Burglars brawlers and broken things (Guild Wars 2)

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Burglars brawlers and broken things (Guild Wars 2)

Post by Daralinn on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:24 pm

The deep, dark night is full of many things. People unable to sleep, rats, children crying , but the major thing the night is filled with, epspecially in cities like the one in question, is theives. Now the person in question was, or rather is, not by most standards a theif. His own certainly, but not, lets say the theives guild or for picking a person at random: Lynch Bryllis, Henchman for hire, Lions Arch recident. Anyone picked off the streets of any major seetlement in Tyria would most likely be a better theif, than the person in question. A statement often repeated to him by his employers, right up to the point where he always handed in the goods. It wasn't that he didn't deliver what he promised, it was the way he did it. The person in question, one 9 feet tall Norn, known as Arrgolf Ulfson was currently jumping (actually falling but that's a matter of perspective) through a window in a most untheifly fashion.

The shattering of glass woke the owner of the window with a startle, and then a scream as the owners brain registered that it was infact a man that flow across it's bedroom. scattering glass shards all over the room the theif landed with a crash on the bedroom floor.
"Don't.. Urgh.."
Groaned Arrgolf as he spat blood in whatever random direction his mouth faced. Head still spinning he got up trying to locate his head, then his body and then him self. He failed missarably and then tumbled over face first as quickly as he got up.
"Don't be alarmed Madam and or Sir.."
He coughed blood and the continued closing his eyes.
"It's the errr... Nightswatch.. Rutine pa-"

He passed out and woke around 57 seconds later and found that he was hogtied and had a rifle pointed at his face.

"We don't have a Nightswatch." Said a young female voice sternly.
"Did.. Did you hogtie me?!" the theif squirmed, trying to untie the surprisingly tight ropes

"Yes I did, now don't try any funny stuff or I'll shoot that head of yours off." the female said slowly walking around he new found former intruder now prisoner. "A theif? No too clumsy to be a theif. An assasin then? Not that either you don't wear enough black. What are you then?"

"A knight in the dark?"

"There is no such thing. Now answer my question."

"I swear Miss, may I call you Miss?"

"I said" She put one of her feet on the back of Arrgolf's head and pressed the rifle mouth against his cheek. "No funny stuff."

"thwat ish noh way to treath a strhanger!" He exclaimed quickly in muffled reply. "I will answer yourh queshtion if you remove that.. thing." He felt the metal disapear from his face, or at least far enough away so that he couldn't feel it. "Wouldh you believe me if I said I mearly stumbled in?" Silence, deadly silence. "No. I take it then. I'm a master theif you see and I was being followed by the-"

"Ha! You? A theif?! The worst theif I've ever seen" Interupted the woman as she stepped off his head.

"thankyoumisspleasedontshootme" Hurried the "theif"

"I won't shoot such a lousy theif such as you on the grounds of not killing retared critters" She snickered in return. "Now tell me what you were trying to steal, Mister Theif" repressing a giggle at the last word she continued. "If I believe you I might let you go, if you sweep the floor as well."

"Fine fine.. I was trying to nick the queen's royal cat food."

Silence for a while, then the sound of a drawer being pulled out and pushed back in.

"Something so bizzar must be true I guess." The owner said with a low voice as she squated over her prisoner and slowly cut the ropes. "Now get up slowly and no funny stuff okay?"

The theif simply noded as best you can face down as he moved his hands around enjoying their new found freedom. Once he sensed she'd moved away from him he got up and turned around to see who had managed to capture him. It was a girl, a small one, the kind that went to school and perhaps had dolls. He gaped, then mumbled a little as he stared at her. The little girl who wasn't a big bulky guard or buncher.

"Expecting someone else?" She giggled at him as she raised her rifle that was at least twice her size. "There is a broom in the closet behind you, you can leave once the floor is clean and the shutters are fastend so there is something to keep the wind out."

With a sigh the theif in question got to sweeping and hammering in nails. Wondering his next move as the girl watched his ever move only dressed in her nighty and armed with the largest gun he'd ever seen. She was in fact a rather beatiful little girl in that scary kind of deadly richman's daugther kind of way. Rich she certainly was, gold necklace around her small neck and the room was expensively outfited. The night passed slowly went by and it was early morning before he was completly done and shown to the door by the girl.
"Next time don't use my bedroom as landing spot." The girl said coldly. "You're free to leave and I won't infrom the guards out of kindness."

"Errr.. Thank you Miss.. I never got your name?"

"Patricia. Patricia Hermine." said the small girl rifle still in hand.

The theif grinned to him self as he bendt down and reached out for her hand to shake it. "Twas nice to meet you Miss." They exchanged looks and shook hands. And as their grip broke he smilled at her with a wide mischievius grin and snatched her necklace off her neck.

"Sooooorrry!..." Arrgolf shouted as he ran all he could down the street. "Bills to pay!"

The girl just stared at where he prisoner had been. "Guard-... Oh never mind they won't catch him." She simply smiled, laughed and went inside to hide away from the cold morning air.

And with some skill and a great deal of luck, the theif in question managed to steal the necklace of the richest merchant in town's daugther. Mostly luck tho.

((Sorry for the spelling mistakes and such I'll fix it later. Only written this 'cause I can't sleep tonight and it's currently 06:30 in the morning. A bit of an intro to one of my upcoming GW2 characters... Oh how my boss is gonna hate me when I show up and haven't slept! ))

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Re: Burglars brawlers and broken things (Guild Wars 2)

Post by Daralinn on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:05 pm

(( Decided to just keep writting on this for giggles. Yes tons of insperiations in there. +10 points if you get them all ))

Theives don't really have a system per say, seeing as most are nothing but pickpockets at the end of the day, but there are those out there that are organised to a larger degree. This would perhaps in a more flat world bring about theives guilds and licenses, but in Tyria such a thing is considered unthiefly and plain amoral, not to mention illegal. There is how ever a system in place for some of the more high profile people in the buisness. Okay lets be fair it's inn's and bars with some notes handed to the bartender, but that is very sophisticated considering what kind of people ues it and it has worked, almost flawlessly for a good many years. So what do the thieves in the unfurtunat situation of having been kicked out of every bar and pub west of Shiverpeak do? They use copper coins, kids and patience.

Arrgolf was at about the point where is patience reached, that wasn't much excatly but he had been waiting on his note somewhere in between 35 minutes and 9 hours. The later being how he felt and the first being a more realistic guess. Waiting in a barely lit, dark, grimy ally for a note that might or might not be worth the time was not among his favorite things in the world . Luckly for him just as he was about to give up he saw what he was waiting for. A small scrawny street boy, walking in that iconic street kid way. Almost waltzing down the street, all knowing, most likely not caring about the rats, but noticing anything on the street anyhow. Kinda like a theif, almost excatly like a theif. And this more than anything else took the alleged theif Arrgolf by surprise. He quickly tried to scramble him self into a pose, that would strike fear mistrust into the kids heart. Something that was helped along with his black leather armor, outfitted with plenty of small throwing knifes, that he didn't know how to use, and various pouches and a mean looking dagger. Non of this did anything to slow the kids pace or even make him twitch. He continuned down amongst gearbage and rats in a quick pace, straight towards the rest of his coins.

"Sooo.. I mean errrh." Cough and and octave down in tone. "You've got the note punk?" Argolf started out staring straight at the kid, who very clearly had the note.

With a very non caring tone of voice the kid let out a "What do you think Argolf?" And as he continued he held out the note in an open hand. "Just give me the rest and I'll tell you what you need to know. I've got places to be."

"What places do a twe- Just tell me what the Overseer wants us- Err.. Me to do. Then you'll get the rest."

The was a contest of looking mean and tough, it last all of 7 seconds. The kid won.
"Thank you Argolf, and when will you learn? It's not an overseer, it's just the pig down at the Keetle." The pig being the owner of one of the finer, of the lesser, places in Tyria. He wasn't named for his good smell or his human and pretty nose. "It's the mansion at the end of Dwayna High Road. They want a box containing letters from a ship in Lions Arch. There'll be minimum guards there so it'll be easy for you to sneak in. Unless you screw up like last time."

"Very funny Finch. It wasn't my fault that the front gate was locked." Argolf said as he took the note. It said in plain letters: Dwayna Road. 150 Gold coins. 1 Day. The Pig. He moved his eyes to look down as he put the note in one of his many pouches and before he knew it he was alone in the ally again. With a sigh and his head full of wonder he left for the night.

As previously mentioned thieves do things in the night, they almost have to. Not only steal precious objects or riches, but also eat, sleep and come up with planes. A thing Argolf wasn't much fond of. Some people had claimed it was because he was a Norn, they had their head smashed in, thus stopping that rumor before it got too much out of hand. He liked to think that not making a plan was the best approach since guards normally took things like plans and timetables into account, and just following people that looked like they knew where they were going seemed to work most of the time. It was with this in mind that he jumped without a care unto the roof of the Mansion.

Losing grip quickly he slided down the tiles, kicking and screaming he went over the edge only barely getting a hold of the sharp bronze drain. He looked up, nope no magic rope. He looked down, yes, 3 stories straight down. His fingers getting cut open by a rusty bronze gutter, did not help his train of thought and thus let go taking the chance to see if he could grip the stone window ledge bellow him. Luckily for him he did. The was a rustling from the other side of the window.

"Did you hear that? Sounded like someone screaming for help."

"I'm sure it's just the wind you crazy fool Jack. You know what I'll go check down stairs while you stay here."

Argolf waited, the blood making it hard to grasp the cold stone. He waited and waited as long as he could before knocking on the window as carefully as he could. He was greeted with a face of confusion sticking out the window and looking down.

"Evening Jack. Could you lend me a hand?"

"Errrr... Suuuure.." The guard's mouth said while his brain was trying to figure out who this person was. The guard quickly helped Argolf up on the ledge and was giving a pat on the shoulder.

"Sorry Jack, it's just buisness." Argolf said quietly as he carelessly dragged the helpless guard out the window and let him fall 2 and a half story down. "Time for buisness." And he went off to find the package.

Some times the night is messy, some times it's rather quiet and nice, some nights it rains and you feel cold. And then there are those nights where you almost get a confused guardsman in the head from above. Divine punishment of bad luck. It's a shock no matter what.

(( Decided to just keep writting on this for giggles. Yes tons of insperiations in there. +10 points if you get them all. ))

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