Public Notice: Minister of Justice Resignation

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Public Notice: Minister of Justice Resignation

Post by Ledgic on Thu May 31, 2012 12:47 pm

Citizens of Stormwind City,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter of resignation. I have served Stormwind City in several ways for as long as I dare to remember now, but I believe the time has come to bow out of the political sector of said service. My lack of attendance will have quite obviously been noted, and I have given no word as to why that is the case. Simply put, I have been unable to split my duty between the King's Council, my dedication to the Cathedral of Stormwind and taking care of my family.

With the addition of a second child, I have taken it upon myself to spend more time with those I love and unfortunately that has directly conflicted with my duties. I'm sure it will not come as much of a shock that when deciding which to lose, I chose my position on the council.

I understand that there may be some questionable feelings toward me, due to this lack of attendance, but I ensure you that despite my lack of appearances at the meetings, my work has been diligent and constant. I also understand if the politicians, nobles and high ranking military officers of the kingdom deem my decision to be selfish. As a man of the light, a Paladin and a family man, I can only say that those assumptions would be wrong. In times of famine, war and everything in between, I believe family to be key in our survival.

Though I have stepped down from the Justice Ministry, I will remain a servant of His Majesty and the city itself. With the time diverted from politics I will be able to invest it back into the Cathedral and the community, which is something I have been wanting to return to for quite some time.

King's Honour my friends and may the light guide you in all walks of life


Chaplain Omanos Galenos - Former Minister of Justice.


(( Well, I'm sure there are people that have wanted this for ages and frankly I can't blame you. I've had a lot of work to be doing in recent months and that has meant my time to work with the council has dwindled significantly in a very sharp manner. I decided that it was best to move on, get my work done, then come back into the RP scene in a different way.

Best of luck to whoever takes up the position and joins the council, they're a decent bunch. ))

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