[IC] Changing Tides - An Arathorian Announcement to the Alliance public

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[IC] Changing Tides - An Arathorian Announcement to the Alliance public

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:30 am

The words below are spread by both word and letters. Couriers and messengers have spread over night to make sure this announcement reaches every corner of Alliance settlements/Cities

Changing Tides.

Today I write to you all, of the Alliance, to spread the word of the end of Seiken Lionmane's ruling.

The Arathorians from this day forward do not aknowledge any ties to the Lord Lionmane any longer. We shall reform what remains of our people and lead them wisely with a council that shall decide upon the wellbeing of our nation.

We have fought endlessly to keep our claim to land and Kingdom. We have drained resources and refused to accept that what once was a glorious Nation now hangs in tatters. No, Arathorians shall never give up on their home and their people. But it is time that we open our eyes to be able to move forward from where we stand this day.

Those that remain will fight to not lose what is left for us. Yet we have to remain realistic with eyes upon the future. Our resources are limited and our people few, Stromgarde stands for aslong as we do not falter in resolve. Yet with the looming threat of Forsaken and our dissadvantage of Northern location have slowly taken it's toll. It is with this announcement that I wish to call upon the Arathorians that remain to follow upon this new direction of accepting our current situation.

There will be no nobility, no single leader of our people. Such claims have long lost their purpose with the swindling downwards path of constant warfare and loss. Untill the day Danath shall return our people should stick together with a select few who will guide them from this day forward. Those who have previously stood underneath the overbearing command of Seiken Lionmane shall share their opinions and decide together upon the future of the remnants of the Arathorian nation.

Our ways will not change, our traditions and pride are what forms us into who we are. But from now on our eyes will be cast upon the future and no longer dwell upon the past to cling to the lost glory.

People of the Alliance, we are still here and will never give up but we are no longer blind. Our eyes have opened and we shall take action to show that we are prepared to do what we must to preserve what remains.

I call upon you to remain our allies in this constant struggle and give you the promise that Arathorians shall stand with you in times of need.

Ambassador Adenah “Duskeye” Thorgint-Goldheart


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Re: [IC] Changing Tides - An Arathorian Announcement to the Alliance public

Post by Rmuffn on Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:09 am

Faralan reads the letter a second time before dropping it to the table.

"I never aknowledged tha' spineless oaf as m'Lord. An' Council, bet they'll let 'em exiles sit in i'. En't nay use comin' back there, wit' or wit'ou' Seiken."

He then proceeds to clean a mug with a piece of cloth in the Thundermar Bar.


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Re: [IC] Changing Tides - An Arathorian Announcement to the Alliance public

Post by Aldric Essalus Helmfrid on Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:16 am

Aldric Essalus Helmfrid reads the letter carefully within the Champions tent of the Argent Tournament. He then sets it aside before commenting to his Armourer -

How unfortunate, the hill people of Arathor have overthrown the only man amongst them with a shred of civility. Well.. *sigh* I suppose there -is- a silver lining. Perhaps they'll now see sense and drop that vile pagan ancestor nonsense and embrace the Light.. Changing tides.. Pah! We'll see.. We'll see..

Aldric's Armorer replies -

With all due respect Sire Helmfrid, I'd ask you kindly not to disrespect my homeland and faith. We are a strong people and w..-

Aldric butts in -

You're Arathorian? Yes.. It makes sense now. And that's why you'll remain my Armourer and I'll remain a Champion.

Aldric Essalus Helmfrid

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Re: [IC] Changing Tides - An Arathorian Announcement to the Alliance public

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