[IC] The night before departing.

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[IC] The night before departing.

Post by Silmaniel on Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:34 am

“I’ve retaken my rightful place amidst the Unit.” She smirked as she polished her blades. It was a slow afternoon that one. There were no events worth mentioning, no grand plans or orders from up above and she for a moment relaxed. Cleaning, maintaining her weapons, the very extensions of herself with whom she had become reaper and angel. One was named Relief and the other Deliverance. She finished and laid them on the grass besides her.

She looked up at the sky and blinked lazily with a smirk. It was soon time. She knew that should she fail it’d be her undoing. She now faced enemies which could come from many places. After all, an unknown individual up until recently returns and immediately regains a position within the Blood Sun. Here she paused for a moment… Blood Sun, yes.
She looked at horizon in front of her, off the emerald and sapphire coasts of golden Quel’Thalas. She let her gaze linger and her smirk grew wider. Beyond the seas lay the Kal’Dorei domain. She earned for it. She desired to move forth and stalk those woods like she had. She recalled being a whisper to scare young savage children into a frightful sleep. She’d give them a reason to whisper.

She stood up for a moment and looked at the trees behind her, then back to the sea. The smirk turned to a grin. She’d not trained in these woods for a long time. In fact, she couldn’t when was the last time she trained. The acrobatics, the dashes, leaps and flips which had earned her a place in the Army a long time ago. She drew the blades out. With a grin, she dashed forward.

A short burst of speed, a dodge to the right and a quick slash. In her mind, she remembered and day dreamt of battle scene, back when she was but a soldier. The blood would splash to her face as her blades dug into the flesh of the enemy. She cherished that feeling. Another dodge, as if an arrow had come in her direction.
She had to be swift, unbeatable, a machine of death so precise that she’d need not to counter. Leaping ahead, over a tall man which she could only picture, she’d land with her daggers on the neck of his brother, before kicking the corpse back, the tree rather, and slitting the throat of the one who made the mistake of doing naught but to watch helpless.

The Trill of the battle, yes! The thrill of the Hunt! She was feeling it again! It was because of this that she pursued him in the first place! And she could almost feel it. Though she did naught but practise and fantasize, she could smell it already, fresh blood from a newly stalked prey. She needed it. She craved for it. This was her purpose!

Her eye shimmered with delight and fury. She grinned, backed up a bit before kneeling. She took a few fast breaths before charging again. Leaping to the trees and then to the ground, as if she was to murder a whole squadron of them. Spinning, whirling, twirling, she saw amidst her fantasy and vision he who took her eye. And she grew enraged and trained harder!
Blood filled her nostrils. Not that of the Kal’Dorei, but her own as she trained and strained to exhaustion. And when she could not move another muscle, she fell on the ground, holding on to her daggers still. With tremendous effort, not allowing herself the wait, to be left at the mercy of fate, she kneeled, before forcing her tensed body to her feet.

“I will hunt. Ashenvale can expect me tonight. So that the Sun may rise red.”

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Re: [IC] The night before departing.

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:37 am

I really love to read build up stories^_^ Heroic moments and the like, is not by near as fun as in depth stories such as the ones you have for this char. Getting to know the character with more than their victories and failures Razz

Great read Very Happy

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