[Book] Advanced Engineering and their Uses

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[Book] Advanced Engineering and their Uses

Post by Jazzle on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:53 am

An extract from a book written by Yazzle Battlegear.

In this chapter, I will take you through the ever-changing and highly eratic world of Engineering. Although hard to keep up to date with this particular 'art', this guide should make things abit simpler, describing the mechanics and uses of the most basic of simple devices.

1: Worm-Hole Generator.

The idea for this enigmatic and stupendous device was concieved by Krakle Gyrobolt during his case study in the workings and natural occurances of natural rifts in ley waves. The device's purpose is to instantaneously transport matter from one location to another. Using advances technology, such as the fabled Titansteel Fusion Reactors and the Ley Wave Amplifier, it is possible for the user to bend ley waves to such an extent that it malforms the atmosphere around it into a matterless embodiment, which will allow transport through the Ether, to the desired location.
The co-ordinates of the desired location can be aquired from a sample of mattter from said location which conceals a sample of the locations biological ley-code. This can differ from anything between an animal, to a plant, and even a person or corpse.
Unfortunately, due to a restricted frequency port, only one frequency type can be used at a time.
In addition, the ley-wave holes can become unstable, and malform your body mass and chromozone structure into an unfamiliar form.

Reliability - 78%
Battery - 4 hr
Safety - 50%

Electronic Layer Manipulator (Stealth Generator)

The origins of this device is unknown, but resources have pointed towards the mountains of Hillsbrad Foothills, where it is said that a rogue organisation lurks in the shadow. This device works by manipulating an fine electron layer, amplified by ley particles to shrowd the user in a layer of particles which will absorb the appearance of it's surroundings using an unstable lepton configuration. This absorbant layer will cause the user to become 'invisable' almost completely similar to his or her surroundings.

However, it must be understood that this layer will destabilise and disintegrate into its surroundings within a short time. This process has a high reliability rate, but has dire ramifications if it happens to go wrong. Dangerous side effects include:

- Irritibale and peeling flesh.
- Infertilisation.
- Temporarily blinded.
- Permanently blinded.
- Concussion.
- Turning into small mammals which may lead to mockery.

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Re: [Book] Advanced Engineering and their Uses

Post by Baròth / Olian on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:12 pm

(( Ah! Welcome to the forums Jazzle! And a very interesting read indeed. ))
Baròth / Olian

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Re: [Book] Advanced Engineering and their Uses

Post by Visceril on Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:44 am

I Dig It!

Welcome from another *G.E.A.R. head!

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Re: [Book] Advanced Engineering and their Uses

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