[IC] Reply to the anti-Lionmane propaganda:"The Bane of Arathor"

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[IC] Reply to the anti-Lionmane propaganda:"The Bane of Arathor"

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:37 am

Within the next post of the magazine/Newpaper/Whatever media used for said post is printed a reaction to the article "The Bane of Arathor" by Geoffry "The Bear" Of Strom.

Reply to -“The Bane of Arathor” By Geoffry “The Bear” of Strom-
Many have probably read the statement made by our exiled kinsman Geoffry “The Bear” of Strom. And for this reason I am willing to give you the answer of those who still stand by our leader, our liege Lord Lionmane.
There are quite a few reasons to pay no heed to “The Bear”, for one the words of an exile are no doubt fuelled by his own bitter motives to slander those that have wronged him in the past.
An exiled man, who raises his opinion about the right and wrong done by our Lord Lionmane. Surely a man with such high morals would not be found as an exile of our nation to begin with. Nor does rumour and spread news paint a good picture for his credibility and knowledge about the current situation in the North in which he no longer plays a part this current day.

Allow me to further indulge the people who were so unfortunate to find The Bear's exclamation in their newspaper, a post of very little relevance aside from a desire to put our nation in doubt by our current leadership.
Geoffry “The Bear” has taken the readers through a memorylane of wrongs in the past, then there is only one question that arises. “Why is this of importance”. Men and women everywhere have no doubtedly made wrong decisions of different proportions, yet every individual grows and changes.

Arathor still stands, and will continue to fight against those that come to our borders for aslong as the blood runs through our veins. In the times where we found ourselves spread across Azeroth, faltering our task to defend our homeland is where Lord Lionmane took matters into his hands once more.

Regardless of the past, this man HAS planted the banner once more, rallied our kinsmen back home to show that we still stand as a nation despite everything that marks our history. The day we stood united once more infront of our leading Lord he has given us all the chance to start anew. Many who regret certain choices made have been granted a clean slate, a man willing to believe in his people deserves atleast the benefit of the doubt from them in return. And we believe that he has the right to be given a clean slate himself.

His current efforts to bring back the glory of our nation are surely not without struggle or setbacks. Lord Lionmane, despite his title is still a man of flesh and blood. A man prone to mistakes as nobody is perfect. Arathi will always welcome help and every support that is offered, we are not too prude to admit that on our own we shall not succeed. Because of this we have made political efforts on many fronts to strenghten our alliances in the north and from there also our previous bonds with Ironforge and Stormwind.
The details of this are irrelevant, the mentioning however is not. Lord Lionmane takes the wellbeing for his people to heart within the boundaries of his own position. Can an exile really judge the decisions made by a Lord without having dealt with the pressure of a role so burdening on a single person?

No single man can keep a nation together on his own. Therefor, I shall announce that the people of Arathor are willing to stand by Lord Lionmane and make certain Arathi shall prevail the hands of time. All this together with our friends and allies of the Alliance.

Adenah "Duskeye" Thorgint-Goldheart, Ambassador of Stromgarde to the council and noble houses of Stormwind.


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Re: [IC] Reply to the anti-Lionmane propaganda:"The Bane of Arathor"

Post by Vincent on Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:50 pm

*Vincent scrunches up the piece of paper with a grin on his face.*

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Re: [IC] Reply to the anti-Lionmane propaganda:"The Bane of Arathor"

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:12 pm

*Anaei finally gets a chance to read this propaganda, and the response*

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Re: [IC] Reply to the anti-Lionmane propaganda:"The Bane of Arathor"

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