[IC] Letter to the Argent Crusade

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[IC] Letter to the Argent Crusade

Post by Dorothee/Duvaineth on Wed May 30, 2012 7:34 am

(Letter delivered to Tyrs Hand, Hearthglen and the Argent Crusade building in Stormwind)

To my dearest and closest allies, I have some rather sad and sorrowful news to inform you of. My mother Lady Isadora Rose Dawn is dead. She was killed by a paladin, who has abandoned the vitues. Her Grandson, my nephew, Tylarr Dawn also know as Tylarr Earlstead. I ask for no action to be taken against him, he shall live his life in shame, until he feels remorse and repents before the light and the remaining nobles of the House of Dawn. I have taken up the responcibility of leading her order Wardens of the Blade.

The following matter is rather upsetting. Last night, at Northsire Abbey, I eye witnessed the Disciples of Light arrest members of the Chapter of Holy Anethion . They were unlafully holding prisoner, a member of the Argent Crusade. His name is Sir Lexgrad. Stormwind will most likley punish those responcible. I am not sure if the leaders will be held responcible. But surley they were invovled for it was in their very own abbey. Due to this involving a member of your order I humbley advise you look into this, and for further knowleage look into the past crimes they have done, so you may have a full picture of what they intended to do to a respected knight of the Argent Crusade. Justice must be served one way or another. Shall you require our aid in anything, without question nor hesitation we shall be by your side.

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