[A] The Darkmist Retinue

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[A] The Darkmist Retinue

Post by Larnira on Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:55 pm

[You look on the Stormwind notice board and spot a neat, newly hung poster]

The Darkmist Retinue is an old noble house with roots in Gilneas. The house is currently led by Theromin and Larnira Darkmist. The retinue is currently looking for people to fill up the ranks of the Army and Servantry. There are three sections of the house- the Army, Servantry and the Nobility led by three remaining Darkmist family members- Liliana, Larnira and Theromin.
If you wish to join contact either Larnira or Theromin Darkmist or find one of the Retinue members and ask about organizing a meeting.

We are a newly made RP-PvP guild that aims to have a nice friendly atmosphere. When we get more then 20 members we will start organizing events on a weekly basis with diffrent PvP and RP guilds to make your stay with us as much fun as possible! We also accept OOC members that want to help level the guild.
In the Retinue we have accept- Humans, Quel'Dorei, Kal'Dorei, Gnomes and Dwarves. We also accept most clases accept the Death Knight.
We follow certain rules in the guild:
1. No discrimination because of Gender/Ethical background or sexual orientation.
2. Try to avoid much drama
3. If you have any problem with a member or anything else contact me and explain the situation so i can take care of it.
Its my first recruitment thread so please point out my mistakes! Smile
((P.S-i made some posters i thought would be useful))

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