The Death of Calarn Thermondil, Self-Proclaimed Lord of Booty Bay.

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The Death of Calarn Thermondil, Self-Proclaimed Lord of Booty Bay.

Post by Arcolon on Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:16 am

I was sitting in my office, reading through some documents about Booty Bay’s finances when I suddenly heard a scream outside. I jumped from the chair and moved to the window, I looked outside and my jaw fell to the floor. The Goblins rioted, burning a building. I quickly barricaded my door and I had started to barricade my window. But as I was halfway done a Goblin pulled his hand through the glass and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the window, I pulled up my already loaded flintlock as I always had it ready and shot him in his face. I then tossed to flintlock out of the window as it was of no more use. I continued to make the barricade, but to no success. The Goblins had already started to get cracks in the door. I felt the sweat run down my face, I was stressed and scared. “WHA’ ‘AVE I DONE YE?!” I screamed towards the Goblins, “All I ‘ave done be makin’ our city better fer all o’ us!” I got no answer, they just continued slamming on the door. They would come through any time, I knew as much. So I took the lantern on the table, took the remaining oil and tossed it towards the door, followed by the lantern. The door was set ablaze and I stepped back into a corner in the room with both my swords drawn. “If thi’ be ‘ow ye wan’ it, I intend o’ takin’ as many o’ ye green skins with me!” I yelled towards the door. The door got kicked open, several goblins got caught in the fire, ran back out and tossed themselves into the sea. The other goblins charged me and I sliced them off as fast as I could. They soon were overwhelming, I had to get out. So I rushed myself as I slashed through them towards the window and tossed myself out of it, only to land in front of a Goblin with a spear. He pulled his spear through my shoulder and I screamed in pain.
They pulled me up on my knees, and I stared at all of them. “Finally the false lord shall fall!” One of the green skins yelled. I turned my gaze towards him, tired and couldn’t focus. He seemed to hold two flintlocks in his hands, he shot the first towards my chest, and I bent forwards in pain. The Goblins pulled me back up again with a spear the pulled through my chest, at the same place the bullet hit. Thi’ be where I die, I thought, I be sorry, sister… Mother, father an’ all o’ ye guys who was with me. I heard the next gunshot, then nothing more. My body laid ice cold dead on the ground with a bullet wound in the head, a spear pierce in the right shoulder, and a spear through my chest. The Goblins carried my body just outside the city gate of Booty Bay and hang my body up on the spear.
I hung there for two days before they tossed my body into the jungles where my dead, rotten body got eaten.

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Re: The Death of Calarn Thermondil, Self-Proclaimed Lord of Booty Bay.

Post by Skarain on Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:56 pm

R.I.P - Was nice knowing you.

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