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IC Happenings

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:37 am

((This thread is meant to hold small reports of IC events that occurred. This may be large, planned events or small, spontaneous events. The information in here is OOC, but largely accessible IC. You could see it as a local newspaper reporting the events from all around the world. How this differs from the rumour mill? The mill is a place where rumours gather. This is a place where facts gather and rumours are made.))

((I ask all of you to be smart with the information given in this thread. Whilst it is good to have a collection-point of happenings, so that we can stay informed about what our fellow RPers are doing IC all across the realm, we don't want to encourage metagaming. Don't post about anything that is vulnerable to metagame, and don't be too detailed.))


General template ((can be edited, but this shall give an idea of what information the report could contain))
Date: 20th of June, 2012.
Location: Ironforge, more specifically the Military and Mystic ward.
Happening: At roughly 22:15 in the late evening, an explosion sounded in the Military ward, the popular bar 'Bruuk's Corner' being the target. After the whole city's guard rushed to the site, a small, unorganized group of black-clad thugs rushed through the Mystic ward, breaking open shops and stealing the valuables inside. Several shopkeepers were incapacitated in their sleep, only to wake in the morning with no recollection of yesternight's events.
Later, the law-enforcers of Ironforge caught some of the thugs as they were making their way to the Deeprun Tram, but many managed to get away. The SIA took the few prisoners for further interrogation.
Consequences:The bar Bruuk's Corner is in ruin, the military ward is largely pillaged and most shopkeepers of the district will have to spend some time to get back on their feet. (IC-player-shopkeepers weren't targeted as we confronted no IC player owned shops)
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Re: IC Happenings

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:30 pm

Date: 14.08.2012
Location: Stormwind, the Keep.
Happening: After Council, sometime between 21.00 and 22.00 Alex Radke, director of the Freelancers was brutally murdered, in front of a corridor full of witnesses. Despite healing almost immediately his life was not to be saved, and he was cremated later the same evening. The killers, a group of unidentified death knights, escaped through a Death Gate, and has not been observed since.
Consequenses: A huge crowd witnessing murder, a traumatizing sight, as well as a change of leadership in the Freelancers, to the current director, Jonah Dwyburn.


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