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“Visitor for you Mr Blayke” came the shrill voice of Betty, his Housekeeper, from downstairs, “Lovely young man, has a letter for you”. Blayke finished fastening his bracer and casually made his way downstairs, careful to hide the look of surprise at seeing the Brotherhood of Shadow messenger, Johan, waiting for him.

“Good morning, Blayke “ greeted Johan as he handed him the letter, sealed with a blue-wax seal, marked with an 'X'. “I was told that you would not need to send a reply, so, I will bid my farewell” he continued as with a small nod to Blayke, and a warm smile to Betty, he took his leave.

“Lovely young man, if I was twenty years younger...” sighed Betty as she closed the door behind him; “you’d still be old enough to be his mother” thought Blayke to himself as he broke the seal and removed the parchment from the envelope.

“Bad news Mr Blayke?” asked Betty with concern at Blayke’s reaction as he read the letter.

“No, of course not” he replied, although even his training failed to hide the edge of uncertainty in his voice. He folded the letter and slipped it into an inside pocket. “I will be away a...while...I’m afraid” he added with a small smile. “Your wages will continue to be paid from my account, I would appreciate if you could keep the place habitable in my absence, although at present I cannot say how long that will be”.

Betty placed her hand on his arm reassuringly; “You take as much time as you need, Mr Blayke, I’ll look after your home and keep it as fresh as the day you left”.

“Thank you, now if you will excuse me, I’ve a few things to pack for my journey”. Blayke made his way upstairs, his legs felt heavy but he knew he had little time to spare. The letter had instructed him to make haste to Shadowcroft Manor immediately and to ensure he brought with him his personal effects as he would most likely not be able to return to collect them in the near future.


The door to Shadowcroft Manor was opened by Shadowprowler Matthew before Blayke could even indicate his arrival.

"You may leave your bag here" he indicated to space just to the side of the door, "your presence is required immediately" he continued as he opened the large oak doors and stepped back to allow Blayke to enter the room. As the doors closed silently behind him, Blayke looked across towards the large highly-polished table where he expected The Five to be sat. However, for the first time four of the chairs remained unoccupied and in the middle chair lounged Three, casually twisting a small throwing dagger between his fingers as he regarded Blayke with predatory eyes. Blayke swallowed slowly and walked across the deep plush carpeted room to stand at a respectful distance from the table.

"Blayke...Blayke....Blayke" said Three slowly as he stood up and walked around the table, stopping and half-sitting on the edge as his cold dark-blue eyes fixed Blayke with a piercing stare. The room fell silent, leaving Blayke feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

"Master Three, I take it that there is a problem?" asked Blayke finally, unable to stand the silence any longer.

A small cold smile flitted across Three's lips. "You seem to have been nothing but a problem to us, Blayke" he replied smoothly.

Blayke shifted uncomfortably, he knew full well of Three's reputation as a 'problem solver'.

"You've been with us a while now, even reaching rank of Sub-Commander before being cut back down to rank of Shadowblade...due to your many transgressions" continued Three, all the time, his eyes fixed on Blayke and a small throwing knife twisting lazily between the fingers of his right hand. "You're no fool Blayke, we know that, yet still you make mistake....after mistake...after mis..take".

The room again fell silent. Blayke's thoughts raced blindly; he'd been careful after last time, damn it he'd been very careful.

"However, Blayke. One of the Five seems to think you are worth persevering with and for this reason alone, the vote was not concluded and the decision taken to give you a final chance."

"Thank you, Master Three" replied Blayke, his mouth dry.

Three laughed coldly "It certainly isn't I that you should thank, Blayke."

Blayke again shifted uncomfortably, his hands felt sweaty as he re-clasped them behind his back.

"It was decided that you need to understand your place within the Brotherhood and the attitude and respect that is expected of you to your Commanders." Three paused before continuing "Perhaps had we taken this action some while ago, Commander Aresh would still be with us" he finished, his voice sounding a few degrees colder still. "You will be sent for retraining. A carriage awaits outside to take you to the coast where you will board a ship to the Brotherhood training facility. When it is deemed that you understand what we expect of you, then you will be returned to active service to the Brotherhood".

Blayke nodded slightly, feeling unable to speak.

"Dismissed, Blayke"

Blayke turned and walked back towards the large oak doors that started to slowly swing open.

"And Blayke"

Blayke paused his step but didn't turn.

"Don't be under any illusion that this is not your final chance".

Blayke looked down quickly as a small throwing dagger embedded itself forcefully into the carpet a fraction away from his boot. "Understood" replied Blayke before continuing his way from the room; the main door already open and his bag loaded onto the waiting carriage.

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