Complaints and Concerns about the Chapter

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Complaints and Concerns about the Chapter

Post by Melnerag on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:00 am

Let it be known that the Chapter of Holy Anethion is open for input, suggestion and criticism. Although our goals are dictated by the Holy Light itself and are therefore nonnegotiable, our conduct is not. As brave defenders of Stormwind from various Orders and Regiments have already discovered for themselves, the Chapter is willing to listen to their input and act swiftly upon legitimate concerns and suggestions.

The Light and Anethion have done you no wrong, if your idea of pointing out the Chapter’s flaws is to give a blasphemous, whiny and immature rant about either of them, it is a radical admission of your intellectual incompetence.

The Council of Stormwind was not formed to busy itself with the problems of the Chapter, and some individuals’ inability to solve problems with the Chapter directly has taken too much of the Councilors’ time already. By complaining before the Council you rob them of their precious time they could be spending discussing matters truly important for the Kingdom.

If you have concerns, questions or complaints about the Chapter’s conduct, you are requested to first of all send a letter to Sister Ioánna. Your letter will be answered within five days. It is also possible to arrange an audience, if your matter cannot be resolved through mail.

Furthermore we request all citizens not to bother the Councilors with these issues; the Council is not a court. If you have found the Chapter violating the law, and for some reason are unwilling to resolve the matter with us directly, you are requested to gather hard evidence and send it to the Acting Minister of Justice, General Geldar Angelos.

Whom to contact

If you have questions regarding the Chapter, suggestions for change or improvement, concerns or direct complaints about the behavior of the organization as a whole, please send a letter to. (reply within 5 days, audiences possible as a matter of courtesy rather than policy)
Sister Ioánna Adrasteia, Archlectress of the Chapter

If you have complaints about the behavior of individual members who are not wearing White robes and black&white helmets of the Shadowbreakers, please direct your letter to. (if no reply within 5 days, contact Sister Ioánna, audiences as matter of courtesy rather than policy)
Sister Renhali Telenar, Acting Protector of the Chapter

If you have found the Chapter violating His Majesty’s laws, and are unwilling to resolve the matter with us directly, contact: (no reply time available, no status of audiences known). You MUST provide hard evidence, or you are wasting minister’s time.
General Geldar Angelos, Minister of War and acting Minister of Justice

If you have legal questions regarding the nature of the Law in the Kingdom or legitimacy of the evidence, please contact: (no reply time available, audience status unknown, you may be charged for the service)
Mister Terenor Tomebinder, Judge of Stormwind

Please remember that the Chapter is an order which fully realizes the responsibility the Light has placed upon our shoulders, and we are serious as well as professional. You are unlikely to find another organization capable of profound and rapid change and improvement in the name of the Greater Good.


-Abbot Waldemar
Supreme Lector of the Chapter

-Sister Ioánna Adrasteia
Archlectress of the Chapter

Disclaimer: anonymous letters without a return-address will be considered not received. No audience is granted to wanted criminals, or in suspicious locations. All whiners and ranting fools on the street will be reported for Slander and Disturbing the Peace in the City.

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