Lost scholars

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Lost scholars

Post by Aesculus on Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:06 am

A purple hue engulfed a small corner of the otherwise darkened libraries of the Stormwind mage district. In that faintly lit corner, just barely distinguishable, were seated three figures bent over a round table, intently staring over an object from which the purple-like glow seemed to originate.

At one end of the table, seated with her back against the wall, was a young, brown haired human dressed in dark blue robes, gracefully inscribed with parts of light blue along the shoulders and backside. She intently focused on a silver necklace that lied on the table. Holding both hands above the piece of jewelry as she carefully incanted word after word, almost as if she spoke the words for the very first time.

Across the other end of the table was sitting a tall female Draenei. The purple glow coming of the incantation her student was performing accentuated her stained, pale blue skin. She was staring with narrowed eyes towards the other end of the table while she rested her chin on her folded hands.

"You're trying too hard, Isabelle. Don't chant out the words as if you're reading them from a list. Speak more fluently and with confidence."

Isabelle nodded at her teacher as she wiped the sweat from her brow. She stared at the necklace for a moment and replied with an exhausted tone in her voice. "I know the words, yet can't utter them and focus my magic at the object simultaneously."

"Can't we start with something a little easier?"A young, bearded gnome now replied, clad in the same blue robes the human wore. With a frown his face, he lifted himself over the objects on the table to look at the progress his peer had made on the enchant.

The Draenei sighed and rised from her seat. "This shouldn't be a hard task for either of you Cerin. It's the most basic enchant" she said as she picked up the necklace and handed it over to the human with a smile.
Though from the inside she was concerned.
Something was amiss with these two, but she couldn't quite tell what it was. Both were adept at both the offensive and protective spells she had taught them. But when it came to the finer arts like enchanting or transmutation they both lacked the concentration. She wondered if it was their age, both were relatively young still and she figured it probably had to do with that. She barely remembered her own childhood but couldn't recall she was this impatient. But, then again, she had to keep in mind that most other races didn't have the long life her race was blessed with.

"It's getting late already, you two better head home. Get a good night's rest and we'll see if we can start with something a little easier tomorrow."

The wearied Draenei watched as the gnome and human both nodded with respect as they silently made their way out of the libraries' dark corridors. She sat down again and rested her head in her hands while she silently muttered to herself in Draenish.
"Perhaps we're all just tired, it's been a long day after all. They do a admirable job in the other schools after all. They just need time, Aesculus"

She really believed this was true. She didn't decide to pass over her knowledge to just anyone. She was very careful to whom she gave hear teachings, magic can be a dangerous tool after all. But those two were eager to learn and she felt they had a sense of responsibility coming with the powers they wielded.

Just as she was about to leave for home herself, she noticed the silver necklace used in the enchant was still lying on the table. Isabelle seemed to have forgotten it.
The necklace was a gift she gave to both of her students and was of considerable value. I'd get stolen if it was left here, so she decided to drop it off at Isabelle's house on her way home.

As the Draenei arrived at Isabelle's house, she found the door was open, yet nobody seemed to be at home. Which was an odd thing since she left way later than Isabelle did. She figured she must have went for a walk or something. The open door wasn't a surprise either. That girl was as absent minded as a goldfish sometimes, hence the reason why she was bringing her the necklace that Isabelle forgot in the first place.
She gently pushed open the door and stepped inside the small apartment. Aesculus smiled as she saw the place was littered with books from the corridor all the way to the living room. It made her proud since it showed her student tried very hard, at least. The tall Draenei walked over to the dinner table and dropped the necklace on a still open book. Isabelle surely would find it there.

Just as she turned around to leave again she noticed something strange on the book's pages. The symbols depicted were none she'd ever seen before. Aesculus gently shoved the necklace from the book and picked it up to take a closer look while she browsed through the pages. This sure wasn't any normal book - as far as books about arcane magic could be considered normal- no, this was..


She uttered out loud in shock. Barely aware she actually said anything, so confused was she by finding a book about such vile arts in her student's possession. Aesculus looked around as she hid the book under her arms and quickly stumbled out of the apartment. She'd almost wish that she never found out about this terrible truth, but she knew better than that. One thing was for sure, she must have a talk with both Isabelle and Cerin.

The following day both Cerin and Isabelle were summoned to Aesculus' chambers. Both wondered what urgent matter would made her call them to this place. Aesculus would never let anyone in here, way too worried someone would break something or ruin one of her many magical experiments that were always scattered around the room. Though Isabelle had a feeling she knew what this was about, the book she foolishly left open on the dinner table had been gone missing. Leaving only the silver necklace behind which she apparently forgot the other night.

As the duo entered the room Isabelle's suspicions were confirmed by a furious look that neither of them had never witnessed ever before on their mentor.

"Ah you're here... I assume at least one of you probably knows why I summoned you here."

She took the book she'd found the other night out of a drawer and smashed it down on her desk. "I happened to find this at your place while returning your necklace Isabelle, care to explain?!"

Isabelle trembled on her feet, as she stared into the fierce, piercing gaze the Draenei laid down upon her. So fierce, it almost stung.
"I-I was just curious" She replied in a hesitant tone "I guess I wanted to know how to defend myself against such magic if needed"

"Lies!" Aesculus firmly replied as she held up the book. "You know anything about this, Cerin?!"

Cerin sighed and stared at the floor while nervously scratching his beard. "Yes, yes I do. In fact, it was me that gave it to her. I take full responsibility"

"Full responsibility? Do you think I'm trying to find out who's to blame the most so I can punish him or her accordingly?! I'm trying to warn you! You two are dabbling in extremely dangerous magic. Extremely illegal as well, I might add."

She glanced at the black book in her hands for a moment, then continued with a softer tone in her voice. "If anyone finds out what you two have been doing, I can assure you, you will spend a long time down in the stockades."

Aesculus stood up from her desk while she threw the necromantic book into the trash bin before turning to the duo again. "I want you two to get rid of anything you still have in your possession regarding to necromancy. Get it completely of your mind. It is the most soul poisoning thing next to demonology!"

She walked closer to both gnome and human as she uttered one final sentence before teleporting both out of her quarters
"And while you're at it, look up some information about a human called Kel'thuzad. Perhaps you'll learn something useful for once! Now be gone, and don't let me find out one of you did not heed my warnings, because I will hunt down and kill you personally!"

Aesculus was devastated from the inside. Both her students had taken an interest in necromancy... She wasn't entirely sure if they had practiced the disgusting art as well. But the fact that Isabelle was not home when she passed by last night was enough proof that both probably had been practicing necromancy during the late hours of the night. It also explained their lack of concentration during the day. It all made sense now, unfortunately.
She hadn't gotten any sleep over the issue since last night, so worried was she about what had transpired. Though the only thing she could hope for right now was that Cerin and Isabelle heeded her warnings.

But neither Cerin or Isabelle listened to what their teacher had said, or rather, had shouted at them. Instead, to continue the pursuit of their wicked interests, they gathered their belongings and left the city that night...


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Re: Lost scholars

Post by Skarain on Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:26 am

Oh nice. Magical stories! \o/

I liked...

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