A notice in Lor'danel, Darkshore

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A notice in Lor'danel, Darkshore

Post by Sorayah on Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:27 am

((The following notice, written in Darnassian, can be found in Lor'danel at <insert place it's noticeable for the Sentinels here>))

To the honored Sentinels of Lor'danel and Darkshore,
Elune be with you.

I kindly remind you that the Temple of the Moon expects to be notified of notable occurrences within Darkshore, such as enemy incursions, as swiftly as possible, so that High Priestess Whisperwind and the Sisterhood can take action when deemed necessary.
The Sisterhood of Elune kindly thanks you for your continued vital service to our people.

Elune watch over you.
Priestess Sorayah Moonseeker,
Sisterhood of Elune

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