[IC] Notes from the Stalker.

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[IC] Notes from the Stalker.

Post by Silmaniel on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:14 am

She sat in her laboratory. Now in Murder Row, in dearest Silvermoon, Capital of the great ande ver flourshing Quel’Thalas. She leaned over one of the desks of her laboratory and wrote down furiously with her quill. The black ink stretched across the scroll gracefully as it grew to be covered in webbed patterns.

“Upon my travels I have found interesting things and secrets that we may use against our Kal’Dorei enemies. I have searched and searched for Aronan in an attempt to track down the coward. My efforts however, despite the blood spilled were in vain.”

She dipped her quill once more in the ink before continuing to write.

“Several places where I took residence during my stalking times have led me to learn some more about the Kal’Dorei and their habits as well as some of their rituals and culture. Places of importance and most importantly, how to disrupt them.” Here she stopped, a grin stretching on her face. “Though I will not be able to recover my eye and though I was rendered half blind, I am sure that I have never had a more clear vision of my enemies.”

“I believe that not even the Kal’Dorei know of the secrets which lie within their dearest inscriptions, laying in between the ruins of their Elder kind. The Highbourne I am led to believe hold the keys to our inevitable supremacy. But first, before I develop this further, I must prepare the men. I will take the first few groups to conduct further research and pave the road for what needs to be done. If my guesses are correct… we can not only deliver a massive blow to the enemy, but with the proper equipment and magic we may harvest their power for our own use.”

Several devices seem to be drawn on the rest of the scroll plus several drawing and depictions of Void demons. Other several references also seem to depict highbourne symbols and several sketches in turn, including portraits of different Night Elves. She pauses for a moment looking at her blade. She recalled the last Elf she murdered before returning to Silvermoon. She was neither tranquil nor at peace. But for some reason it seemed as if it had been long ago. Too long

“The secrets of our ancestors will lead us to the demise of our enemies.”


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Re: [IC] Notes from the Stalker.

Post by Leahanne on Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:58 pm

Very well written. I like the choice of words, it reflects the character's attitude, I guess. But I only just got to know her ICly, so I might be wrong Razz


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