Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

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Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Wed May 23, 2012 1:18 am

The inn on Murder Row was empty which suited the two elves fine. Sabien bought a bottle of bourbon while Kel'dos rolled them a couple of smokes, then the pair took seats on opposite sides of a small table where they could each keep a subtle eye on an entrance.
"So..Sunblade?" started Kel'dos "What do we do about it?"
Sabien scratched his chin thoughtfully.
"Difficult one, I believe the kid when he said he had no clue it was his family who set us up"
Kel'dos nodded. "Yeah he couldn't have hidden it for that long, especially from Chey, and for all his foot stamping and spitting he's a good kid, so this Uncle and Grandfather we take them?"
Sabien looked thoughtful then looked across at Kel.
"Kid says he'll turn us in if we harm them" he replied.
Sab thought back to his meeting with Arli earlier, kid had told him in no uncertain terms that if he or Kel tried to kill his family he would hand them over to Silvermoon,and although the kid was slightly wary as he spoke, Sabien knew the kid was sincere and thinking about it, its what he would expect from Arli, kid would defend those he cared for by whatever means, same as Blades would have done if the situation was reversed.
"I ain't going down again Kel..."
Kel'dos looked mildly surprised for a moment then nodded.
"Other means then?" he asked "they can't get away with it, maybe a financial restitution...?"
The two exchanged a grin.
"need to find the place..look it over...." Sabien started.
"Dawnrunner..." said Kel'Dos "Big estate, like a feckin fortress...we would need some planning, preferably an inside job."
"Kid's a Dawnrunner?Blimey!"
The two bounced ideas around for the next few minutes, from the overly complicated to the downright ridiculous.
"They have big social events" said Kel;dos."Maybe get a job for the night? Taking coats or something"
Both laughed.
"Chey..." started Kel'dos "She'd get in, Arli would jump at the chance to take her anywhere"
Sabien looked at Kel.
"She'd do it?" he asked "How much would we tell her?"
"We tell her it all, she can say yes or no as she wants, she won't spill"
They discussed it further in hushed voices and shortly it was decided, their retribution would be a robbery at The Dawnrunners, the haul could be huge.
"We need a dummy run" said Sabien "I'm outta practice"
Again heads together they discussed potential.
"Gimme today to sort some gear...should be able to get my hands on some old Blades stuff, I hear the authorities didn't even look for the storage vaults, just us..." there was still traces of bitterness in Sabiens voice as he spoke." You get some here tomorrow and we'll pull us a highway robbery"
Again they exchanged a grin, as Kel nodded.
Rising and clasping hands they said their farewells and left by different doors.
" Sin'Zaram..Blood Blades..." Sabien thought to himself "The boys are back...." and with a new animation in his step he strode purposefully home.
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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Thu May 24, 2012 1:11 pm

Kel'dos and Sabien crouched in the shadows afforded by the large opulent town house they were watching. A light burned brightly in one of the downstairs rooms and through the sheer curtain, silhouettes of a male and a female could be seen bustling around as if preparing to go out.
Finally the door opened and the two left, the male pausing to drape a silver wolf-skin wrap around the females shoulders, kissing her neck as he did so.
Sabien and Kel'dos exchanged an eye-rolling grin.
Then arm in arm the couple strolled away from the house towards the centre of the city.
They crouched silently for a few more moments, there were no movements from within, satisfied the house was empty Sabien and Kel'Dos moved forward.
"Guy's a warlock or something" Sabien hissed as the rear door refused to be picked. "Magically sealed..."
Kel'Dos nodded as he too failed to unlock the window.
"Ah well "sighed Sabien, "unpickable, nothing much we can do...I'll need to use my magical workaround"
Kel'dos looked and raised an eyebrow "A wha..." then broke into a grin and nodded as Sabien wrapped his cloak around his lower arm and used it elbow the small scullery window, breaking it with only the barest of sound.
A few moments later they stood inside the darkened house.

Rapidly and stealthily they searched each room, assessing the valuables and selecting their haul. The holdall was nearly full with silverware and jewellry in a short time, as both felt their expertise and technique returning.
They exchanged a glance and another grin, their eyes each showing the other that both of them were high on adrenalin and relishing the buzz.
A final look in the bedroom and more jewellry stashed in the bag, then as quickly and as quietly as they came, the two elves left.

The haul safely hidden, they strode to the inn, their intention to assess the clientele, look for an easy target for any future job they may decide to do as a practise run up to the Dawnrunner raid. They stood at the balcony, listening and watching the people at their leisure.
They talked in low hushed voices, suggesting targets and then assessing their worth and capability.

"What!" a rather clipped well to do voice rang over the rest "You've never tasted champagne? Goodness we must remedy that at once...Barkeep...." he snapped his fingers.
Sabien and Keldos glanced at each other and nodded. Future target identified.

"Call this a fine champagne?" the voice said sometime later. "it's just a cheap and vulgar wine..."
"For fels sake" whispered Sabien "What a drama queen"
Kel laughed.
"It is rather nasty" said a female voice. "But maybe later you can get me some of real quality instead of this make do vinegar these lower classes seem to enjoy"
The two disembodied voices laughed "Indeed my dear, a rare beauty such as yourself deserves only the finest..but you did want to see how the masses relaxed, and I thought what better way to show you than to mingle with them at their own level"
"Ooooh" giggled the female. "You are simply spoiling me..."
"Feck it Kel...I'm gonna just kill him..he's really pissing me off..."
Kel laughed and placed a hand on Sabiens shoulder.
"Easy brother..lets follow them when they go, check their place and see if its worth a job"
Sabien growled but nodded.
Sabien tried to block his ears from the "constant feckin whinin" to Kels amusement.
"Come my dear lets take a stroll, away from this inn, into fresher air" the man finally said
"Yes let's do that, it's one thing to see how the other half live, but quite another to live like them" the female replied.

Within moments Sabien and Kel'dos had slipped silently from the inn.

"A picnic by the seashore...splendid way to round off the evening..." said the male placing his arm around the girl

Sabien and Kel'dos followed in the shadows, occasionally stopping to scour the terrain for signs of pursuit, there were none.

They watched as the pair set out a picnic, patiently awaiting their chance to strike.
The male wrestled with a large bottle of champagne, the cork finally yielding and shooting off somewhere with a loud pop.
"Twist the bottle not the cork you clueless twat..." hissed Sabien to himself.
"Won't be all thats exploding soon by the look..." replied Kel in a whisper nodding towards the pair.
"Fel no..." spat Sabien quietly.
They laughed quietly laughed quietly as the man slipped the strap of the girls dress down her arm and began kissing her shoulder.
The girl leaned back smiling and raised a slender leg and ran her slim elegant foot down the male.
"Not quite the family jewels I had in mind tonight" smirked Sabien.
"I think we've seen enough" whispered Kel "Lets do this"

Creeping forward as far as they could they stepped from the shadows.
"Good evening" said Kel "If you'd be so"
The male quickly recovered from his fright at the sudden appearance of the two elves clad in black and gold armour and wearing colours which he did not recognise, black bearing gold crossed daggers.
"I..I...beg your pardon?" he stammered
"Granted" said Keldos "Now quickly, hand over your goods"
Sabien aimed a kick at the seated male "He said quickly..."
The woman opened her mouth and screamed.
Sabien sighed, hauled her to her feet and back handed her cheek.
"Shut it sweetheart, or we'll give you something to scream about"
The woman stopped her screaming and cried helplessly. Sabien held her fast and ignored her tears.
Keldos was getting impatient with the male.
"I said quickly..." he snapped and manhandled the male, forcefully taking his money pouch and throwing it to Sabien. "Rings..chains now..." Kel'dos held his blade close to the male, who quickly but reluctantly removed his jewellry and thrust it at Kel.
"Now you lady" he turned to her "same for you"
The girl cried and made no attempt to move. Sabien gripped her arm.
"Do as the man says" he growled but savagely tore off her rings while Kel'dos reached forward and snatched a large heavy amulet from around her neck. Stuffing it a satchel he bowed.
"Thank you" he turned to the male "both of you..."
A slight nod to Sabien and the pair melted into the shadows again, leaving the male and female comforting each other.
"Probably crying now because the champagnes gone flat..." said Sabien as they made their getaway.
They shared a laugh.
"Was messy Sab" said Kel "We need more practise"
Sabien nodded "Plenty least one a day I'm guessing."
They grinned at each other, words unsaid but both knew their Dawnrunner job would be no means their last.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Kel'dos on Fri May 25, 2012 12:56 pm

The evening air in the city was still warm as they walked home hand in hand. Chey had found Kel'dos a short while ago standing talking to an attractive girl outside of the inn, but there were no accusations, no jealousy from her at all, they were both secure in their love for each other – and he loved her all the more for it. He looked at Chey and smiled, she returned his smile as always and he hoped she would still be smiling after the talk he needed to have.

As they reached home, Kel’dos poured two nightcaps and together they sat on the couch, Chey leaning into him as they recounted the small, inconsequential events of the day. The bourbon finished and the conversation seemingly exhausted, Kel’dos took the empty glasses and headed to the kitchen, with his back to Chey he finally got the courage to speak what was really on his mind;

“I can’t let what happened with Blades go without some retribution, Chey”.

Chey remained silent as Kel’dos placed the glasses in the sink and then turned back to face her.

“Sabien faced twelve years in jail, I was on the run almost as long and then the business with Sabien believing I’d sold them out when all along it was...”

“..yes, Arli” finished Chey quietly.

Kel’dos leaned against the table and looked at Chey, it was clear she was worried.

“Don’t hurt him, he didn’t know” she added quietly.

“I know, the kid talks too much but neither of us believe he sold out Blades. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt him....we plan to turn over the Dawnrunners, loss of earnings and all that”

Chey gave Kel’dos a small smile and feeling the worst was over, Kel’dos relaxed a little and returned her smile.

“It would set us up again Chey” he continued, “even with Sabien’s cut it would give us a good amount to start up again...Sin’Anindoth...if you wanted that.”

Chey walked over and put her arms around Kel’dos, resting her head on his chest; “I’d like that..but...the Dawnrunner’s won’t be easy. The place is well guarded, it would be difficult to get in and out again” she replied.

“Yes..” replied Kel’dos, his arms encircling her. “It would need someone already inside the place to get us in through a service entrance or something.” Kel’dos paused and kissed the top of Chey’s head. “A one of their social events perhaps.”

Chey laughed and looked up at Kel’dos, kissing his lips softly. “You think they would invite you and Sabien? A random elf and an ex-con?”

Kel’dos smiled and shook his head slightly “No, but I know a certain family member of the Dawnrunner’s who would jump at the chance to have you on his arm for the evening.

Chey hesitated for a moment and then laughed lightly; “I get inside, make excuses to slip away and powder my nose, and then let you two in” she nodded thoughtfully as she spoke. “No one will notice a ‘lost’ guest wandering around and the place will be so noisy with everyone, no one will hear you two upstairs” she finished with a grin.

“This way, no one gets hurt, Sabien and I get our vengeance and you and I get a nice tidy sum of gold to free us up to do whatever we want.” Suddenly serious, Kel’dos looked into Chey’s eyes; “It’s up to you, I don’t want you to do this if you don’t want to”. Chey reached up and kissed Kel’dos then smiled softly “Of course I’ll do it, the Dawnrunner’s have it coming and Arli...well...I feel he owes me too”.

A look of surprise and confusion crossed Kel’dos face, Chey placed her finger on his lips before he could speak and shook her head slightly as she laughed lightly.

“Ok..ok..” grinned Kel’dos “I won’t ask. Just work on Arli, find when the next social is and get yourself invited”.

Chey nodded slightly and put her arms around Kel’dos as they lost themselves in a lingering kiss.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Sun May 27, 2012 4:22 am

"Oh hello Arli" said Chey as she saw him walking across The Exchange waving a greeting.
"Hey Chey" he smiled.. his face still showing bruising and healing cuts. "How you been?"
She nodded and smiled "Oh same old, you?"
Arli nodded and looked at the bags Chey was carrying. "Been shopping?"
Chey laughed and nodded. "Gave myself a treat after all the events..."
Arli nodded.
"Oh!" Chey exclaimed causing Arli to look at her suddenly "Arli...just the person will you do something for me?"
He looked suspicious for a moment then gave a slight grin, trying to recall the last time a favour for Chey hadn't resulted in yet another cut, stab or bruise. Reading his expression she laughed and placed her hand on his arm and squeezed it lightly. "No no Arli, nothing involving fists or anything, I bought a dress, saw it, loved it bought Im not sure if Ive done the right thing.." she bit her lip and looked up at him. "Will you give me your honest opinion if I try it on?"
Arli looked surprised at Chey wanting his opinion but nodded.
"Er yeah sure...but Kel...won't he..?" Arli started
Chey laughed and tucked her arm through his. "Oh yes Serrar will say I look beautiful in it...he's biased though, he'd think I looked beautiful draped in nothing but an old Hawkstrider blanket"
Arli laughed but saw her point then shook his head slightly to clear the image of Chey draped in a blanket. Aye Kel would have a fair point.

Leaving Arli with a bourbon in the living room, she ran to the bedroom.
Thank the sunwell that she'd found Arli today, every day for the past week or so she had walked around the city carrying that bag hoping to bump into him.
She donned the dress, carefully arranging it to hang in perfect folds, she brushed her hair and quickly arranged it to frame her face and pinned a small flower in the side just for emphasis. She walked into the sitting room and over to the large window, subtly standing so the light was behind her giving just a hint of her frame through the layers of silk.
"Ta-da!" she said holding her arms out and slowly turning. "What do you think?"
Arli looked up and coughed bourbon.
"You don't like it?" asked Chey her face looking disappointed.
"No!" Arli blurted "I mean no I dont not like it..I er mean..I wasn't Chey its real nice"
He looked into his bourbon then back up his cheeks reddening slightly, Fel he thought she looked beautiful, radiant, he tried to recall the last time anyone had taken his breath away like this.
"Real nice?" said Chey "Oh..."
Arli watched her face fall and again hurriedly tried to make amends. "No no you look just amazing" he managed.
Chey laughed and shook her head. "Good good" she thought "phase one done..
She flopped beside him on the sofa and nudged him. "Thanks, not that it matters, not like I'll go anywhere to wear it..."
"Get Kel to take you to dinner, show you off...I know I would" Arli replied again reddening slightly.
"Oh you know Kel...." she started and fell silent."He hasn't a clue about social stuff" she added finally. There that should feed Arli's ego, let him think he's better than Serrar at something.
Arli nodded.
"Oh for fels sake Arli...bite will you..." she thought to herself as Arli didn't speak.
Arli finally looked at her his cheeks quite red.
"Er Chey?" his voice came out a high nervous squeak, what the feck was wrong with him he cursed to himself. He coughed
"Er Chey?" he said again,
She tilted her head, looked at him curiously then smiled.
Fel he wished she wouldn't do that...
"My Grandfather is having one of his social gatherings in a couple of weeks, I..I..I was going to try and slither out of going, but.." his voice trailed
She felt slightly bad, poor Arli was baited and hooked and he was having trouble asking her she was sure. She smiled affectionately, she hated using him but this time needs must. She stepped in
"Oh lucky you....I'd love to go to one of those, I have very vague memories of my mother having them, they were wonderful I used to watch from the stairs in my pink rabbit pyjamas" she laughed.
Again Arli shook his head to clear a sudden image.
"I could take you to The Dawnrunner party" Arli said quickly "If you wanted that is...if Kel would be ok with it....not as a date or anything...."
Chey smiled and flung her arms around him and hugged him excitedly.
"Arli..I'd love to..if you dont think Id show you up.." she squealed.
Arli laughed and hugged her back, "Not a chance of that..."
Buried in his hug, she closed her eyes with relief. Now all they had to do was plan the rest...
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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Guest on Mon May 28, 2012 4:02 pm

Arli once again slowed his mechanohog as he approached the gates of the Dawnrunner estate. Pulling down his mask to identify himself he was a little perplexed that the guards didn't just open the gates and wave him through.

"It's me, Arli, open up" he yelled as he slowed the bike to a crawl

The guards remained at their stations and looked straight ahead. With an annoyed sigh, Arli stopped at the side of the road and killed the engine, striding up to the gates. He stopped in front of one of the guards, who looked straight ahead, refusing to make any eye contact.

"Open...the...gates" said Arli slowly and loudly.

" 'fraid not" said the second guard quickly, his eyes flitting to Arli and then back to staring ahead.

"You do know who I am, right?" asked Arli unnecessarily; he'd known the second guard since he was a child and they had played together on the estate. His Grandfather had a tradition of employing each generation of his staff that sought a job on the Dawnrunner estate. The first guard just nodded slightly, again refusing eye contact.

"Look..mate" said the second guard resignedly "We've been told you're not welcome here and until they tell us otherwise, well....I'm sure you understand?"

Arli dropped the hard-guy routine and nodded slightly, slapping the first guard on the shoulder "' s'ok, you're just doing your job I guess". Arli took a few steps back and looked along the length of the walls that stretched into the distance. Covered in vines and fragrant climbing flowers they would be easy to scale, but he knew that the estate was protected by more than just mere brickwork and he'd find himself flat on his back a good 10 feet away if he even tried to climb them. He needed to get inside and apologise, he had told Chey he'd take her to the family social in -that- dress and he wasn't going to miss the chance to show her off and let people think she was his. He looked back to the guards and smiled;

"Perhaps you can let them know I'm here? I really need to see them, you probably know what happened.." he laughed, looking embarrassed, "...I kinda need to apologise and set things straight."

The second guard nodded; "Yeah, gotta say we didn't think you had it in you to punch him out".

Arli smiled slightly; "Neither did I. Can you tell them? Please? I'll wait here, if they say no, I'll go with no problems...that a deal, Heraldon?" it was a long shot but using his childhood's friend's name might just sway it for him.

The second guard paused and then nodded slightly. "Stay here, I'll be back as quick as I can".

Arli watched as the guard hurried down the gravel drive and attempted to make small talk with the remaining guard to pass the time.

As Arli stood before his Uncle and Grandfather in his Grandfather’s study, it occurred to him that perhaps he should have left more time between the incident and the apology. His Uncle’s black eye was still very evident and Arli could only imagine the glares he gave the other Blood Knights if they dared to ask how he got it. Arli coughed and looked down to hide the smirk that was fighting to form on his face.

“Are you smirking?” asked Valrik

“No, no sir” replied Arli, fixing his well practiced innocent look as he looked back up at the two before him. It fooled them as much as it used to fool the Thorn Mistress and the look on his Uncle’s face was easy to read.

“We waste our time, the boy shows no remorse” snapped Valrik, taking a step towards the door but stopping as his father grabbed his forearm.

“Give the boy a chance, Valrik”

“I’m here to apologise, sir” replied Arli courteously. The founder of the Vile Thorn, the original Thorn Master Aconitus, had once told him to never apologise. However, Arli knew there was a difference between an apology and the words used to apologise and if careful, one could give the illusion of seeking forgiveness when none was sought. That punch had been many years in the making.

Arli cleared his throat and then spoke clearly, looking at his Uncle and Grandfather as he spoke; "I now understand why you saw the need to bring the downfall of Blades and that on reflection, my action against you was perhaps misplaced, sir". He looked at his Uncle as he finished.

"Perhaps misplaced?" said Valrik in a clipped voice.

"Perhaps I should clarify" continued Arli, "I was angry because of other events outside of the family, this could explain why I acted in such a way". Arli completed his performance by lowering his head and averting his eyes.

"Don't think for one mome-" started Valrik

"Now, that's enough. The boy has apologised, you would do well to accept it." interjected Grandfather. "The boy has obviously been racked with guilt for him to return to apologise so soon after the event. Not his usual behaviour to seek forgiveness."

Arli nodded slightly and looked up at his Grandfather. "I'll really try to be the grandson you deserve, sir. Please, let me attend the next social event as proof of my wanting to remain a part of the Dawnrunner family?"

Valrik's eyes narrowed but before he could speak, his father slapped him on the back "See! I told you he was sorry! Of course you can attend Arlithion!"

"Quite" replied Valrik through gritted teeth.

Arli smiled at his Grandfather and then looked at Valrik and the widening of his smile was not lost on his uncle.


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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Wed May 30, 2012 2:45 pm

Kel'dos gave Sabien a grin and a thumbs up sign as they passed on the stairs to Kel and Chey's apartment. Kel'dos had left a few minutes earlier excusing himself to "run an errand", leaving Chey alone for Sabien to call and finally make the apology he had been promising.
Sabien gave a bare smile of recognition as he worked out in his head the words he would say to Chey and put the past events behind them. Kel had been right when he said if all three werent together on this then they stood no chance of any success.
Sabien rapped on the door, the knock a lot more confident sounding than he felt inside, Kel's woman was an unknown quantity to him, he didn't know what to expect. But hey..she was hard could it be?

Chey opened the door the curiosity on her face quickly replaced by one of angry distaste when she saw her caller.
"He's out" she said coldly "You've just missed him" and moved to close the door.
Sabien caught the closing door with his palm and held it firmly against her resistance. "It's you I need to see"
"Well youve seen me, now goodbye" she snapped applying further pressure to the door, which Sabien easily resisted.
Sabien sighed and tried to smile. "Can I come in?"
"Look lady.." he started impatiently then tempered his voice "I'm sorry, just it's important"
Chey looked at him impassively
Fel she wasn't making this easy. "Look ok ok..I'm sorry right? for what I did..thought..about Kel and the Blades..."
"And?" she said with disinterest "Whats your point?"
Sabien looked a little lost for a response. " wanted to set the record straight and all that, say it wasn't personal..say sorry for what I put you through"
Cheys eyes flashed an angry green "Wasn't personal!" she hissed "How else was I to take my husband leaving me alone in the middle of nowhere to go on the spent days..weeks...wondering worrying whether or not he'd been Sabien wasn't personal..."
"I don't know what else I can say..." Sabien replied
"Tell you what Sabien..come on..come in..." she snapped flinging the door wide. " Tell just feckin tell me how it wasn't personal..."
Sabien stood unmoving, unsure if she was serious, she grabbed his arm and pulled him with deceptive strength over the step then pushed him into the sitting room slamming the door behind him.
She stood behind him arms folded, waiting.
Sabien faced her and ran a hand through his hair and looked down uncomfortably. So much for the "sorry lady."
"I spent a long time in jail..nothing else to do but think of revenge...and the longer I thought, the more positive I was it was Kel..." he explained.
"Spare me the violins please..." she replied "I don't care why you decided it was Kel...only about what you did to us"
"I said sorry lady, what else can I do, you want my blood in a bucket?" his tone was irritated, this was not going as planned, he felt the temptation to push her out of the way and just leave, but..he owed it to Kel to make it right, or try, besides he wanted them all to get along.
"Don't tempt me..." she said.
Sabien, never the most patient of people at the best of times gave an irritated sigh and clenched his fist in frustration. Too late he saw Chey glance down and misintepretate the gesture.
She laughed totally without humour. "Come on then..." and before Sabien could explain she had launched herself forward propelling herself into a flying kick, the side of her foot catching him across the throat, causing him to gag and choke, he fell to his knees coughing. He composed himself the best he could and hit a defensive pose, but his moments incapacitation had given Chey the advantage, she swung around and landed a drop kick to his back and hitting the back of his neck with the hilt of a large dagger.
Fel..the girl could fight, he thought as he fell forward onto his hands and kness trying to clear his head. Behind him he heard her move, he prepared himself, let the bitch try he thought, come on sweetheart Im ready for ya this time...
No blow came. Instead he heard her breathe deeply and address him "So big fella had enough?" her voice held a mocking edge.
Infuriated and getting angry as she taunted him he slowly got to his feet, poised on the ball of his foot his fist clenched, ready to spin and hit her before she got in another blow.
He faced her, she hadn't moved, she stood arms folded "Well?" she asked again.
So feckin smug he thought angrily I am so gonna wipe that smirk..he tried to hold his temper as he looked down at her.
"Rot in hell bitch, I'm gonna wipe that smirk, paste the walls with you the take whats left" the words formed in his head, he opened his mouth to respond.
"Yes Chey..enough...I've had enough" he said.
Chey tilted her head and looked at him uncertainly, was he making fun of her? She studied his face and saw his sincerity, read his guilt and felt his remorse. She gave him a half smile and outstretched a hand.
"Apology accepted"
He took her hand in his and grasped it.
"Thank you" he said "I truly am sorry..for your pain and what I nearly did to a brother."
Chey nodded, I mean after all if Serrar could forgive Sabien then so should she.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Kel'dos on Thu May 31, 2012 5:14 pm

Kel'dos barely heard the soft footfalls stop outside the apartment and then after a short pause, there was a sharp rap of knuckles on the door. He opened the door to see Arli standing, smiling, which was usually a sign he wanted something.

"Sunblade...what do you want?" said Kel'dos, noticing with relief that Arli didn't have any luggage with him.

"Can I come in? "said Arli, peering around Kel'dos to smile at Chey; "Oh..hey Chey"

"Hi Arli" said Chey returning his smile, "Come in".

Kel'dos stepped to the side and allowed Arli to pass by, closing the door behind him.

"Just thought I'd drop by and see if you wanted a drive over to the Dawnrunner's one afternoon?" asked Arli a little awkwardly, pointedly not looking at Kel'dos. "Y'know, see the place before, get to meet my Grandfather so things don't seem to awkward for you". Arli smiled nervously as he added in a low voice "You did tell him?"

Chey laughed as she nodded; "Of course, and yes I'd love to", exchanging a glance with Kel'dos.

Arli grinned; no need to mention to family that she wasn't his date after all. "Great, see you probably tomorrow, or the day after if the Thorn Master sends me after that soddin' book he wants from Honor Hold...gonna assign it to an Apprentice though, might as well make use of them." Arli turned as he heard the door open behind him.

"I assume that's all, Sunblade?" asked Kel'dos, the door open wide.

"Oh yeah sure" answered Arli walking to the door. He stopped and paused in the doorway. "Almost forgot...those comms you wanted off Robi?"

Kel'dos looked sharply at Arli; "Keep your voice down"

"Oops..yeah sure" said Arli a little more quietly. " Robi you'd deal with her direct."

"Wait...I thought you were sorting this at your meeting?" asked Kel'dos; Arli was supposed to have arranged for the comms to be provided by Robi, and that was days ago.

"We..disagreed, told her to sod it and sort it out with you directly" replied Arli, quickly making his way through the open door. "See you!" he called back as he almost ran down the stairs two at a time.

Kel'dos all but slammed the door shut. "Fel..I was hoping we would have the comms by now".

Chey looked at Kel'dos "I know, but I've an invite to the Dawnrunner's now, I can get a tour of the place and you'll be more prepared on the night".

Kel'dos smiled slightly but looked distracted as he walked across and picked up the bottle of bourbon. "That's great, but we need those comms though, there is no way we can pull this off without all three of us being in contact".

"We still have a few days...."

Kel'dos sighed; "Nothing for it, one of us will have to go find Robi and see if she has at least got us some and if not..well...see how fast she can."

Kel'dos turned and poured himself a drink, Chey's smile faded as he looked away, she wanted to keep Kel'dos away from Robi as much as possible. She truly believed he was hers but Robi, well, she had a certain way....

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Kel'dos on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:46 am

Kel'dos kissed Chey goodbye and with a whispered promise to take care, left the apartment for the short walk across Silvermoon to Sabien's place. Tonight was to be the first big job that they had attempted, the final practice before the robbery on the Dawnrunners place. The target was the home of a local businessman and it promised rich pickings and the thought that the businessman and his family would be at home, asleep, while the robbery took place only fueled Kel'dos' adrenaline. As Sabien had pointed out, if they couldn't turn a place over when the occupants were asleep, what chance would they have at the Dawnrunners when they would all be very much awake?

Sabien opened the door quickly and ushered Kel'dos in, directing him to take a seat and over freshly-brewed coffee, the two went over their plans for the burglary, including back-up plans they would follow in case they were discovered. They talked easily, and thought alike, as if the twelve years since they had been in the gang together had been but a matter of weeks. Talk soon moved onto the plans for the Dawnrunner job and although they spoke of recovering payment 'for earnings lost', both knew that the thrill of the job itself was driving them on

It was 2am by the time the two slipped quietly from the back window of Sabien's apartment, both dressed in their old Blades black and gold leather gear, all but identical and faces obscured by masks so as to be unrecognisable should they be unexpectedly seen. They made their way across Silvermoon, sticking close to the walls and using whatever shadows were present to keep hidden from the patrols of the night. The City was relatively trouble-free and the patrols were few and far between, making the first part of the job easy and soon they were alongside the elegant house in which their prizes lay.

The residents of the City were unused to trouble and few took extra precautions to protect their properties. Money wasn't hard to come-by using legal means, so robberies were few and far between plus the ever present Arcane patrols discouraged petty thieves - something Kel'dos and Sabien would never consider themselves to be. The lock on the rear of the property was a strong, expensive lock, but a mechanical lock nevertheless that took Sabien less than a minute to pick and with a faint click, their access to the property was assured.

The two moved silently around the ground floor, focussing on small, easily carried valuable items that could be sold-on relatively easily. The majority of communication was by the hand signals that they used in Blades, the comms each now wore remained silent but present in case of emergency and they became separated. Signalling that their search of downstairs was complete, they silently made their way upstairs, moving close to the walls, their footsteps light on the edge of each stair. As they reached the top, they again indicated by hand-signal which room each would take and splitting up, they started to search the bedrooms; jewellery being the main target.

Sabien walked silently on the thick plush carpet of the main bedroom, slowly opening drawers and taking his pick of the contents of the small jewellery boxes arranged on the elaborate white dressing table. Any sound made would have been drowned out by the loud snoring of the man anyway. A flicker of movement in the doorway caught his eye, the silhouette of Kel'dos appeared, signing that the two other bedrooms contained children and so nothing of worth. Sabien returned a small nod and indicated for Kel'dos to start to search the plainer white dressing table, although the male of the house would have less jewellery there may still be money or gemmed cuff-links for the taking.

The search took but a few minutes and the two slipped as silently from the room as they had arrived, pulling the door closed behind them and making their way back to the stairs, the leather packs each had slung over their shoulders now considerably heavier than when they had arrived. The two turned suddenly as the door closest to the stairs opened and a boy, not far into his teenage years appeared in the doorway, his sleepy eyes taking a few moments to recognise that the shadows before him were of sin'dorei form. His eyes widened but before he could gasp a cry, Kel'dos grabbed him, spinning him round and pinning the boy back against him, his leather-clad hand pressed firmly over the boys mouth as he dragged him back into his bedroom. Sabien pushed the door closed behind him and silently unsheathed his dagger, a shaft of light from the boy's night-light glinting off the blade as the boy recoiled in horror and tried in vain to break free from Kel'dos tight grip. Without word, Sabien struck the boy sharply on the side of the head with the hilt of his dagger, the boy suddenly limp in Kel'dos' arms, a trickle of blood snaking down the side of his face. A quick search of the wardrobe found belts and ties to bind and gag the still unconscious boy, if he awoke it would give them valuable minutes to make their escape. Kel'dos lifted the boy, placing him in the wardrobe and closing the door, the darkness would disorientate the boy on awakening and afford them more time.

The two slipped from the room and down the stairs, careful to make no sound as they closed the back door and stepped back into Silvermoon. The journey back to Sabien's apartment was taken slowly and with care. They climbed back into the apartment through the window, Sabien closing the window behind them. The two faced each other and pulled their masks off, their matching grins turning quickly into laughter.

"Fel, we've still got it" grinned Sabien as he slapped Kel'dos on the shoulder.

"Blades brothers" replied Kel'dos with a smile, grabbing Sabien's hand in a firm Blades handshake.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:10 am

"Arlithion is bringing his new girlfriend home today" he said to his son Valrik who had also risen "Tea on the veranda I think..." this to a hovering footman who inclined his head in acknowledgement.
Valrik gave a tight-lipped smile towards his father.
"If his previous acquisitions are anything to go by, a trough in the garden should suffice...but no matter" he said dryly "I'm sure you will forgive me father, if I say I have other commitments this afternoon, and please do give my apologies to his lady."
And with that he bade his farewells and left the reading room.
Arandor sighed softly to himself and shook his head with a soft chuckle before heading into the main house to look for his granddaughter.

Chey brushed her hair and fastened it carefully into a loose ponytail, tying it off with a black velvet ribbon. She smoothed her clothes and turned to face Kel'dos.
"Well how do I look?" she smiled "Suitable attire for tea at the Dawnrunners?"
Kel'dos looked her up and down as she turned in a circle and nodded. Her clothes were simple but exquisitely cut, a pair of soft fabric tailored trousers and a simple open necked white shirt, again exquisite in its cut.
"Beautiful as always" he smiled at her, his eyes full of adoration as she embraced him and kissed him lightly.
"And youre sure you don't mind how much I spent on them?" she asked him.
He shook his head "Of course not, if it helps you act the part and charm the Dawnrunners, it's worth every last copper" He smiled, Fel they ought to look nice, he'd nearly choked on his whiskey when she gently dropped the price into their conversation earlier. 800 gold! and that was just the shirt, 1100 for the trousers he hadn't dared guess at the price of the supple soft Dragonhawk leather shoes. But her argument had proved valid, she needed the Dawnrunners to accept her and like her, show she wasn't like the usual girls Arli had taken there. And looking at her she looked every inch Silvermoon nobility.

A knock at the door and with a sigh Kel opened it, knowing it was Sunblade coming to pick Chey up.
"Hey Chey" Arli smiled at her and cast a smug grin at Kel. "You look nice.."
"Thanks Sunblade..." replied Kel dryly.
"I'm ready" Chey called grabbing a small bag and hurrying to the door "Will I do?"
Arli grinned and nodded. "You look nice, c'mon I got the bike outside"
Keldos rolled his eyes before leaning to kiss Chey goodbye and closing the door behind them.
"Bike.." thought Kel as he watched them from the window. "Kid just didn't have a clue..."

Arli raised an eyebrow and looked at Chey as she sat in the sidecar making no move to exit it as they arrived at the Dawnrunners palatial home. He'd been more than a little surprised when she'd opted to sit in it in the first place, other times she's chosen to sit behind him.
"Don't be nervous" he laughed. "They don't bite..."
Chey looked up at him and smiled.
"I'm not nervous" she smiled back "I'm waiting for you to open the door and help me out".
Arli opened his mouth then closed it again before obeying the request, offering her his arm with a mock bow and a cheeky grin. "M'lady..."
Laughing she took his arm and allowed him to escort her to the huge front doors.

"Grandfather, Chey, Chey Grandfather" said Arli casually
Chey extended her hand towards Arandor " Hello, I'm so pleased to meet you at last, what a lovely home you have"
She smiled warmly as Arli's grandfather took her hand and shook it gently.
"The pleasure is all mine Chey" he replied courteously "And thank you"
Sitting on the veranda sipping tea, Chey engaged Arandor in warm natural conversation, asking what some of the beautiful flowers in the grounds were and admiring the immaculate gardens.
Arli smiled self-satisfied as he watched his grandfather warm to Chey. He knew she wouldn't let him down, again he had the wistful thought of what he had chosen to turn his back on, he got no satisfaction from wondering if Kel knew how lucky he was, he already knew the answer.
"Allow me to show you the grounds" said Arandor rising "Arlithion, go and find Naimen, she was specifically asking for you earlier, ask her to join us"
"I would love to General Dawnrunner" replied Chey also rising.
"Oh please Chey, it's Arandor..." he replied
Arli's jaw dropped.

It was some time later when Chey and Arli's grandfather returned from the tour, they came in by the full length glass doors sharing a joke, Arli noticed with some surprise and more than a touch smugness that Cheys arm was through his grandfathers and that his grandfather was patting her hand as they laughed.
His grandfather looked up at Arli.
"Arlithion, it's really too bad of you not to have mentioned that Chey here is the grand-daughter of Lariel and Orlion Whisperwind, both them were good friends of mine and your grandmother when we were young" he mock reprimanded his grandson.
Arli grinned at his grandfather "Well grandfather, you never really asked..." he laughed, hiding his lack of knowledge at this revelation.
"Two more for dinner, Sartherin" he spoke to the servant hovering by the door, who nodded and retreated. "Arlithion why don't you show Chey around the house?"
Arli nodded and draped his arm casually around Cheys waist as he guided from the room, "I'll show you the games room and then er..something else..." he said as they walked "not that there;ll be time to see much, with security codes for nearly every feckin room...fel's sake the gallery even has a feckin arcane shield once you get through the door.."
Chey listened intently and discreetly watched Arli like a hawk as he tapped in security codes. "Whats so special about the gallery?" she asked
"Meh..he keeps all the really valuable stuff in there, looks like a load of junk some of accountin for the taste of some" Arli replied disinterestedly. "Wanna see?" he asked as an after thought, suddenly keen to impress Chey.
She nodded uncertainly "If you want to show me...why not?" she replied "but can I use the bathroom first...I'm bursting?"
Shown to a sumptuous bathroom she locked the door and turned on a tap.
"Serrar..." she whispered into the comms unit from her bag. "listen up and write this down" she reeled off the security code numbers that Arli had used. "He's showing me around now.."
"Good girl" came Serrars laughing voice "this is more than we hoped for"
"I'll tell you more tonight, see you soon" she whispered hurriedly and switched the unit off.

She enjoyed dinner with the family, there was no denying they made her feel welcome, even Arli's cousin Naimen despite her formal approach to everything was engaging her in small talk.
"Your home is beautiful" complimented Chey.
"I trust Arlithion gave you a proper tour?" asked Naimen
Chey nodded and smiled "Oh indeed, Ive seen a lot of things of interest thank you"
The two women retired to the drawing room for coffee while Arli and his grandfather stayed for after dinner brandy.
"You've done yourself proud with this girl Arlithion" his grandfather grinned. "Beautiful, intelligent and well bred, don't mess it up theres a good lad"
Arli nodded, a look of surprise on his face at his grandfathers phrase. Seemed Chey had got to the old man, he smirked to himself and couldnt wait to see Uncle Valriks reaction.
Perhaps at last, he'd get an encouraging word from the dour old git.

It was the early hours of the morning when Arli dropped Chey off outside the apartment,.
"Thanks Arli, I had a great time, your grandfather is lovely" she said as she hugged him.
"He liked you too, could tell.." he returned her hug only at the last minute pulling himself back from nearly kissing her, so comfortable had he been pretending she was his girlfriend to his family he almost forgot she wasn't.
"Good night Arli" she turned at the door and waved as he kicked the bike into life.
"Fel" he thought "Grandfathers gonna kill me when she "finishes" with me"
He laughed aloud as he opened the throttle and sped off, breaking the calm of the Silvermoon night.


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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:44 pm

Even Kel's jaw dropped when Chey walked into the sitting room dressed in the gown she was wearing for The Dawnrunner ball. The soft folds of the midnight blue silk skirt floating behind her as she walked. Kel looked at her as she turned slowly for his opinion, his eyes drawn to the plunging neckline and the off the shoulder small sleeve, her cleavage concealed by a delicate cream lily pinned to the bodice, matching the smaller one she had pinned in her hair. She wore no jewellry except for a diamond ring and the small locket Kel had sent her when he was on the run.
Kel was aware he had an idiotic smile on his face as he drank in the vision before him.
"I thought you might like to see it before I left" she said softly,
Kel nodded "Fel Chey you look beautiful..more than..I'm speechless, truly"
She laughed happily and draped her arms over his shoulders and kissed him softly, the light scent of her perfume filling his head.
"I'll get changed, Arli is picking me up soon" she said

It had been arranged that Chey would spend the night before the ball at the Dawnrunners, giving her the day to relax and get ready at her leisure and to save Arli a trip back to Silvermoon to collect her. It would also give Chey an extra day to make a note of any extra security measures and pass them to Kel.
A knock on the door. "Come in Sabien..." she called as she headed back to the bedroom.
"How'd you...?" asked Sabien as he strode in
Chey laughed. "It's always you these days" she patted his cheek on her way past.
"She looks feckin hot Kel..." he muttered as he placed two bottles of bourbon on the small table.
"Hope you two arent drinking all that..." she called "You need to be clear headed tomorrow"
The two looked at each other and grinned.
"Yes Quel'Zaram " they replied together.
Chey laughed and closed the bedroom door.

The room she had been given at The Dawnrunners was as big as her apartment and she couldn't help but stand in awe at the luxurious furnishings and deep plush carpets.

She'd excused herself to her room to "freshen up after her journey" and "To dress for dinner". Once there she locked herself in the stately marble bathroom and ran the shower. Sitting on the edge of the huge bathtub she spoke softly into her coms.
"Serrar, I'm here.I have been given a room on the first floor, third door along from the stairs, I'll leave a ribbon on the door..tell them its so I don't lose my way in their beautiful home..."
She heard a fond laugh from Serrar in her earpiece. "You have a knack for this Chey, sure you weren't a Blade...?"
She laughed.
"You can use the room as a safe haven if anyone comes..there are extra guards on duty for the ball, but there to mainly to watch out for the carriages and stuff I think, they seem very confident in their internal security not to bother with patrols" she continued. "Ive located the trades entrance at the back, I doubt it will be locked but I'll ensure Im there at the designated time to let you in anyway, don't do the gallery, the stuff in there is priceless and unique, I think hard to get rid of easily, All bedroom locks are fairly standard and most are occupied, the top floor is servants quarters and the next floor down is all the children who are staying over."
"Youre amazing Chey...we couldn't do this without you" came Kels reply.
"I have to go...dinner bell has sounded" she added. "Love you"
"Love you too..." he clicked of the coms.

Chey stood at the double doors leading into the ballroom, already the place was full of guests laughing and chatting, for a moment she felt at a loss, and looking at the women in their sumptuous brightly coloured ballgowns she almost felt dowdy in comparison. She glanced from side to side, looking for a place or someone to head to. Then Arli was striding across the room towards her, the crowd seeming to part in his wake and follow him with there eyes. She saw him return her smile as he reached her and offered his arm.
"Oh you look magnificent" she said softly. It was true she thought, this was Arli as she had never seen him before, he looked older, well no..more mature, immaculately dressed from head to foot in obviously expensive black clothes. Arli smiled at her heartfelt compliment.

So this was Uncle Valrik she thought after Arli had introduced them, she smiled up at him and thought how like Arli he was, their stance and facial expressions were exactly the same.
"Oh I don't know Valrik" she responded to one of Valriks vitriolic comments to his nephew. "Much as I think your family colours and livery are truly resplendent, I just don't think Arli would carry them well, he looks dignified and very noble in black, because he's comfortable wearing it..whereas in the Dawnrunner suit, I bet he just looks sullen and immature, because of his unease in it..."
"Quite.." said Valrik impassively.
"And you must admit he's more of a credit to you like this..." she let the sentence hang.

The evening seemed to pass in a whirl of dancing and conversation, introduced to so many people she forgot who most of them were.

"In place, awaiting your call" a soft whisper in her earpiece.
"Check" she whispered even softer, her back turned to the crowd she was with.
She fanned her face with her hand. "Oh it's warm in here...I really must go and freshen up, will you all excuse me?"
"Of course my dear" said Arli's grandfather while the other men nodded their acknowledgement.
She slipped away, through the main door and into the cool hall. She swiftly covered the practised distance to the trade door, as predicted it was unlocked as throughout the night people had brought in replenishments for the refreshments. Keeping a close watch down the corridor she opened the door and beckoned them inside, no words spoken as she used hand signals rapidly taught by Sabien and Keldos to gesture them to move quickly into the adjacent larder.
She was aware of them slipping past her and in.
"Cheyenne?" Valriks voice made her jump. She turned swiftly to face him and smiled.
"Oh Valrik, thank goodness...I took the wrong door somewhere and ended up here, I thought I was lost for the night" she said with feigned relief.
Valrik smiled at her, again she thought "how like Arli" and couldnt help but return the smile.
Valrik appeared to look past her, a look of concern in his eyes. She followed his gaze.
"The door..." he started.
"Oh I'm so sorry...that was me...I was trying all manner of doors to try and get my bearings" she said apologetically and swiftly pulled the larder door shut.
"Perhaps you could show me the way back" she said and put her arm through his, much to the startled surprise of Valrik, however he smiled gallantly down at her. "And besides..we haven't had a dance yet..I saw you dancing are very graceful for a soldier..."
Chey led him away laughing lightly. One arm through Valriks, the other behind her back discreetly giving hand signals to Kel'dos and Sabien, directing their route to the to the floors above.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:10 am

Arli put the final touches to his spiked hair and turned his head slowly from side to side to check it was completely perfect in the bathroom mirror. Tonight he would have Chey on his arm and it would be the perfect opportunity to show her off as his latest girlfriend. After all, it was very unlikely that anyone there would know she was already married to Kel'dos as they both kept a low profile within Silvermoon. Arli walked back into his bedroom and shoved the dark orange suit aside as he sat on the bed and pulled on his new soft leather black boots, slipping a small throwing dagger into the side of each - his years as a Thorn had left him feeling vulnerable if completely unarmed. He had decided to shun the outfit he knew the family would be expecting him to wear - of burnt orange and gold, embroidered with the Dawnrunners crest - and spent a sizeable sum of gold on a new outfit of close fitting black trousers and a well-cut black silk shirt, very similar to what he had seen Kel'dos wear when he had taken Chey out, plus the new black boots. None of it suitable for his work as a Thorn and the first time in a long time that he had spent that sort of gold on new clothes rather than new armour.

The large bedroom mirror reflected back an unfamiliar sight as Arli walked to the door. He looked maybe older he thought, a more fitting date for Chey perhaps. Arli sighed, who was he kidding, he'd screwed up his chance with Chey and now she was married to someone else who adored her and she clearly adored him. "Lucky bastard" muttered Arli as he yanked open the bedroom door.

Once downstairs, Arli paused in the doorway and looked across the already busy ballroom but it didn't look like Chey had yet made her way down from her room. Taking a glass of champagne from the tray closest, he glanced across at his group of peers, the older children of the noble families were grouped together as was usually the case at the social gatherings and Clarrisa gave him a warm smile and beckoned him over. Arli returned her smile and started to make his way over to the group; she wasn't really his sort, far too clingy, but she clearly had a crush on him and it was nice to have his ego massaged by her attention. He hadn't gone far when Uncle Valrik intercepted him, taking his untouched drink from his hand and hissing in a low voice;

"What under the sun do you think you are wearing, get changed right away!"

Arli mirrored his Uncle's scowl as he replied in a similar voice, those who didn't know would assume them father and son by the similarity in their faces and voice;

"No....this is smart enough, it's new and cost me a fecking fortune for fel's sake."

"Language Arlithion!" Came the hissed reply, Arli rolling his eyes in return. "Upstairs right now and get dressed in the suit laid out for you!"

"I'm not wearing fec-...I'm not wearing orange no more, it looks stupid on me, I like black."

Uncle and nephew glared at each other. Ever since Arli had punched out his Uncle the balance of power had shifted slightly in his favour, with a new found confidence to stand up to his Uncle's often overbearing control of him.

"Valrik, Arlithion, we have company in case it had slipped your attention" said Grandfather in a quiet voice as he put his arms across his son's and grandson's shoulders and leaned forward as he continued. "Arlithion, you may wear black this once but in future I hope you would show me the respect to wear the suit laid out for you."

"Yes sir" replied Arli, reddening a little at being publicly reprimanded by his Grandfather.

"And Valrik, it would be far preferable if you took such discussions with the boy in private".

"Yes father, of course, please excuse my slip of judgement" replied Valrik with a tilt of his head as acknowledgement of his father's wishes.

"Excellent" beamed Grandfather as he straightened up, then turned to follow Arli's gaze, he seemed suddenly transfixed towards the doorway.

Arli looked at Chey as she glanced briefly around the room and slowly smiled as her eyes rested on him. The midnight blue silk dress skimmed her curves in the right places, the dress cut so as to rest barely on her shoulders with a plunging neckline, her cleavage concealed by the lily pinned to the bodice. Arli stood dumbstruck, she looked truly stunning, so far removed from the girl in threadbare leathers that he had recruited into the Vile Thorn all that time ago. Grandfather gently shoved Arli forward, breaking the spell, he returned Chey's smile and walked over and stood next to her; her taking his offered arm as she seemed to float across the floor alongside him as he walked proudly back to his Grandfather and Uncle.

"My dear, you look truly beautiful" said Grandfather

"Very suitable" added Valrik, with an uncharacteristic smile.

"Thank you, Arandor" replied Chey with a warm smile.

"If you'll excuse us Grandfather, Uncle..I'd like to introduce Chey to my...uh..friends" said Arli as he nodded towards his group of peers, where Clarissa was now noticeably absent.

"Of course" replied Valrik, still smiling, which Arli found a little unnerving.

"But don't be too long, I really would like to introduce Chey to some of the close family friends" added Grandfather.

"Yes sir" replied Arli, steering Chey in the direction of the group, a few exchanging hushed whispers as they walked over with Sor'thera and his brother looking appreciatively at Chey. She was his 'date' for the evening and he planned to make the most out of showing her off. Arli slipped his arm around Chey's waist as he introduced her to his peers, besides, Kel couldn't complain about him holding her a little too closely now if he couldn't see it could he?


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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Kel'dos on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:06 pm

The hallway was silent and empty, all that could be heard was the music, interspersed with the sounds of social chatter, from the party from the floor below. From what Chey had told him, Kel’dos knew this was the floor where the family rooms and special guests would be situated and likely, by far, to be the most profitable.

They had split up, with Sabien starting at the far end of the hallway, the plan being that they would meet in the middle and then move to the floor above which would be the guest’s rooms, so smaller and faster to search. They had kept in touch over the comms, exchanging a few words on what they had found but the words had been brief, so absorbed were they both in the task at hand. The family rooms were large and it seemed that the direct family mainly lived here, the rooms full of personal belongings that indicated a day to day use, rather than just used for visiting. Kel’dos had been forced to be selective, choosing the most valuable items that could easily be carried; the choice was immense.

Kel’dos closed the flap over his bag and listened for a moment before opening the door to move onto the next room. The hallway was empty but he still moved close to the wall and again listened before opening the door to the next room, the silence indicating that it was most likely currently unoccupied - like all of the others so far. Kel’dos closed the door silently behind him and looked around. This room was far more sparse than the others in contents, few personal belongings could be seen, most likely this was a family member that was visiting and didn’t live on the Dawnrunner Estate. A burnt orange and gold suit lay across the bed, causing Kel’dos to hesitate, perhaps the occupant was still getting ready or worse still, would be bursting into the room at any moment to get changed for the party now in full swing below. His eyes flitted to the untidy pile of clothes near the bed, resting on top was a crumpled tabard with the symbol of the Vile Thorn. So this was Sunblade’s room. Kel’dos smiled to himself, as annoying as he could be, he liked the kid but it would look odd if nothing was taken from his room.

A quick search of the dressing table gave nothing but on top of the desk lay what looked like the keys to Arli's mechanohog. Kel'dos grinned to himself as he threw them up, caught them and dropped them into his bag. A drawer in the desk contained a crumpled envelope with Arli’s name on the front and inside, a diamond ring. Kel’dos slipped the ring into his bag and moved back to the pile of clothes, a quick search of the tunic providing him with a small pouch of bloodthistle and another pouch containing a few gold. With nothing else of value in immediate sight, Kel’dos listened again at the door before slipping out into the empty hallway and on to the next room.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:40 pm

Adrenalin Buzz, nothing like it, I feel supercharged, all my senses alert, even here in the dark larder of the Dawnrunners house, waiting for Kel's woman to get rid of that flamin bloodknight, I miss nothing, every sound and smell pinpointed and assimilated. My hands twitch slightly with impatience as I peer through a crack in the door. "Hurry up woman..." I will her. Finally she steers the Bloodknight away, her hand behind her back signalling our route upstairs. Gotta hand it to Kel, he picked a good one there. Good looking wench, my mind wanders briefly as I wonder how it would feel to pull her hair back and slide those straps off her shoulders and kiss the milky skin...I laugh silently to myself, painful is how..Kel would make sure of that. The way is clear, we go, I dismiss her from my thoughts.

Signalling to Kel that I will start at the far room we part and begin to reclaim our lost earnings.

I've done a lot a jobs in my life, some in bigger places than this, but FEL! never have I seen so much lying around for the taking, none of it trash. It's not long before my bag is nearly full of valuable jewellry, mithril, emeralds and a delicate ruby necklace, small and neat but I can tell its worth more than the rest put together, almost a shame to have it smelted but with a piece like that its the only way to get rid of it untraced.

Just the one room left for me..I slip into it quietly and quickly size it up. Disappointing's immaculate in decor, but theres nothing of any immediate value on show, I idly think it almost makes my Silvermoon jail cell look cosy. I move to the bedside cabinet and open the drawer, a book of the teachings of the light, and a small pearl inlaid manicure set. I close the drawer in disgust, hoping it the room isn't that of the bloodknight that Chey had romanced back to the party. Feckin nail wonder some people called Sin'Dorei effeminate.
I take the silver framed picture from the top of the cabinet and move to the chest of drawers. If this is the Bloodknights room I'm half expectin' the drawers to full of pink frillies. A quick search reveals a purse of gold coins, a silver backed mirror and brush and a good haul of Silvermoon commendations and medals, worth a lot in scrap value alone. "Awarded to Naimen Dawnrunner, for exemplary service to her people and The Horde" I see inscribed on one as I slip it into the bag.
So this is a females room? I feel a touch surprised at the lack of femininity around the place. The other drawers yield nothing further except a few pieces of keepsake jewelry, all valuable but not amazingly so. The next drawer was underwear, curiosity got me there I admit and I unrolled what I thought may be a petticoat, I stifle a laugh as I realise its not, but a pair of female panties..but Fel...functional wasn't the word..tear them into strips and you could bandage half the injured horde. I stuff them into my bag just to show Kel as I can't believe what Im seeing.

Ive wasted too much time, I quickly leave the room closing the door behind me and slipping quietly into the room that has a dark blue ribbon around the handle.
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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:18 pm

Arli scowled slightly as he watched his uncle Valrik sweep Chey around the dance floor.Watching sullenly as they chatted and laughed easily together, should be him that should...he slugged a large bourbon and returned his attention to his friends.

"Don't they look lovely?" he heard a female voice "He's so dreamy..." He turned to look and saw a gaggle of giggling females pointing at Valrik as he danced.
"I just love her dress...she's Arli's girlfriend you know...lucky thing" he smirked to himself smugly, subconsciously preened himself and returned once again to the drinking game he and his friends had started, half listening to the idle chatter around him.

" Chey...Oh my darling...." a woman pushed through the crowd and ran to Chey, flinging her arms around her as her dance with Valrik ended. "My darling darling daughter...we feared you were dead...oh how we searched for you"
All eyes turned to the commotion as Chey freed herself from the womans embrace.Chey looked at the woman and gaped for a moment, her mother..what the fel was she doing here?
"What do you want?" she hissed quietly, not wanting to make a scene. "Haven't you a posting in Nagrand to sneak off to...."
Chey's mother dabbed at her eyes before turning to Valrik "She's my daughter.." she said "She went missing a long time ago....I'm Celena Sunstrike, my husband Haldiir, is one of your captains..." she simpered.
Valrik nodded curtly at her, he knew her type, then turned to Chey.
"I shan't intrude on your reunion my dear, but find me if you need assistance" he bowed gallantly and kissed her hand before turning smartly and walking away.
Celena looked torn between staying with Chey and following Valrik.
"Don't let me stop you" hissed Chey again, realising with a slight sense of disappointment what her mother really wanted.

She tried to excuse herself and leave, get away from this woman who had abandoned her all that time ago, who now saw fit to rekindle her relationship when she thought it could lead her up the social scale. Chey was filled with loathing for a moment.
She glanced across at he step-father, who gave her a small apologetic smile and shrugged helplessly. She smiled back, feeling quite sorry for him, being shown up in front of his general.

Chey worried, Sabien and Serrar would be wondering where she was, the deadline had passed, she should have been in her room helping to co-ordinate their getaway.
She needed to get away and now, she looked to Valrik and caught his eye, she swayed on her feet as he looked, within seconds he was by her side, ordering the crowds to back off and give her room. His arm firmly around her shoulder he ushered her from the room.
She smiled up gratefully at him as they reached the refreshing coolness of the hall.
"Thank you..." she said softly. "I think I'll go to my room for a few moments, wash my face and catch my breath"
"A wise decision" Valrik replied "Shall I have you escorted?"
She shook her head "I think I can manage..." she smiled "Now you must go attend to your guests..."
With a click of his heels and a nod he left, she watched til he was safely in the ballroom, then picked up her skirts and dashed to her room.

"Serrar, Sabien" she whispered urgently as she closed the door. "Sorry...I met someone..couldn't get away, come on hurry..."
Serrar and Sab came from the bathroom looking relieved. Their packs already shouldered and their masks ready to be pulled on.
"Thank fel youre alright" said Kel wrapping his arms around her and kissing her softly, breaking off with an "ow" as Sabien elbowed him sharply.
"Leave her alone for fecks can celebrate later..we gotta get out soon, or it will be too busy with people leaving"
Kel laughed but nevertheless reluctantly released Chey.
"I'll check the way is clear" she whispered and walked to the door, opening it slowly and cautiously.
"Oh Chey there you are..." her mothers voice came from down the corridor "Please darling let me talk, explain..." and she scurried down to Cheys room.
Chey held the door to refusing her mother entry "I have nothing to say to you..."

Inside Kel'Dos and Sabien exchanged a look and retreated silently to the bathroom.
Time ticked by, the woman refusing to be defeated, Sabien debating whether or not to just smack her quiet and run. Kel'Dos shaking his head. and time ticked by.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:18 am

As the evening wore on, Arli got progressively more drunk. He'd had one or two brief dances with Chey and been careful not to drink much but when she went out to get some fresh air, he'd got talking to friends and very quickly got absorbed in a drinking game with them over how many times his lanky bookworm Uncle Halendor would trip or step on his partners feet; he was a dreadful dancer and soon Arli hardly noticed Chey return and then accept requests to dance from one partner after another, including Uncle Valrik - much to Arli's annoyance. Eventually, the ballroom slowly emptied as the social event came to an end.

"I think I'll head to my room Arli, it's been a lovely evening" said Chey as yet another handsome elf kissed her hand and bade her goodnight.

"Shure" slurred Arli as he stood-up unsteadily, downing the last of his glass of wine. "I'll walk you to your room". He winked at his remaining friends and slipped his arm around Chey's waist grinning over his shoulder as they returned drunken grins and gesticulated at what would probably happen next. Naimen watched them leave and frowned severely at the group of young males.

As they reached Chey's room, she opened the door slightly;"Good night Arli" she said clearly, the soft rustle of leather from within the room unheard by any but herself.

"Can I come in?" said Arli, pushing the door a little heavily as he almost toppled into the room, giggling in his drunken state, not hearing the sound of Kel'dos scrambling under the bed nor Sabien diving into the bathroom.

"I'm really tired Arli" smiled Chey as she steadied him, steering him so his back faced the bed and bathroom.

Arli pushed the door with his foot, almost managing to close it, the plush carpet catching it before it fully closed. "Just wanted to say you looked..uh..stunning tonight, Chey". Arli smiled, his face reddening slightly as the drink allowed him to say the things his sober mind wouldn't. "We make a great couple...y'know.."

Kel'dos edged forward, he could see their feet and how close Sunblade was now standing to his wife.

Chey laughed lightly and held his arms partly to steady him, mostly to prevent him from turning around or moving further into the bedroom. "We did look good, yes" she added with a smile.

"Me and you..uh.." Arli reddened further and grinned. "Y'know..we could make a great couple kinda always...."

Kel'dos felt himself tense, his fists clenched.

"Arli, I'm very happily married to Serrar, you know that" replied Chey softly with a smile.

"Yeah but we'd be real good together .... and I could give you stuff he couldn't, he's never gonna be rich and I got all this" Arli held his arms wide. "Uh..kinda" he added with a small laugh.

"It's been a lovely evening Arli, you should get to your room"

Arli stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Chey's waist, leaning forward to kiss her as he said quietly "Let me stay tonight..."

Kel'dos saw the black booted feet step closer to his wife, heard Sunblade's mumbled words.

Chey turned her face, the smell of alcohol was overpowering and her eyes widened as she saw Kel'dos start to pull himself from under the bed, his face a mask of fury.

A sharp rap of knuckles on the door "Arlithion! Are you in there!" came Naimens sharp voice as to Chey's relief, Kel'dos quickly disappered from view.

"He's just leaving, Naimen" called out Chey as she unwrapped Arli's arms from around her waist.

The door swung open and an angry Naimen stormed in. "You know the house rules! None of THAT in this house until you two are married!"

"I think he is rather worse for the drink Naimen", said Chey as she gave Arli a small kiss on the cheek. "I'm not quite sure he knows where he is".

Arli glared at Naimen; "Just 'cos you never got laid don't mean I can't do i- ". Arli gasped as Naimen slapped him sharply across the face and grabbed his arm, pulling him stumbling out of the room.

"I'm awfully sorry for his behaviour, Chey" said Naimen apologetically, her grip tight on her young cousin's arm; "I'll make sure he gets to his room". Naimen glared at Arli "I'm sure my father doesn't need to get involved in this?" Arli answered with a short, sullen, shake of his head. "Good night, Chey" smiled Naimen, her face turning stern again as she looked back at Arli.

"Thank you Naimen" replied Chey with a small smile as she closed the door, leaning against it with a sigh of relief as she heard Arli's complaining voice as Naimen reprimanded him, their voices disappearing along the hallway.


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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Sabien on Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:03 pm

"I'm gonna kill him Chey..." Serrar hissed as he pulled himself up from under the bed. His face still etched with fury at Sunblade's advances.
"Never mind the little twat for now" growled Sabien as he appearred from the bathroom."We got to get out of here"
Serrar nodded and moved to pick up his bag before diving under the bed again at another knock on the door.
Chey checked that both were out of sight before going to the door.
Her mother again..Fel was she persistent, maybe just maybe, she really wanted to rekindle her relationship with her daughter, then Chey again remembered the look her mother had sent when Valrik had left.
She didnt answer the door just called that she was tired and they'd speak again tomorrow.This seemed to satisfy her mother eventually, but by the time she had gone, more precious time had been lost, guests were leaving or retiring, the escape route too busy for Sabien and Serrar to leave unseen.

"You'd better stay for now, we can get you out at first light, guests and household will sleep late..."Chey thought aloud. "Grab a couple of hours sleep..Ill see you out then come back here and wake, shocked as I realise my gold has gone..."
She smiled at them both.
They grinned back at her, both impressed by her quick forward thinking.

"Couple of hours shuteye wont come wrong" said Sabien allowing himself a yawn.
"Get into bed then, its big enough for us all for a couple of hours" said Chey. Serrar frowned but didn't object as he climbed in first, securing a place in the middle of the huge bed.
Chey slipped in one side and Sabien lay on the other, closing his eyes. "Just behave you two huh?" he muttered as he allowed himself to doze.

Sabien'e eyes shot open as a movement disturbed his vigilant doze.
"You hear something Kel?" he whispered.
There was no answer from Serrar, Sabien turned slowly.
"Aw for fecks sake Kel...." Sabien hissed as he saw the reason for his disturbance. Chey had turned over to face Kel and as Sabien's eyes becames adjusted to the dark, he saw their two heads close, and heard the soft sound of their kiss.
Sabien grabbed a pillow and the top blanket and went to the small couch at the far end of the room. He knew it was only a kiss, but didnt stop him feeling like a rhino steak at a DEHTA picnic.
He lay down, closed his eyes and went back to his doze.
The bed creaked slightly, then again.
"Fecks sake Kel, can't you keep it in your pants, for one feckin night?" he complained turning onto his stomach and holding the pillow over his head.

No reply came from either Serrar or Chey, only muffled quiet sighs. He could dimly see the blurred outline of them moving slightly under the sheet.
Sabien growled and flung the pillow at the bed.
"We need to get you neutered mate..." he snarled as he grabbed the blanket and headed to the bathroom, where finally in the deep confines of the marble bath he finally got to doze.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:51 am

"Bathe, Get dressed, now!"; Naimen's shrill voice cut through Arli's dream, waking him with a start as she stormed across the room and flung open the curtains.

"owww" groaned Arli, pulling the bed-covers over his head to block out the bright early morning light from his pounding headache.

"I said NOW" said Naimen with a stamp of her foot as she yanked the bed-covers off Arli and flung them across the room. Arli yelped and rolled from the bed onto the floor, scrambling to cover himself, squinting in the bright light.

"I've seen it all before, I used to help Grandmother bathe you when a baby." said Naimen dismissively, turning away nonetheless. "Bathe, dressed and get downstairs and apologise to Chey before breakfast"

Arli muttered something incomprehensible as he reached for his Thorn tabard, holding it around his waist.

"Or do I tell my father what you were trying to get up to last night?"

Arli could hear the smugness in her voice; "ok..ok..look I'm goin'" he replied as he stumbled towards the bathroom, muttering to himself about paladins and if they were so chaste why were there so fecking many of them.

"And Arlithion"

"What" came the terse echoed reply from the bathroom

"It appears that there was some theft last night, mostly jewellry it seems"

"oh?" Asked Arli peering around the bathroom door

"Yes, father is absolutely livid. You must check if anything was stolen from your room" replied Naimen looking briefly around Arli's sparse room. "However, I doubt they found anything of value here".

Arli scowled at the back of Naimen as she walked smartly out of his room, he had 'thistle and gold with him and....well yeah that was probably it, he mused. He turned and started to run a bath, sitting on the edge of the bath as it filled, his Thorn tabard half-hanging in the bathwater as he rubbed his head to try and sooth away the pain of his hangover


Arli smiled nervously at Chey as she walked towards the dining room. He'd been standing outside waiting for her now for over a half hour and his hangover screamed for a strong black coffee.

"Morning Arli" said Chey brightly, reaching up and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Arli reddened slightly, this was awkward enough as it was. "I..uh...can I have a word?"

Chey tilted her head and smiled.

" last night." Arli felt his face burning; "'m real sorry for..y'know.." he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I was a jerk, ok? Sorry, I kinda had too much to drink, said stuff I shouldn't have".

Chey laughed lightly, her lips felt cool as they kissed his burning cheek. "Apology accepted. Shall we? I'm starved!" she linked her arm through his and nodded towards the dining room. Arli breathed a sign of relief and returned her smile. "Fel...I love her" he thought, " wait....kinda like her" he reminded himself as they walked into the dining room arm in arm. Arli guided Chey to the long table that the immediate family sat at and pulled out a chair next to him for her. As soon as they sat, fresh fruit juices and coffee were served and orders for breakfast taken.

Arli looked around the room as Chey pondered over the many options for her breakfast. The conversations around the various tables from the guests who had stayed overnight had just one topic, the robbery that had taken place during the previous nights Ball. Arli looked to the head of the table at his Grandfather who looked unusually solemn, he was in a close hushed conversation with Uncle Valrik who Arli could tell even from this distance, was still very angry. Arli made a mental note to keep his head down for the next few hours.

Grandfather nodded slightly at Valrik and then looked towards his Grandson and Chey.

"Good morning Arlithion, and dear Chey. I trust you slept well?"

"Yes sir... uh...separately sir" replied Arli, glancing at his Uncle.

Chey smiled as she replied "Very well thank you".

"I must give you my heartfelt apology for any loss you may have incurred from the unfortunate robbery last night" said Grandfather. "We will of course reimburse you for anything taken".

"That is very kind, Arendor, all that was taken was a few gold since I didn't bring any spare jewellery with me. I informed the footman you sent to my room a short while ago."

"It's a disgrace" snapped Valrik. "Spineless thieves stealing from us while we entertained our guests. The audacity!"

"Dreadful indeed" sympathised Chey.

Arli finished his coffee and signalled for a refill, doing his best to keep out of the conversation as long as possible. He'd checked his belongings and all he could see taken was a pouch of gold, relatively empty after buying his new clothes, and a pouch of Bloodthistle and there was no way he was going to mention to his Uncle that he'd brought 'thistle with him. For once, he was thankful that his daggers had been taken from him and locked in the safe in his Grandfather's study on his arrival, they were the few things of value he really treasured. "So they'd lost a few bits of tacky jewellery, they've got plenty more" he thought to himself.

"Was anything stolen from you, Arli?" asked Chey

"What?" replied Arli too quickly. " yeah I had a pouch of gold, about four hundred I reckon, that's all" he added, smiling briefly at Chey as a large and full plate was placed in front of him. Arli thankfully concentrated on eating rather than see the surely cynical look on his Uncle's face.

There was a few moments silence before his Uncle's voice carried clearly; "I take it you have moved that heap of oil and rust from the front of the house then?"

Arli looked up sharply; "My bike aint a heap, I look after it an-...what?"

"It's no longer outside" replied Valrik, a self-satisfied smirk forming on his face as he leaned back in his seat and took a sip of coffee.

Arli stood up quickly, and sprinted for the door, mumbling half an apology as he knocked into one of the servants, sending the tray of food crashing to the floor. Flinging open the front door he sprinted down the steps and came to an abrupt halt; it was true, there was an empty space where he'd left his bike; his mechanohog was gone.

"When I find who feckin' took my feckin' bike I'll..I'll feckin' skin them alive" he growled, kicking the closest statuette, which only caused him to swear more as he limped back to the dining room.


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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

Post by Kel'dos on Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:00 am

The mechanohog roared through Eversong, breaking the pre-dawn silence. The two masked riders looked identical in what they wore, although the pillion was clearly of a larger build than the driver; both had bulging leather packs slung over their shoulders.

“Feck, I gotta get one of these” yelled Sabien, leaning with the bike as they swept around a sharp bend in the road.

Kel’dos laughed as he accelerated out of the bend, the bike becoming upright again; “Fel, yes, let’s do it!”

Getting out of the Dawnrunner’s secure estate had been incredibly easy. The two had climbed from the window just as the sky started to lighten and edged along the ledge, climbing down a sturdy vine and making their way to the front of the property. They had silently got the guard by the door, he’d fallen unconscious before he’d even known what hit him, although when Sabien put Naimen’ sturdy knickers over the unconscious guards head, their shared laughter almost gave them away. It had been decided that Kel’dos would drive, although a bigger build than Arli, he was much closer to his stature than Sabien was. Headlight on full beam they had approached the gates and signalled impatiently for them to be opened. The bleary-eyed guard, already tired from a night of searching the estate for the thieves looked at the two masked riders. He was in no mood for one of Arli’s “you do know who I am, right?” conversations that was bound to happen should he hold him up and ask him to remove the mask. With a grumpily muttered “spoilt brat” he opened the gate and waved them through, closing the gate and counting the minutes until the end of his shift.

As the bike approached Silvermoon, Kel’dos closed the throttle and dropped the bike to a more sensible speed, not wanting to draw the attention of any of the night guards. Driving past the gates, he pulled up at the back of the Thuron’s Livery.

“Hop off” he yelled to Sabien as he nodded at the large pile of manure, gently steaming in the cool night air.

Sabien grinned and stepped away. Kel’dos opened the throttle and slipped the clutch, jumping off the bike and rolling away as it sped into the manure heap, coming to a stalling halt with a satisfying squelch.

Sabien slapped Kel’dos on the shoulder as still laughing, they walked back to Silvermoon, composing themselves and slipping to the shadows to silently enter the city unseen.

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Re: Sin'Zaram - The boys are back in Town.

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