Falconwing Syndicate

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Falconwing Syndicate

Post by Kalitar on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:42 pm

(RP Horde)

*A string of notices can be seen along the walls of Silvermoon, simply showing a group of people fighting with various weapons, serving drinks and getting paid by a young couple. Underneath, the image of the inn located in Murder Row is painted on the bottom of the notice. Perhaps you should go take a look what can be found?*

The family Sundawn have moved into town and are recruiting able people to join their ranks! Do you have what it takes to travel long distances? Perhaps you only wish to earn coin in the simple ways of life? Whatever your skills, if you have the determination and the ability to listen to orders, the Falconwing Syndicate may be the place for you!

Kalitar Sundawn, Leader of the Syndicate and his dutiful wife Sintalia Sundawn run the bar in Murder Row. They offer various services to those outside their organisation and offer various job opportunities to those within.

If you wish for training, the Syndicate can offer you that too! Start from bar-staff to battle-guru, we're sure you'll learn in no time with our multiple members who are adept in most weapon styles.

Still sounds like the place for you? Then come along to Murder Row and get yourself known!

((This is a new guild, and therefore things may need adjusting or tweaking, but our members are friendly and helpful. If you have any advice to give, we'll accept it with a smile and a nod, and take what you say into consideration, though Flamers will not be tolerated - constructive critism only, please!))

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