(H) Temple of the Sun.

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(H) Temple of the Sun.

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:26 pm

Temple of the Sun combines both aspects of military and church while being truly neither. It is an organisation devoted to solve politically volatile situations for Silvermoon's benefit. In addition, Temple values its members highly, providing them with proper education and training they might require in their lives.

Ranking system of the Temple is simple, above all is grandmaster and with assistance of his champions he watches over his subordinates. Most of the ranks in the guild have requirements behind them and various tasks related to them, trying to make them feel more like achievement and accomplishement instead of "just another title". For more detailed information regarding guild ranking, see the following:

Grandmaster: Leader of the guild both in and out of character.

Champion: Officers of the guild, with the assistance of guildleader their work is to solve possible guild related problems and provide guild's members with roleplay and activities.

Dark Templar/Templar: Those who dedicate themselves for the Temple's cause and have become masters of their own path, are awarded with the rank of a templar. They are given minor authority over the lesser ranked members and the guild related issues. Templars are also given right to choose their own apprentice and offer lessons for lesser ranked members.

Valiant: When member of the guild has shown remarkable dedication for the Temple's cause, invidual may undertake four trials to prove him/herself to be worth of the rank of Valiant. Valiants are allowed to perform more dangerous/potentially risky missions without supervision.

Adept: As members of the Temple progress in their path and prove that they are able to hold Temple's ideals, they are given oportunity to advance in rank. Usually in prior to advancement, inviduals must undergo a simple trial or perform particular mission/chore with great success. Valiants can also perform minor missions on temple's behalf without supervision.

Apprentice: After initiated, new members of the guild are given rank of the apprentice. Apprentices may seek higher ranked members as their tutors and can partake in missions for Temple's behalf (Under supervision).

On Trial: Rank for those yet to be initiated in the Temple.

In addition to normal guild ranks and to mix things up even more, every member of the Temple choose one of three "subranks". This is not only to promote diversity among guild's members but also to make guild feel more flexible for different classes. These subranks are called "Paths" and for more detailed information see the following:

Path of the Tower: Those who believe that it is their compassion and sacrifice that shall protect others from the evil of this world, often follow the teachings of the Tower. They are the beacon of hope, leading others through the darkness.

Path of the Heaven:Those who believe that it is their knowledge and understanding that shall overcome the difficulties of this world, often follow the teachings of the Heaven. They are the guiding hand, keeping others safe from the harm.

Path of the Might: Those who believe that it is their zeal and courage that shall undo the darkness of this world, often follow the teachings of the Might. They are the blade that cuts through the harm, creating a safe path for the others to journey.

While the name may suggest otherwise, the guild itself does not lean heavily towards the teachings of light. Instead the guild focuses around duality and perfect balance between the two opposites, light and shadow. The guild is also open for all classes and races to join, tho our setting favours Blood Elven and Forsaken roleplayers.

To join the guild, instead of scribbling down an application you contact either Guildleader(Armac) or officers(??? >.> Lazy bums). From there on you will be arranged In Character interview and possibly a guild invitation.

======= CURRENT STATUS ========

Got a rockstar (Bassist >.>).


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