Zaram Justice

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Zaram Justice

Post by Kel'dos on Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:21 pm

Kel'dos picked up the contracts from Hellscreams Reach and headed out onto the Penninsula. It wasn't like he needed the income right now, the money they would make from the raid on the Dawnrunners would set them up for a long time but it wouldn't look right if he didn't go out and work each day, keep to the same routine, that was key. He reached up and clicked on his comms; at least he might have some company that way. He had just reached Largo's Overlook when there was the unmistakable click of someone connecting to comms.

"Chey..that you?" asked Kel'dos hopefully.

"Do I feckin' sound like Chey?" came the snapped response, causing Kel'dos to laugh.

"I'm rather glad she doesn't sound like you, mate"

"Not as feckin' glad as I am that I don't sound like her".

Kel'dos smiled to himself as he slipped to the shadows and started his way up the hill to the tower; "You're in a good mood today"

"That feckin' kid last night mouthing off in Silvermoon, in front of a feckin' that Magister Abulos Sunwing or whatever"

"What's he done now?" asked Kel, a feeling of anger rising at the mention of Arli Sunblade.

"You gonna tell him where you been Sab...or shall I?" came back Sab's impersonation of Arli

"You're fecking joking?"

"Cornered me into tellin' the Magister I'd been inside"

Kel'dos shook his head slowly; "Kid doesn't know who he's dealing with, you shut him up, yes?"

Another impersonation of Arli followed; "I'm sure violence in front of a Magister is a bad idea, right?"

"Mouthy little git" smirked Kel'dos and he started quietly up the tower steps.

"And you do know he's been tellin' the Dawnrunner's that Chey is his girlfriend".

Kel'dos stopped in his tracks; "...he what?"

"er...the Dawnrunner's think she's my need to tell 'em otherwise yet eh?"; Again the Arli voice, but now Kel'dos wasn't laughing.

"Right.." replied Kel'dos retracing his steps down the tower. "That's it, we deal with him. Zaram justice, Sab, kid needs teaching a lesson. I swear I've had enough of him".

"Aye, we wouldn't tolerate half the shit he's come out with if he was still a Blade."

And so the conversation continued as Kel'dos made his way back to Hellscreams Reach. They would deal some Zaram justice to the kid, like they would have done back in the gang days. Kitted up he wouldn't know it was them, so no come back from Thorns or anyone else. Both had scores to settle and a kicking by two masked sin'dorei might just be enough to make him stop and think before mouthing off again and it would sure as fel make them both feel better.

"One thing...we need to get approval from Chey now, she's the boss now don't forget" reminded Sabien over comms.

There was a long pause before Kel'dos replied; "Not sure she will agree mate, she's a little protective of Arli".

"Then play it down mate, tell her we'll rough him up a bit. You'd better tell her, don't want her finding out eh? Both face Zaram punishment only you get the husband one too" Sabien laughed heartily.

Kel'dos smiled at the joke; "'re right, we agreed she was to be Quel'Zaram, she has to give the ok. I'll talk to her, explain why, I'm sure I can get her to agree if I keep the details vague. I'll head to Silvermoon now".

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Re: Zaram Justice

Post by Kel'dos on Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:35 am

Kel’dos held Chey’s hand as they walked through the City gates and on into Eversong. He’d asked Chey to walk with him to some place quieter as they needed to talk, and had laughed lightly and gently kissed away the worry from her face; she wasn’t to worry, it was nothing serious. Finally reaching a shaded place next to the waterfall, they sat down and Kel’dos put his arm around Chey as she leant into him.

“It’s a Zaram issue” started Kel’dos. “As you are now our Quel’Zaram, we need your permission .... Sunblade has mouthed off once too often and me and Sab need to deal with him”

There was a long pause before Chey answered; “Define ‘deal with him’”

Kel’dos kissed the top of her head, her fragrance filling his senses. “Rough him up a bit. Kid has overstepped the mark once too often, Chey” he continued, sounding almost apologetic for what they had to do.

“If you mean at the Dawnrunner’s, well Arli was very drunk”.

“I know” replied Kel’dos. “It’s not just that, he cornered Sab into telling a Magister that he had been inside. Kid’s getting too big headed, we need to knock some of that arrogance out of him before he gets himself killed.”

“You won’t kill him?”

Kel’dos laughed lightly; “No, I promise, no blades just a bit of Zaram justice, like we did back in the gang days”. Kel'dos waited, hoping she wouldn't ask just what Zaram justice was like.

Chey considered for a moment; it was true, Arli seemed to delight in trying to show up both Serrar and Sab, always pushing things right to the limit. Perhaps they were right, it might stop him getting into even deeper trouble later on.

“Alright, if it’s just a roughing up, you have my permission”.

“Thank you my Quel’Zaram” smiled Kel’dos as he leaned forward and sealed the deal with a lingering kiss.

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Re: Zaram Justice

Post by Sabien on Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:18 am

Sabien fulled on his gloves and flexed his fingers then with a nod at Kel'dos pulled his face mask up.
"We do this" he growled, Kel'dos nodded his assent.

A swift silent walk to Arli's apartment. The two signalling the plan as they stole up the staircase. At the apartment door they stood still and listened for a moment. Silence, however the thin strip of light showing at the bottom of the door told them someone was home. The silence from within was good, showed no guests, no party, probably either sleeping or drunk, possibly both. Kel'dos grinned coldly under his mask.
"You've had this coming kid" he thought.
He rapped sharply on the door, Sabien taking up a position next to him, poised ready to slam the door inwards when it was answered.
For a moment there was no response, then the noise of a chair leg scraping across the floor and soft footfalls told them their moment was here.

The door opened and Sabien caught a glimpse of a tired eyed Arli. Without hesitation, Sabien pushed the door violently back knocking Arli off balance and staggering back into the room. The two elves entered, Kel'dos slamming the door shut behind them.

Sabien saw Arli glance to his daggers and shook his head. "No you don't kid" he thought. Kel'dos too had the same thought and swung a strong powerful punch at Arli. Sabien stepped the distance between him, catching Arli as he staggered, quickly spinning him round twisting his arms through his own and pinning him securely against his chest. He felt Arli struggle and twisted his arms savagely holding him still.
Kel stood in front of Arli, his fist clenching. Sabien nodded once curtly.
"That's for Chey" he thought as his fist swung. impacting with Arlis face. "Wipe that fecking smug grin off"
Kel'dos rained blow after calculated blow at Arli, a sharp jabbing punch to the solar plexus and Arli doubled up as far as he could still held in Sabiens strong grip. Body blow after body blow, broken occasionally by a flying fist to the face before finally stepping back and nodding at Sabien.

Arli slumped in Sabiens grasp, his breathing ragged and broken with groans of pain as he inhaled. Sabien pushed the young elf to Keldos, who caught him as he stumbled, dragged him upright and again twisted his arms and spun him around to face Sabien.

Sabien cracked his knuckles, pausing to let it sink in to Arli, that this wasn't over yet, and if he thought Kel could hit hard, well he was in for a nasty shock.
The beating that Sabien inflicted on the helpless Arli was cold and methodical, each blow executed for maximum pain. each blow retaliation for some smart mouthed gibe or arrogant bragging. Kid was always going on about how he used to be a Blade, how he fitted well...So let him see how it felt to be treated like a Blade with an arrogant smart mouth. His temper rose, the punches becoming harder and less controlled. Kel caught his eye and shook his head, the kid had had enough, nearly unconscious as it was. Sabien took a deep breath and lowered his fist. Kel dropped Arli to the floor, where he curled up into a semi foetal position, arms over his head, legs curled up to protect his groin from any kicking that might follow.

The kicks were swift and sharp, meant to cause pain rather than any lasting damage. They exchanged a glance as Arli passed into what must have been welcome oblivion. He was still breathing, the pair nodded to each other and silently slipped from the blood spattered apartment.

Once back at Sabiens small spartan apartment, they changed and Keldos made ready to depart.

"He's pretty beat up "
"Aye, he'll be sore for a couple of days at least I reckon"
They shared a laugh.
"Well he asked for it, kid pushed his mouth too far this time"
"Aye, he just wants to be thankful we like him"

Again a shared laugh as they clasped hands and said their farewells, before Kel strolled leisurely home.

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Re: Zaram Justice

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:44 pm

Arli jumped slightly as the sharp rap on the door broke the silence of the apartment. He’d just finished writing his report to the Thorn Master, detailing his efforts to find the book in Ironforge but ultimately reporting that he would have to return another day. Arli yawned as he strolled over to the door, unlocking it and starting to open it when a forceful kick from the other side slammed the door open and sent him staggering back.

Arli had a brief glimpse of two masked sin’dorei in gold and black armour and glanced to the table where his daggers lay, the poisons glinting in the low light cast from the writing desk. He turned to try and get them but the attackers seemingly second guessed him and one threw a punch, hitting hard as the other grabbed him, forcing his arms behind his back and spinning him around to face the first. Sharp punches to his body and face left Arli dazed and breathless. Finally his attacker stopped and he was pushed, stumbling, towards his attacker who similarly twisted his arms behind him and turned him to face the other elf. A few seconds reprieve as Arli looked at the well-built sin’dorei before him - tensing in realisation that this wasn't over - and then the attack started again, the taste of blood in his mouth and the agonising pain that came with each breath. The punches seemed to get more brutal and Arli struggled to remain conscious. Finally it stopped and as he was released, Arli fell to the floor and instinctively curled up, his arms across his head as protection. The two sin’dorei stood before him for a few moments before the expected kicks came and then blackness.

Kel’dos and Sabien looked at Arli lying on the floor, unmoving but still breathing. Zaram justice now dealt, without a word they turned and left the apartment, closing the door quietly behind them.

Arli awoke slowly and lay still as his bruised eyes tried to find focus in the semi-darkness of his silent apartment. Painfully pulling himself into a sitting position, he leaned against the wall and gave himself a moment to assess his condition. His body ached and as he gingerly touched his face, it felt bloody and bruised and every breath he took was painful. He looked across his apartment, nothing seemed taken and even his daggers remained where he had left them; he resigned himself to the conclusion that he’d been given a punishment beating and it wasn’t just some opportune thieves he had got in the way of. Confused as to just who he had pissed off so much, his thoughts turned to Sor’thera and the beating he himself had dealt the arrogant bastard a month or so ago - the spoilt rich elf, one of his peer group, was no match in a fight with Arli. He knew Sor’thera didn’t have it in him to take on Arli himself but he certainly had the money to pay others to do it for him; and to make sure Arli didn’t even think of ever raising a hand against him again. Arli leaned against the wall as he slowly and shakily stood up, limping his way to the bathroom to tend to his wounds and find something to ease the pain until morning when he could seek the services of a healer.


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Re: Zaram Justice

Post by Kel'dos on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:15 am

"Serrar, are you there?"

Kel'dos smiled at hearing Chey's voice over his comms, he knew he shouldn't be wearing it when in civvies but was able to hide it under his hair and he liked the way he and Chey and could use it to keep in touch; "Of course, drink?" he replied, changing his path and heading towards Murder Row.

"No, can you meet me?"

"Yes of course, home?" he grinned making a mental note to lock the door in case Sab dropped by.

"No, meet me outside, near the lake"

Kel'dos furrowed his brow, her voice was very neutral and lacking the usual warmth. "Of course....are you ok?"

"I'm fine"

Kel'dos picked up his step, trying to think of any reason she would be upset with him other than the obvious one that she had seen Arli since the beating last night. She was waiting for him by the large tree opposite the gate, a feeling of unease washed over him when she didn't return his smile.

"What's wrong?" he asked lightly.

"I've just two words for you.....Arli Sunblade" she replied

"Arli? What about him?" replied Kel'dos with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

"You told me you would rough him up, he's a complete state, you could have killed him"

" a beating, we knew what we were doing, there was no risk he'd die. Zaram Justice, you agreed we could" replied Kel'dos casually.

"You misled me, Kel'dos"

Kel'dos she had said, no longer calling him by the name of Serrar that she always used
....Kel'dos looked at Chey and realised he was no longer speaking to his wife, his lover, his soul mate was the Quel'Zaram before him and she had seen right through his and Sabiens pretence.

"I..acknowledge that perhaps you didn't know what Zaram justice actually was" he replied hesitantly.

"You deliberately misled your Quel'Zaram and you don't deny it" she replied sharply

Kel'dos nodded slightly. He and Sabien had explained the rank of Quel'Zaram to Chey before she accepted it, the importance of the rank for the cohesiveness of the gang, the one that gave the final permission on all that they did, and the one to share the blame if the wrong decision was given. She had, he had to admit, taken on the role with the authority expected of the rank. He stood and listened, tried to apologise, as she verbally tore him apart, not least for the viciousness of the attack on Arli but for both he and Sabien daring to undermine her authority by misleading her so.

"You will face punishment, Zaram" she said, the impersonal nature of the words cutting through him. "You and Sabien will meet me at Falconwing Square, in uniform, tomorrow."

"As you wish"

"Find Sabien, tell him."

Kel'dos nodded slightly; "Then...I'll meet you at home?"

"I've invited Arli to stay, he has the spare room" replied Chey, watching his reaction carefully.

"What? Surely no need?"

"He needs someone looking after him until he's well, and it's clear he is scared to stay at the apartment now. He said he wouldn't stay there in case the beating was just a warning and they would return to kill him. He's in no fit state to sleep rough"

"Then I'll pay for an inn for a few nights for him"

"If anyone will be staying at an Inn, it will be you, Kel'dos". With that Chey, turned on her heel and started walking back to Silvermoon.

Kel'dos flinched again, he hated this, truly hated this coldness from her. "No, it's fine, he can stay" he called out to her back. "I'll find Sabien then come home?" he replied as more like a question than a statement, but she didn't reply and didn't falter her step.


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Re: Zaram Justice

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:56 am

(( Chey should dump him for that *nods* ))


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Re: Zaram Justice

Post by Sabien on Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:51 am

Horrified didnt come close to how she felt when she saw the state Kel'dos and Sabien had left Arli in. She'd seen him, from a distance at first, sitting rather forlornly by Stillwhisper Pond. She'd walked over waving and calling, expecting to see him with a black eye perhaps. However as he turned and slowly rose to greet her she stopped dead. His face was bruised and swollen almost out of recognition, the skin broken in places where she assumed Sabien had used his knuckleduster.
"Hey Chey.." he'd said "You should see the other guy...." he winced as he tried to laugh. His words were muffled through the swelling around his mouth. He staggered slightly and held his ribs as he gingerly tried to sit. Chey moved forward and gently but firmly helped the battered elf to sit. He winced at her touch.
"Ribs..." he coughed, again wincing.

As she spoke to him it was clear the beating had affected him mentally too, he was shaken and nervous, jumping once as a rabbit ran past. Confused why anyone would inflict such a savage attack for no apparent reason.
Inside Chey was getting angrier, her anger fuelled by the guilt that she had authorised this "roughing up". The realisation that Serrar had deliberately underplayed their intentions, used their marriage as a way to get her to agree to this without questioning him too much. And for a brief moment she hated him, then hurt, then disappointed at what she could only see as a deliberate betrayal of her faith and trust in not just him but in their marriage, their relationship, which up until now she had thought was the purest closest thing to her...
She insisted Arli come home with her, to stay with her and Kel while he at least recovered enough to take care of himself. He objected, knowing Kel wouldn’t be pleased at the arrangement but when Chey found out he was intending to sleep rough in the woods, she insisted harder and almost frog marched him back.
“But..Kel…” he objected
“Just you leave Kel to me” she said so coldly that Arli looked at her puzzled.

She had summoned Serrar to meet her, railed at him about what she saw as deceit and lying, in her eyes a repeat of the incident that had led to her being smacked around by Blayke because of something Serrar had failed to tell her. True it had led to Serrars proposal, she smiled fondly at the memory, then swallowed tears as the memory intensified her hurt.
The days that followed made her and Serrar increasingly distant from each other, he slept on the couch, if in fact he came home at all, choosing to stay with Sabien rather than face the frosty atmosphere in their home.
Serrar held his ground to a point, he hadn’t deceived her, but rather, she as Quel’Zaram had not understood what Zaram Justice was, and she stubbornly holding hers, that he as a Blade had failed to explain to her exactly what it was. Neither giving an inch in their stance. Finally unable to bear it any longer, she gave him an ultimatum, “deceive me again and I will leave”. Kel’dos had looked stricken at her words, she could tell he had a lot to say but he merely nodded.
“Hey Chey” Sabien hailed her across the square some days later. “Got a minute?”
She turned and smiled, nodding her agreement.
“Hop on then” he gestured to the bike. She grinned and slide into the pillion, resting her hands lightly on his waist as he roared off into Eversong.
By the lake he killed the engine and kicked the bike onto its stand before sitting down by the waterfall pool.
“What did you want me for?” she asked casually as she sat beside him.
He grinned lecherously but playfully.
“Leading question that Chey” he laughed.
She laughed good naturedly
“It’s Kel, unhappy little elf he is” Sabien started uncomfortable at broaching a personal topic with her, he hardly knew her afterall.
She tilted her head, half smiled and raised an eyebrow.
Sabien explained how Kel was feeling, unhappy that he was being made to pay personally for something he had done as a Blade.How back in the old days, they wouldn’t have asked the old Quel’Zaram for the ok, their rank dictated decisions on punishment were taken by themselves.
“Then why ask at all?” Chey questioned.
“He loves you Chey, wants you involved at all levels in his life.He wants you to understand what it is we are.” Sabien explained.
“I thought you were both just keeping me sweet to pick my brains and stuff…” she replied.
Sabien laughed.
“Thing is you don’t really know what we’re” he started.
“You want me to butt out..?”
Sabien shook his head and stood up.
“Nah..get your gear on..I’m taking you on a job sweetheart” he said “Gonna show you what we’re about”

Chey followed Sabien through the long shadows of Silvermoon city, watching and learning from him as he found and utilised every shadowed recess along their route into the bazaar. For an elf of his build she was impressed at his ability to pass so silently past both guard and guardian.
In the bazaar he halted and nodded to the armorers shop and with deliberate slowness gave her hand signals as to their intentions.
She caught the gist of most, repeating the ones she didn’t understand with a shrug. He nodded and repeated the gestures, whispering quietly what they meant, confident she would retain the information. He gestured them forward and through the shadows to the side door of the shop. He gestured her to pick the lock.
Inside with the door relocked from the inside, he relaxed somewhat and looked around the shop.
“We’ll start behind the desk, we’re looking for cupboards, shelves or recesses that may hold the safe.” He explained in a still slightly hushed voice. “Will be quite obviously placed I shouldn’t wonder, security is very loose, complacent…”
Chey smiled behind her mask. “A bit beneath you then a job like this then?”
Sabien grinned, “Lesson number one sweetheart. Never think a job is beneath you, easiest way to get caught out”
Crouched behind the desk, they systematically searched the shelves and drawers, Sabien taking the time to show her what things to take and what to leave.
“Theres so much” she exclaimed as Sabien uncovered tray after tray of fine silver and pearl handled blades.
“Aye..and we can’t take it all, we’d be too burdened, we need a silent quick getaway. We want the silver and any gemmed hilts, it can be smelted and sold on untraceable. Anything that’s monogramed or personalised we leave, too easily identified as not ours should it be found, also harder to shift.”
Chey nodded and started a search of her own, quickly utilising Sabiens teachings to select what she thought was worth taking.
“Want to see?” she asked before she pulled the bag closed.
Sabien shook his head. “No, I’ll look when we’re home, see how you did” he winked at her. “ it is…”
She crouched beside him as he pulled the safe from a hidden recess in the floor.
He took a set of small tools and quickly set to work on the lock.
“Hooked bar” he explained as he inserted a fine silvered pick into the lock, “it locates the cogs one by one and resets them into a line, which then causes the lock to…presto..there we go” he looked at her as the safe door swung open.
A few moments later, the safe emptied of all the moveable valuables and replaced in the recess, the two left the shop as quickly and as silently as they came.
Back in Sabiens small apartment they examined their haul.
“You did good Chey” he said as looked through her bag. “You learn quick” he sounded impressed.
She grinned at him looking pleased. Her cheeks still flushed with the rush and excitement of the raid.
“I’ve got a lot to learn though” she said “Sab..I loved it..will you take me again sometime?”
He laughed and nodded then looked thoughtful.
“Aye, gives me an idea..” he said “ What about we drop this whole Quel’Zaram thing..and the three of us together become a new breed of blade, equals we discuss and plan together..and being three we will always have a casting vote in a deadlock?”
He looked at her smiling “We’d need to see Kel about it of course…”
Chey chewed her lip. “Will he go for it?”
Sabien laughed.
“Course he will..he wants you by his want to be at his, Fel woman, any fool can see you two are only complete when youre together. So come on, whaddya say?”
Chey nodded and smiled, relief in her face at the thought of not having this conflict with Serrar any longer, to be able to get back what they had.
Leaning across she wrapped her arms around Sabien and hugged him.
“Thank you Sab..youre really quite sweet underneath that foul mouthed hard exterior” she laughed and kissed his cheek lightly
“Get off woman…” he growled “Just don’t want to my buddy so wound up is all…”
Chey laughed again releasing him and making for the door.
“I’ll go find Serrar” she said .
Sabien nodded curtly as she left and as the door closed he touched his face where she had kissed him and smiled ruefully.
“Sweet huh?” he laughed “You’ll learn”

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Re: Zaram Justice

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