[A] [Guilded & Unguilded] The Violet City, Dalaran roleplay!

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[A] [Guilded & Unguilded] The Violet City, Dalaran roleplay!

Post by Swan Emperor Arenfel on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:08 pm

( It is worth noting that the topic in its current state is under construction, and much of the information is missing and/or incomplete. This would also be considered the official topic for the guild and ajoined community, apologies for the multitude of topics. )

The Violet City

Guilded & Unguilded, I don't understand?
The Violet City is a social light roleplaying guild for individuals involved in Dalaran roleplay, who would rather a tag above their head and a guild to be present in.

But I already roleplay a Kirin-Tor/Dalarani/Worker, do I have to be part of The Violet City? That seems pretentious!
Of course not! The Violet City exists only as a guild to give players who haven't found another guild a place to stay!
You're free to roleplay a Kirin-Tor, or anything related to the city even if you're a part of another guild. Regardless of it being raiding, player versus player, or another roleplaying guild entirely (within reason).

What about the chain of command, will I be forced to abide by the word of your officers?
That's entire up to you! Players within the Dalaran community as a whole are not forced to abide by a strict system of rules and regulations imposed by players assuming the roles of Archmagi, or Prison Warden. Rather, we expect you to play your character accordingly and help create a lively enviroment of which to play your character!

If you have another question to be added to the FAQ, don't hesitate to write it bellow!

Kirin-Tor: The Magi

The core units of the Kirin-Tor, powerful students and masters of the Arcane and its complexities.

Kirin-Tor: The Violet Hold


Dalaran: The City Commerce


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Re: [A] [Guilded & Unguilded] The Violet City, Dalaran roleplay!

Post by Iriel Silversong on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:41 am

I'll join with Ethalira once I'm back end of august!
Thats a great idea best of luck guys!!!
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Re: [A] [Guilded & Unguilded] The Violet City, Dalaran roleplay!

Post by Lexgrad on Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:51 am

Apprentices for the Apprentice god! Join naw!

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Re: [A] [Guilded & Unguilded] The Violet City, Dalaran roleplay!

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