her veiled distress. "You Ok?"
"It's Kel Arli, they have him.." her voice trailed away and she struggled to stop a tear rolling down her face.
Arli looked puzzled then concerned.
"They? You mean Bloodknights?" he asked
She shook her head. "Orgrimmar, they've been arrested and are being questioned, Oh Arli..he's been away weeks, I'm scared for him..." again her voice broke off as she became more emotional.
"Hey..." Arli's face was etched with concern as he put his arm around her, "It will be fine, he'll come back just to piss me off..."
Chey gave a soft muffled laugh before dissolving into quiet tears, holding on to Arli desperately.
He stroked her back as she cried. "What has he supposed to have done?" he asked softly "Why Orgrimmar?"
"I..I..don't know, they won't let me in, won't tell me anything..they just laugh at me now and slam the gate" she said breathlessly through her tears.
Arli stood with her in his arms for a few more moments before gently guiding her to a chair, he poured her some coffee and stood watching her while she drank it.
"Don't worry Chey..I'm not without some influence in some places, I'll see what I can find out" he smiled at her showing a lot more confidence than he felt.
She looked up at him, her eyes filled with hope and gratitude. She opened her mouth to speak. Arli shook his head.
"S'ok Chey" he said and with a last look to see if she was holding up, he quickly excused himself and headed for the trans-locator.
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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:29 am

Arli sat on the balcony, cleaning his blades and applying a fresh coat of poison, holding each before him and watching the poisons glisten in the early evening light. With a half smile and a satisfied nod, he slipped the daggers into the sheaths on the table before him and looked out across the calm sea. A long evening stretched before him, as so many had of late. Unless out hunting with Thorns, his evenings were now empty and the Thorns needed to hunt without him sometimes, learn to work as a team without looking to him for instruction.

After being disowned by the Dawnrunners, his social life had come to a sudden halt. His peers no longer considered him of being of any sort of social standing, he was no longer a member of a noble house and in their eyes was now little more than working class at best, a thug at worst. He had been out into Silvermoon on his own a few times, picked up a few girls even - an elf in the Thorn tabard being a novelty and a daring proposition to the sort of girl that hung out in those bars. But, nothing had lasted above a one night stand, he just didn't feel like he connected with any of them and they held his interest barely until dawn. He missed Dianthaa, regretted them falling apart, but knew to get in a relationship with any Thorn would now put his chances of remaining as Thorn Master into jeopardy. Then there was Chey, he missed talking to her, the laughs they had, that extra closeness they had that was never more than friendship, but showed that they could once have been more. He had been so comfortable in her company and then he went and destroyed it by hitting on her when she needed his friendship most, and since that day he had avoided both her and Kel. Arli stood up and walked back into his room, his loneliness crushing his spirit.

It was almost an hour later when Arli slowly walked up the stairs to Chey and Kel's apartment and stood looking at the closed door a moment before hesitantly knocking. A crash inside, and he almost lost his nerve and half-turned to leave but the door was opened quickly and there stood Chey. A brief look of disappointment crossed her tired face before she replaced it with a small smile and a quietly spoken "Arli".

"er..." Arli bit his bottom lip nervously and peered around her into the apartment. " Kel home?"

Chey's eyes seemed to glisten as she gave a small shake of her head.

"Good..I mean..." Arli sighed, this was hard.

"Come in, Arli"

Arli smiled gratefully and walked into the apartment a few steps, turning to face Chey as she closed the door.

"Look..I wanted to apologise, I'm really can't believe how sorry I am for what I said and when I said it. Really..I.."

Chey nodded slightly

" ..I.." Arli lapsed into an awkward silence; apologies, sincere ones at least, didn't come easy.

"It's ok" she replied, looking away as she walked to pick up the pieces of broken cup off the floor.

"Here, let me help" said Arli, quickly following her and crouching down to pick up the pieces. "Made you jump when I knocked eh?" he added, giving Chey a small smile, which turned to a look of concern as she avoided his gaze.

"You..ok?" asked Arli as they stood up, following her to the bin and throwing in the broken pieces. "Chey?" he asked as she didn't answer. Arli chewed his bottom lip as he looked at her back, a feeling of dread forming in the pit of his stomach. "If I..upset you being here, I'll go, perhaps it's too soon...I'm sorry..I...".

Chey finally turned and looked at him; "It's Kel" she said in almost a whisper, "they have him".


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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:23 am

Arli walked silently across the stone floor and rapped his knuckles heavily on the solid wooden counter. The orc behind it didn't look up from his report and simply grunted "elf".

Arli bit his tongue, a witty or insulting retort wouldn't help the situation at all. Instead he casually squared his shoulders and looked straight at the orc, speaking in a clear voice; "You have two elves, former Thorns. I need to know why."

The orc glanced up, his eyes flicking to Arli's tabard "We may have, Thorn" he replied before looking back at his report.

"Thorn Master" replied Arli, emphasising the final word. "I report directly to the Dark Lady and follow her bidding" he added, wanting to imply he was here on her command although this was clearly a personal matter.

The orc looked up and fixed Arli with a stare, which he returned, holding the gaze steady as he had witnessed the former Thorn Mistress and his mentor Deathmaster Squadron do so many times. Arli knew he needed to look and sound every inch a Thorn Master. Although a relatively young elf, he knew the orc would be unable to determine his age, a young adult sin'dorei looking the same as one many years older.

"Names of Kel'dos and Sabien, I want to see that they are still alive, take me to their cells".

The orc held Arli's gaze a moment longer before looking over at the guard standing by the entrance to the cellblock; "Bring them out here".

Arli stayed silent, the orc had ignored his request but it still got him the result he wanted.

"What are they held for and why so long without trial?"

It was clear the orc was not happy in answering Arli's questions, but not sure enough of their comparable ranks to refuse his requests.

"Suspected theft and trading of stolen goods on a Horde base."

"Suspected? And your proof?"

The orc's face cracked into a grin "That's why they are still here, soon as they admit it then they get their trial".

"Not good enough" replied Arli coolly. "Perhaps I have Silvermoon informed of this."

The orc laughed as he pulled a file from a pile on his desk, the front inscribed with the crest of Silvermoon as he slapped it onto the counter in front of Arli; "Read this, then get your precious Silvermoon".

Arli took the file, his face remaining impassive as a flood of Thalassian curses ran through his head; had he any of the skills of the warlock, that would be one dead orc.

The file contained little more than a couple of pieces of paper, each headed with the symbol of the Blood Knights, it seemed the orcs had added nothing to the file. He swore inwardly as he saw the name of his Uncle as the arresting officer and felt cold as he read through the report;

...robbery on the Dawnrunner Estate, two elves in black and gold armour seen escaping by a servant, not proven at the time as said servant was concussed....jewellerybelonging to the family later recovered in Silvermoon, traced to a goblin in Conquest Hold....goblin states purchased from two elves in black and gold armour...hallmarks of a Blades heist....former Blades officer recently released from Jail...

Arli closed the file and placed it back on the counter with a small nod. In Arli's head, the pieces were now all falling into place; he'd got beaten up and left for dead by two elves in black and gold armour. It was now becoming clear to Arli that he must have seen them that night at the Dawnrunners but was so drunk, he just simply didn't remember. They had found him and tried to remove him as a witness, beating him up and leaving him for dead. Which meant....well it couldn't possibly be Kel and Sab could it? They were friends, they wouldn't have given him such a beating, he'd pissed them off sometimes, but surely they wouldn't ha-... Arli's train of thought was broken as the cellblock door swung open and the two elves, heavily shackled, were brought to stand before him. Arli was careful to show no emotion at the state they were in, both showed heavy bruising and cuts on exposed skin, their hair matted with blood and dirt although neither showed signs of being submissive to their captors.

"These are my former Thorn brothers, and not the two elves you seek" stated Arli. Kel'dos had never been a Thorn but the orcs were unlikely to check any records from Undercity.

"Not good enough" mimicked the orc

"The two you seek also made an attempt on my life. I have known Kel'dos and Sabien many years, they have covered my back as Thorn brothers as I have covered theirs. They would not have made an attempt on my life, of that I'm sure." replied Arli impassively fixing the Orc with his gaze, daring him to challenge his statement. One thing Arli was good at, when he put his mind to it, was to lie with confidence although he did believe that his friends would never have attacked him, his need for friendship refusing to allow him to believe otherwise. The orc held his gaze for a few moments before replying.

"Write and sign a statement and if you are proven wrong, you face trial alongside them"

"I have no problem with that" replied Arli, looking back at Kel and Sab.

"Thanks Arli" said Kel'dos; "Aye, thanks" added Sabien.

"Take them back to the cells" snapped the orc, as swiftly the two elves were turned and pushed back towards the cellblock.


Statement completed, signed and witnessed and Arli was once again heading towards the Zeppelin to Tirisfal, heaving a sigh of relief at the unspoken battle of authority now over with the orc. He'd drop by Chey's place, tell her what happened but gloss over the state that Kel and Sab were both in, no need to worry her further; then maybe Stormwind tomorrow to tell Robi what had happened, she had asked to be kept informed after all. He wasn't sure whether his statement would have any sway, he would just have to wait and see but if not, well he had a band of the Horde's finest assassins at his disposal, no tabards, full masks....Sab and Kel would be out of jail either way, the Horde were not going to stitch up two of the very small circle of friends he had.


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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:52 am

“Hail Thorns”

As Dianthaa’s voice came over comms, Arli paused a moment before replying as he kicked his feet off his office table, his tipped back chair hitting the floor with an echoing thud.

“Deathmaster, to my office now” said Arli in his best official Thorn Master voice, may as well get her worried he thought to himself with a grin.

“Yes Master” came the reply over comms.

Arli pulled a random file from the pile on his desk and flicked it open, spreading the sheets out so as to look busy. Within a few moments he heard approaching footsteps, Dianthaa having already been in Undercity to restock her poisons.

“Deathmaster, close the door” said Arli standing up, glancing to the sheets scattered across the table “I need to discuss a matter of importance with you, this report can wait”.

“Yes Master” replied Dianthaa closing the door firmly then sauntering over to look at the report scattered across the table.

“Hey...that’s not for anyone’s eyes but mine” protested Arli as she shouldered him out of the way as he tried to stop her. The door now closed to the outside world, all façade of formality dropped by both.

“Oh right, so a few scribbled draft letters of complaint to the Silvermoon Council about the Blood Knights are important?” she said picking one of the ink-blotched pieces of parchment and waving it in his face. “You spelt arrogant assholes wrong”.

“Feck” muttered Arli as he snatched it from her hand, piling up the rest and ripping the sheaf in two; “Wondered where they went” he muttered as he dropped them into an up-right yellowed ribcage which served as a waste bin in the formerly forsaken-run office. Dianthaa perched on the edge of his desk, arms folded and a smirk on her face.

“What’s so important?”

“Need to run something past you then..uh...the other Deathmasters. But you first ‘cos obviously you’re the most important to me” replied Arli, ending with a warm smile.

Dianthaa tilted her head slightly and looked at him; “Really think I’m gonna fall for that bullshit?”

Arli shrugged as his smile widened; “Worth a try eh?”

“Just get on with it” she replied as she rolled her eyes.

“ok..ok..well it’s about Kel and Sab, you know they aint been around a while, well the-“

“They’re dead? Oh please oh please tell me they are dead?” interrupted Dianthaa excitedly. “Was it slow, painful and horrific? Did they cry? Did they plead for mercy as none was shown? The bodies, can I see them? Are the entrails hanging out? Can I put Sab’s head on a spike outside of the City? Oh..oh..please let me be the one to tell Chey that Kel is dead!”

Arli hesitated before replying, suddenly running his plan past Dianthaa didn’t seem such a great idea. However, if he couldn't convince Dia of the need to rescue the two elves, he had no chance with Squadron.

", not quite" he finally replied, the disappointment showing clearly on her face. Dia listened intently as Arli recounted the plight of his friends, laughing as he told her of their imprisonment and treatment at the hands of the Orcs, a look of horror on her face as he ended with "...and I am gonna get the Thorns to rescue them."

"You what!!"

Arli flinched slightly as she stormed over and stood before him, stabbing his chest with her finger at each yelled word;

"Why the FEL would Thorns care about those two? Why the FEL do you think I would support this crazy idea...IDIOT!"

Arli scowled at the insult and mirrored her in his reply, each yelled word punctuated with a stab at her chest with his finger;

"BECAUSE I said so and BECAUSE I am Thorn Master you will FECKING WELL do as I tell you...DEATHMASTER"

Dianthaa glared at him.

"I...don'" she spat between clenched teeth.

Arli closed his eyes for a moment and counted to ten under his breath. At least this was Dia challenging him, the argument was unlikely to leave the small office.

Taking a deep breath he replied "Dia...they're my friends" he said quietly, hoping to invoke some small shred of sympathy in the fiery redhead before him.

Dianthaa looked at him for a moment; this was Arli speaking - a hair-brained plan driven by someone looking out for their friends, not the Thorn Master doing what was right for the Vile Thorn.

"Do you really, I mean really think that this is worth risking Thorn lives for?" she replied, ending with a sigh and perching back on the edge of the desk, arms folded. "The chances of us all getting out of Orgrimmar alive are slim, and let's face it, it's not a hard connection to make between a group of hooded rogues and the Vile Thorn, even if they are not wearing their tabards.....idiot."

Arli shrugged hopelessly.

" reckon Squad won't go for this?"

Dianthaa smiled slightly and shook her head. "No, not unless he gets to rescue them then skin and eat them".

"So...what am I gonna do?"

Dianthaa sauntered forward and cradled Arli's face in her hands, patting his cheeks softly as she finished. "They are no concern of the Vile Thorn. Orgrimmar will deal with them and most likely have them sentenced and locked up, hopefully some place dark and dank and rat infested. Forget them and go hunt because that, my dear Thorn Master, is what I am going to do". With a sharp smile, Dianthaa pulled up her mask and tugged the door open, pausing and blinking as Resonare stood in the doorway.

"I need to see the Thorn Master" said Resonare, looking at Dianthaa.

"All yours, sister" replied Dianthaa as she walked away, cheerily whistling a tune.

Arli stood, shoulders slumped with his back to the door. He couldn't just abandon them but Dia was right, Thorns came first and he couldn't risk them on a mission that gave no benefit to Undercity at all.

"Master, the Stormwind Assassin. She had been seen, the traders asked me to fetch you."

Arli nodded silently, pulling up his mask and slipping to the shadows as he turned, Resonare following in the shadows at his side.


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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:50 pm

"Uruk!" The cry of her name in orcish made her pause in her conversation and give a small smile. "URUK!", the call again this time more agitated and urgent sounding. She couldn't help but give a small laugh. What was it this time she thought, wants me to tell him what time it is or something? She remembered the last time he flew over, yelling for her in a panic stricken voice, she'd mounted Derek, yelled a hasty response to meet her "in the usual place" and flew hell for leather to see what the problem was.
He'd grinned at her as she landed, given a cheeky grin and said "Hi Robi, I'm bored..."
"URUK! For fel's sake, feckin answer will you it's urgent, important" the yell came again, now directly overhead.
Luckily for her, Stormwind guards, with the possible exception of Pomeroy, Jaxon and their lot, tolerated the presence of Vile Thorn sin'dorei yelling over the city, the only trouble she'd ever encountered for yelling back, was to be non too politely told to stop yelling.
She tipped her head and yelled back.
"Arli, I'm here"
"Meet me now"
"Like Im going to feckin yell that in the middle of Stormwind"
She laughed, understandably he didn't quite believe her when she'd told him the general populace of Stormwind didn't give a toss she was meeting with Bloodelves.
"Usual place" she yelled
"On my way" he replied "Wear something nice huh?" she heard his cheeky laugh fade on the wind.
She smirked to herself Oh yes she thought I'll show you something nice.

"Now what?" she asked as she sprung lightly from Dereks back.
"Don't be like that" he grinned "Ive seen them..."
She became serious
"Alive?" she asked
Arli stood looking at her, speechless, his gaze dropping to her chest.

They'd met previously when Arli had told her about Kel'dos and Sabiens arrest, she got the feeling he was angling for help should he need it, which of course she offered, swallowing hard and fixing her smile when he mentioned they were in Orgrimmar.
"Feck" she thought.
He wanted advice, what should he do, how should he play it?
She had shrugged and between them they hatched the idea that he go to Orgrimmar as Thorn master and demand an update on their situation. She thought the charges were obscure to say the least, Serrar...bah, she shook her head mentally Kel'dos..he's Kel'dos now.. he was a Sin'Dorei activist not a gangster.
"Theyre alive though....?" she repeated slapping Arli's face lightly, bringing his gaze back to her face.

"Uh...yes..uh sorry..." he muttered his gaze falling back to her chest.
"Arli!" she said sharply snapping her fingers "Eyes..face..."
"Uh..erm yes, sorry...that dress..." he replied "Did I interupt a date?"
She laughed and shook her head as she smoothed her hands down the soft silk, close fitting palest blue dress. "You said wear something nice..."
"Yeah but..." he started his eyes straying again but quickly looked back to her face, a slow grin spread across his face and his eyes glinted. "You, me, that about it a room in Dalaran for one night?"
Robi started to laugh then became serious. Little git she thought trying to wind her up again.
"Arli" she breathed looking up at him through her lashes as she bit her lower lip. "Thats a lovely idea..when?"
Arli stood and blinked, then looked at her closely.
"Don't" he said "That look, those come get me eyes, stop playing with me Robi..."
They stood for a moment just looking at each other, their thoughts their own.
"I'm single now remember" he laughed bringing them back to their usual selves. "It's not against any rules now"
She laughed with him and nodded.
"Yes..well" she said "We're discussing Kel and Sab, not your sex life...or lack of it"
He nodded "Er yes..Kel.."
"You said you'd seen them, alive but beaten?" she prompted
Nodding again he briefed her on what he'd done, the statement, the black and gold armour vindicating his two friends of the crime"
"So theyre letting them go?" she asked unable to hide the relief at not being asked to help a jail break from Orgrimmar.
"I don't know..we'll have to see, but if not then I'll get them out, I have Thorns...unless...?"
"Me?" she asked "You know I'll do what I can"
"Thanks Robi, I need to go, I'll keep you posted" he said pulling his mask back up. "Gives me an excuse to see you again..." he winked and his eyes showed he was grinning.
Robi hugged him and wished him safe. Arli returned the hug.
For a while after he had flown away, she stood watching the windrider disappear, first to an indistinct black blur on the horizon then until it was no longer visible.
He had been teasing her, calling her bluff with the remark about Dalaran, hadn't he? He -was- single, so maybe he had meant it, testing her reaction. It worried her slightly that she hoped he had.
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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

Post by Sabien on Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:06 pm

Today he'd taken a beating in relative silence, as the blows rained down it was all he could do to assume a protective pose.
"Angry elf not so angry today?" taunted one orc.
Sabien was too exhausted in body and mind to respond. This ritual of beating and questioning day in an day out was finally taking its toll, he wanted to fight back, wanted to yell and curse back at his assaulters, but the savagery of the past weeks, the near starvation rations and the lack of 'thistle had all but drained him of physical strength to retaliate.
A solid punch to his abdomen, blood projected from his mouth to spray his tormentors and Sabien slumped forward, no movement, no sound.
The orcs let him fall heavily to the stone floor, where he lay, pale and unmoving.
A final kick from one to ensure he wasn't faking and they turned with grunts of disappointment to leave.
Sabien slowly opened one eye, his vision blurred with blood. A large orc Captain had entered the cell and was shouting at the grunts. Fel please no more...thought Sabien.
"What is the meaning of this?" the Captain shouted "Are we savages?, Give this elf water, dress his wounds, I will continue this interogation, now get OUT!"
"Aye sir..." the grunts shuffled discontentedly out of the cell.
Bitter acrid water was forced through his lips and the blood hastily wiped from his face.
The captain knelt beside him.
"You asked a prisoner to pass a message to Chey..." he spoke low
Sabs eyes flickered Feck, no his mind screamed, don't say they have Chey..even in his disorientation he knew that if that was the case, Kel would have confessed anything rather than see Chey submitted to this.
"What is Chey to you?" he asked "She is your wife, girlfriend?"
Sabien managed to shake his head slightly
"Friend.." he managed to whisper "If you have her..." he broke off coughing, each cough bring a painful fiery spasm to his lungs.
The orc wiped Sabiens mouth and even in his weakened state managed to raise an eyebrow, unaccustomed to any show of compassion from his captors.
The orc laughed dryly.
"My name is Grok'Thar, many years ago in Shattrath City, my best friend was an elf called Cheyene...." he said in the same low voice. "Is it the same?"
Sabien didn't know, he had no real idea of Cheys background but he wasn't about to tell that to this huge orc, instead he nodded slightly.
The orc smiled and nodded. "I believe she has tried to see you, I will leave an order for her to be admitted"
Sabien nodded and tried to smile. "It's Kel'dos she should see..." he said breathlessly. "He is her husband..she will be heartbroken..."
Sabiens eyes closed, fel he was exhausted, needed to sleep, needed an end to this pain.
Grok'Thar nodded kindly and laid Sabien down on the mattress. "I have just taken command here temporarily, I will read your cases." and with that he rose and left Sabien to sleep.

He was woken some time later. He stirred groggily and slowly opened his eyes, two guards stood before him grim faced and silent.
"Get up" barked one after a moment.
Sabien rolled over and dragged himself to his hands and knees, stopped to draw a laboured breath before using the wall to assist him in getting to his feet. He felt some surprise at not being dragged up and held.
"You stink elf..I thought you lot were supposed to be all fine and dandy..." one guffawed "Can't send you home like that now.."
Before the words had registered in Sabiens mind he was knocked off his feet by a powerful jet of freezing cold water, he tried to get up but the waters force made him stagger and slide, in his weakened state he gave up, curled into a ball and suffered the water.
Soaked to the skin he was hauled to his feet, and although not gentle their hands lacked the brute savagery of before.
In a daze he was taken to another cell thrown a rough sackcloth towel, a shirt and pair of trousers. "Dress"
He was then led into an office where Grok'Thar sat behind a desk, in front of him a flimsy looking file.
"I am seeing fit to release you back to Silvermoon City, no charges will be issued" he made a show of reading the file. "I have read your case, the evidence is dubious at best and despite the treatment you have received here, not once have you deviated from your story, which leads me to the conclusion you are speaking the truth."
Sabien stood there, his hair still dripping and soaking into the ill fitting shirt. He tried to stay impassive but the relief in his eyes was tangible.
"Do not mistake this for an act of kindness" Grok'Thar continued "In part it was because of my old friend Chey that I took interest in your case, but the reading of it has only confirmed what I said, it appears that you were kept here too long and were used as little more than sport for my ranks"
Sabien nodded. "Thank you Captain, I am grateful for your intervention"
Grok'Thar nodded. "I am fair in these matters, we are orcs, we have honour" he stood up "Now go, I have signed your release, you are free to return to Silvermoon"
Sabien nodded his thanks and was led from the office, up to the processing desk and unceremoniously flung outside.
"Lok'Tar pretty boy" laughed the guard as he slammed the gate behind him.

Blinking in the sunlight, Sabien tried to get his bearings, tried to formulate how to get back to Silvermoon, he had no money," perhaps" he laughed wryly to himself "if i sat down people might think I was a beggar and throw me copper..."
He started to walk, he wasn't sure where to he just needed away from that place. Every step was painful, but this was a pain he was willing to bear.
"Sab..mate..." a voice behind him, speaking Thalassian, a sound he hadn't heard for what seemed an age.
He turned as he recognised Kel's voice.
"Kel.." he was shocked at the state of him, battered and bruised and realised he probably didnt look much better, if at all. The pair clasped hands as they met and exchanged a wry grin.

"Well mate..." said Kel "Your round."

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Re: Sin'Zaram, the return

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