Drogu - Slaughter beneath Naxxramas

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Drogu - Slaughter beneath Naxxramas

Post by Vaell on Sun May 13, 2012 8:16 am

[Drogu is an Orc Death Knight. This takes place in the town below Wintergarde Keep. Naxxramas has just unleashed its forces.]

He pointed at the door and the abomination ran full pelt at it. The wood held and Drogu grunted in fustration. Arrows flung down around him but the few that struck only left grazes against his armour. He watched as a gargoyle wrapped its claws around one of the archers on the roof and pulled him into the air, only to hear his neck snap as it dropped him to the ground. Drogu walked from the barracks and walked towards an undead that manned a meat wagon.
"Fire upon those doors."

The undead did not question its orders and turned the wagon around. The rock crushed the barricade that held the doors in place and the undead poured in like sand in an hourglass. Drogu paced himself, walking slowly towards the barracks with his runeblade pointed towards the ground. It spoke to him, They're ripe for the taking. Releash them of their prisons of flesh and sate our hunger. Drogu smiled at the sound of his runeblade coursing through him. He stepped through the gap in the door to hear the clashing of steel. He made his way into the courtyard where men were fighting a losing battle against the undead. One young soldier ran at Drogu, raising his blade in an attempt to strike him down but the Death Knight had no room for heroics and merely pushed his blade into the boys gut. He pushed the soldier off of his blade with his boot and began to walk through the courtyard. The dying soldiers paid him little attention, preoccupied by the waves of undead tearing apart their brothers in arms.

The courtyard was clear in a matter of minutes and Drogu watched as the undead began to claw their way into the back room. He ignored them and made his way up the seemingly abandoned staircase. Where are you going? There are many innocent souls behind those doors.
"There is only one soul I want from this place."
Drogu walked down the pitch black corridor towards the captains chambers. No undead had searched this area yet, it seemed like it had been deserted but Drogu knew better. He rammed the door to the quarters with his shoulder. A pale man stood staring at him from across the room. He was only half plated in armour and his sword was sheathed at the belt.
"Death Knight... You undead cur! I will have your head before I die."
"You do not recognise me, do you, human?" Drogu removed his helmet and dropped it to the ground.
"You... I killed you, beast." The man stumbled. "I put a sword through your gut weeks ago. I watched you..." The captain held his mouth, holding back sick - it was clear to Drogu that this man was drunk.
"You wounded me. Struck me through the back, not the gut." Drogu approached him, his runeblade scraping across the ground. The man stumbled against the wall and fiddled with his sheath. Drogu swept his blade in the direction of the Captain's hand and watched as it dropped to the ground. The Captain screamed, grasping the stump where his hand once was. The Death Knight placed the tip of his blade against the man's heart and simply pushed. Drogu watched as the life seeped out of the human and his soul was absorbed by his blade. A smile came to Drogu's cold lips as he turned from the corpse. It was time to join the others in the slaughter.

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